AOT announce new general sales manager

first_imgThe AOT Group Limited is delighted to announce that Neale Herridge has accepted the position of group general manager sales – ATS Pacific Limited.Neale will be based in the ATS Pacific Sydney office and will be responsible for the Group’s sales activities for ATS Pacific’s Australian, New Zealand and Fijian businesses.He will commence on Monday 16th February 2015, and will bring with him a wealth of experience dealing with wholesale customers around the world on behalf of Accor Hotels where he has worked for the last 23 years.Neale has worked extensively with ATS Pacific and ATS Pacific’s clients around the world over many years.Neale will report directly into the Group general manager ATS Pacific, Stuart Neels, and work very closely with Stuart, Ken McTague, general manager ATS Pacific New Zealand and Brad Rutherford, general manager ATS Pacific Fiji.AOT Group chief executive officer Andrew Burnes, said that he is delighted to have Neale on board and looks forward to future growth.“I am confident we will continue to grow our ability to provide better customer service to our clients around the world and to assist those clients in growing their business to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the South Pacific,” Mr Burnes said.Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wisemanlast_img read more

March 18 2009 Here are more photos of the dyna

first_imgMarch 18, 2009 Here are more photos of the dynamic world premiere of “Theoretical Isolation: A Post-Atomic Experiment at the urban design project”, performed at Arcosanti last Saturday, by a group of actors from Chicago Members of the group are: Seth Bockley, Jessica Hudson, Chloe Johnston, Ira S. Murfin, Kerensa Peterson, Angela Tillges and Seth Zurer. [Photos: tt, Chihiro Saito & text: sa] The audience had a chance to meet with the actors after the performance. More information on facebook. [Photo: tt & text: sa]last_img read more

Rep VerHeulen criticizes decision to award tax incentives to AK Steel

first_img State Rep. Rob VerHeulen of Walker today criticized a decision by the Michigan Strategic Fund Board allowing a steelmaker to inherit a tax credit previously awarded to another company.The board awarded AK Steel a transfer of a tax credit originally awarded to Severstal Dearborn more than a decade ago. AK Steel, based in Ohio, bought Severstal Dearborn in 2014.“I am deeply disappointed in this decision,” VerHeulen said. “The Michigan Strategic Fund Board should not have made this decision without the Legislature’s involvement and oversight.”The tax credit would be worth up to $20.3 million for AK Steel.VerHeulen has included language in budget proposals moving through the Michigan House that would require legislative approval for this type of tax credit transaction. VerHeulen is chair of the House Appropriations General Government Subcommittee.“I am very disappointed this action was taken today, circumventing the involvement of legislators,” VerHeulen said.Both Republican and Democratic lawmakers had requested that the Michigan Strategic Fund Board delay a decision, saying an agreement with AK Steel could set a dangerous precedent in future cases. 25Apr Rep. VerHeulen criticizes decision to award tax incentives to AK Steel Categories: News,VerHeulen Newslast_img read more

Rep Noble welcomes former Rep Robert Geake to House floor

first_img Categories: Noble News,Noble Photos 04May Rep. Noble welcomes former Rep. Robert Geake to House floor PHOTO INFORMATION: State Rep. Jeff Noble of Plymouth (right) introduced former state Representative and state Senator Robert Geake to the Michigan House of Representatives this week. Geake served Northville in the Michigan legislature from 1973 to 1998. After leaving the Legislature, Geake served as the state children’s ombudsman and the state racing commissioner.#####last_img read more

Rep Runestad to host coffee hour sessions in July and August

first_img Categories: Runestad News 06Jul Rep. Runestad to host coffee hour sessions in July and August State Rep. Jim Runestad of White Lake will host coffee hours in White Lake, Highland and Milford on Friday, July 14 and Friday, Aug. 18.The coffee hours are at the following locations and times for both dates:8 to 9 a.m. at Leo’s Coney Island, 6845 Highland Road in White Lake;10 to 11 a.m. at Colasanti’s Market, 468 S. Milford Road in Highland; andNoon to 1 p.m. at Bakers of Milford, 2025 S. Milford Road in Milford.No appointment is necessary. Those unable to attend may contact Rep. Runestad at 517-373-2616 or via email at read more

Rep Maturen calls on feds to release Brandon Road study

first_img Categories: Maturen News 24Jul Rep. Maturen calls on feds to release Brandon Road study Legislator: ‘Swift action required to prevent spread of Asian carp’State Rep. David Maturen, of Vicksburg, today called on the federal government to release the results of a study assessing the viability of establishing a control mechanism at the Brandon Road Lock and Dam to prevent Asian carp from entering the Great Lakes.Maturen, who represents Michigan on the executive committee of the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus, recently drafted a letter the group sent to President Donald Trump requesting swift action in the federal government’s efforts to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.“Asian carp are now closer to Great Lakes waters than ever before. A silver carp recently caught just 9 miles from Lake Michigan illustrates just how urgent the issue has become,” Maturen said. “If the highly invasive species is allowed to enter the Great Lakes I have no doubt they will have a detrimental effect on the ecosystem and our state’s economy.”In 2015, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers started working on a plan to control the upstream transfer of aquatic invasive species from the Mississippi River basin into the Great Lakes basin near the Brandon Road Lock and Dam in Joliet, Ill. The federal government has delayed the results of the study, originally scheduled to be released in February.“This issue is a ticking time bomb. If no action is taken it’s only a matter of time before Asian carp invade the Great Lakes,” Maturen said. “Every day that passes without the release of the Brandon Road study increases the likelihood of severe damage to our Great Lakes.”Maturen’s letter, signed by 65 members of the Great Lakes Legislative Caucus, was sent to President Trump on July 11.The Great Lakes Legislative Caucus is a nonpartisan group of lawmakers from eight states in the U.S. and two Canadian provinces that focuses on issues and policy concerning the Great Lakes.###last_img read more

Rep Bizons disabled veteran bill approved by House Committee

first_img05Dec Rep. Bizon’s disabled veteran bill approved by House Committee Categories: Bizon News The House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee today unanimously approved legislation authored by state Rep. John Bizon, of Battle Creek.Bizon’s measure would allow honorably discharged veterans to have a state park passport fee waived if proof of their 100-percent disabled status is provided to the Secretary of State.“This legislation acts as another way for disabled veterans to access our state’s parks at no cost,” Bizon said. “Veterans who would rather not advertise their disability status with a license plate can provide documentation of their disable status provided by the federal government to get the state park passport sticker.”Current law allows 100-percent disabled veterans to access state parks for free with a disabled veteran (DV) license plate. However, many veterans who have disabilities not visibly apparent may not be comfortable having a DV license plate.“It’s the least we can do for our military heroes who have made many sacrifices,” Bizon said. “I look forward to working with colleagues and giving every disabled veteran the benefit of accessing state parks for free.”House Bill 4380 moves to the full House for consideration.last_img read more

Bain Capital Buying Up Methadone Clinics

first_imgShare28Tweet1ShareEmail29 SharesMarch 25, 2014; Brattleboro ReformerNPQ has written on a number of occasions about the contrasts that can be drawn between nonprofit and for-profit nursing homes and hospices. Long story short, the profit motive shows in the quality of care and the price charged to Medicaid. Now, CRC Health Group, which is owned by Bain Capital, is reportedly assembling an empire of nationwide methadone clinics, what with heroin use being on the rise and all.It most recently has purchased Habit OPCO, which has 22 clinics in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. CRC calls itself the nation’s largest provider of addiction treatment services, and its website says it owns 154 treatment facilities across the country along with eating disorder programs, boarding schools, and wilderness camps.Barry Karlin, the founder of CRC, is also the chairman and CEO of a national chain of pain management clinics. According to a Salon article entitled “The Dark Side of a Bain Success” from July 2012,“The CRC acquisition immediately made Bain owner of the largest collection of addiction treatment facilities in the nation. Unlike some Bain Capital acquisitions, which led to massive layoffs, the company’s approach with CRC was to boost revenues by gobbling up other treatment centers, raising fees, and expanding its client base through slick, aggressive marketing, while keeping staffing and other costs relatively low. But that rapid pace of acquisition couldn’t be sustained in the mostly small-scale drug treatment industry alone. So Bain Capital and CRC set their sights on an entirely new treatment arena: the multibillion-dollar “troubled teen” industry, a burgeoning field of mostly locally owned residential schools and wilderness programs then serving, nationwide, about 100,000 kids facing addiction or emotional or behavioral problems.”The article goes on to detail a truly frightening array of lawsuits and investigations related to the company and its subsidiaries. In the same article, Salon commented on Mitt Romney’s position on such endeavors. Romney was, of course, a principal at Bain, though not evidently involved in the CRC purchase:“Romney has been outspoken about his belief that for-profit health care companies can flourish only without onerous regulations. ‘I had the occasion of actually acquiring and trying to build health care businesses,’ he said during a primary debate last year. ‘I know something about it, and I believe markets work. And what’s wrong with our health care system in America is that government is playing too heavy a role.’”R. Andrew Eckert, CEO of CRC, responded to the Salon article in a statement. “Having for-profit, investor-owned treatment centers is a positive thing for our country. Unlike many non-profits or single-owned facilities, we have the geographic breadth and financial stability that enables us to continue to provide these necessary services, even in challenging economic times,” Eckert’s statement said.—Ruth McCambridgeShare28Tweet1ShareEmail29 Shareslast_img read more

European Union Steps Up to Save Polish Forest

first_imgShare8Tweet1Share9Email18 Shares“morning in the forest”July 13, 2017; BBC News, “Europe”Poland’s slide toward authoritarianism has been spilling over into the environmental sector, but a new ruling by European Union officials could halt the damage.According to the BBC, the trouble started when the Polish government increased logging in a conservation area called the Białowieża Forest, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Europe’s last ancient forest, to curb a bark beetle infestation. The move faced backlash from by Green activists and others trying to protect the endangered species inside the 350,000-acre preserve that borders Belarus.The EU’s top court issued a ruling this week.The EU Commission took the unusual step of asking the court to impose an immediate ban on the logging because it takes on average two years to reach a judgment in cases like these, and the EU is worried the logging is already causing irreparable damage… If it eventually rules that Poland has infringed EU environmental regulations, it can impose hefty fines on Warsaw.The New York Times even highlighted the yearlong battle to save the forest.The protesters, backed by environmentalists, say all invasive operations in the primeval forest endanger its ecosystem… The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, is on their side, too. Last week, during a meeting in Krakow, the delegates adopted a decision in which they urged Polish government to halt logging in the forest, especially in old-growth tree stands. UNESCO is also considering adding the forest to the List of World Heritage in Danger, a move usually reserved for land and properties threatened by armed conflicts and natural disasters.Avid international civil society watchers may note that Poland is one of many countries where illiberal democracy is taking hold, particularly after U.S. President Donald Trump visited the country last week to admonish “the creep of government bureaucracy,” berate “fake news” journalists, and spread his nationalist message before the Group of 20 summit in Germany.EU officials also criticized Poland’s administration over a new law allowing parliament to appoint judges, arguing that the change will politicize the justice system and undermine the separation of powers, according to the BBC.Although activists are planning a protest in Warsaw for the weekend, Reuters noted that “the opposition has been unable to marshal any real public protest against the ruling party’s moves, reflecting Poles’ frustration with a system in which even simple court cases can last years.”Increasingly, the European Union has stepped up as a watchdog. Just this week, the EU Commission announced plans to open cases against the three states that have failed to take in asylum-seekers per a 2015 plan: Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic.“Poland and Hungary have refused to take in a single person under a plan agreed in 2015 to relocate 160,000 asylum-seekers from Italy and Greece, which had been overwhelmed by mass influx of people from the Middle East and Africa,” Reuters reported. “The Czech Republic had initially taken in 12 people from their assigned quota of 2,691, but said earlier in June it would take no more in, citing security concerns.However, the European Union’s internal conflicts could threaten its role in the future.“The bloc’s divisive migration disputes have come at a time its unity and resolve are already being tested by Brexit, weak economies and higher support for populist, Eurosceptic and nationalist-minded parties on the continent,” Reuters reporters Gabriela Baczynska and Foo Yun Chee wrote. “It pits the formerly communist easterners against the wealthy westerners and countries on the Mediterranean coast, with Italy leading calls to punish Poland and Hungary by taking away some of the generous EU funds they benefit from.”—Anna BerryShare8Tweet1Share9Email18 Shareslast_img read more

Connected sets are expected to account for over 80

first_imgConnected sets are expected to account for over 80% of global TV shipments by 2015, up from 27% in 2011, according to forecasts from Futuresource Consulting.Japan is leading the way in the adoption of connected TVs, with 59% of shipments in 2011 integrating connectivity as a standard. Some 29% of sets shipped in the US and China were of connected TV sets, while Europe is trailing at 24%.According to Futuresource, the major TV manufacturers are now making connectivity a standard feature in between 60% and 80% of their product portfolio. Embedded Wi-Fi is expected to be a significant factor in driving usage upwards, according to the group.Some 16 million 3D TV sets are believed to have been shipped last year. 3D-capable sets are expected to account for 50% of the market by 2015, according to Futuresource.LED sets are expected to account for 90% of TV shipments by 2015, with LCD, plasma screens and CRT sets expected to decline. The OLED technology used by smartphone manufacturers is expected to grow in popularity for TVs as well, with Samsung and LG expected to launch OLED sets later this year.last_img read more

ESPN International has appointed Arne Rees as vice

first_imgESPN International has appointed Arne Rees as vice-president, international digital media.Rees will be responsible for expanding the digital growth of ESPN around the world, working closely with the company’s regional offices. Rees was most recently vice-president of ESPN in the US, assisting George Bodenheimer, executive chairman of the sports broadcaster.“Digital properties throughout ESPN’s international businesses continue to be a major priority and are key to our future growth,” said Russell Wolff, executive vice-president and managing director, ESPN International. “Our efforts online, with mobile devices and our vibrant broadband products all have significant momentum, and we will benefit from Arne’s digital, business development, and sports experience moving forward.”last_img read more

Samsung has launched an app that makes theatre per

first_imgSamsung has launched an app that makes theatre performances available to view on its Smart TVs.Digital Theatre, a company that films UK theatre productions and makes them available to view in HD online, has developed the app. Users that buy a performance on Digital Theatre’s online platform will be able to watch it on Samsung Smart TV’s via the new app.“Today’s launch takes Digital Theatre off the desktop and into the living room, taking homes around the world to the best seats in the house at the touch of a button,” Digital Theatre said in a statement.last_img read more

UK freetoair platform Freesat is launching a new

first_imgUK free-to-air platform Freesat is launching a new TV advertising campaign with a 30-second spot that will first air on Monday October 7.The ad, ‘Us Humans’, created by creative agency Now, will air on Monday across ITV, Channel 5 and UKTV channels and will compare unnecessary, avoidable activities such opening a car door into a lamppost and getting stuck in a revolving door to paying for TV.Freesat has also developed new point-of-sale material incorporating customer testimonials. As well as customer testimonials screened on tablets at point-of-sale, the platform’s newly re-launched website features Freesat customers explaining how its products and features can enhance everyday television viewing.last_img read more

Liberty Globals next generation TV platform platf

first_imgLiberty Global’s next generation TV platform platform Horizon “wasn’t a fantastic product when we launched it,” admitted Liberty Global executive Peter Dorr at the CTAM EuroSummit in Copenhagen yesterday.Speaking on a panel named ‘re-imagining the marketing playbook’, Dorr, who is Liberty’s managing director of strategic marketing, sales and care, was asked to candidly discuss something that the company had not done well at in the past.“We have a great tendency of doing great and bad things at the same time – we collectively call it Horizon,” he answered.Dorr described Horizon as a “fantastic product” but said it “wasn’t a fantastic product when we launched it,” adding that a hastily deployed taskforce which focused on the product helped to quickly bring it up to speed.“Only today it is one of the most fabulous TV platforms I’m aware of. But in the context of failures, I think it’s fair to say that we were a little bit too early out of the kitchen.”Asked to take up the topic of successes and failures, A+E Networks UK vice president of marcomms, Anna Priest, named its Lifetime network as a success story.“We launched Lifetime in the UK in November and we launched it in Africa in July. Both have been incredibly successful and we will continue to do that in multiple territories over the coming years,” said Priest.“In terms of failures, I think that sometimes we assume that a programme that’s worked really well in the states will translate into our other territories. A big lesson for us has been Duck Dynasty where we just took it lock, stock and barrel and put it over here and said ‘look isn’t this great’. Actually we found that in the UK our audience is actually violently British and didn’t quite attune with the humour and the rednecks that were on that show.”Also speaking on the panel, Marco de Ruiter, managing director of Fox International Channels, Germany, successfully ducked the success/failure question by saying simply that “there were multiple successes and double the amount of failures.”last_img read more

The Asia Pacific pay TV market will grow at a 58

first_imgThe Asia Pacific pay TV market will grow at a 5.8% average annual rate from 2016 to 2021, according to research by Media Partners Asia (MPA).The research firm’s ‘Asia Pacific Pay TV & Broadband Markets’ report predicts that pay TV industry sales across 18 major markets in Asia Pacific will climb from US$54 billion in 2016 to US$72 billion by 2021.However, it says that the pace of pay TV subscribers and revenue growth is slowing, weakened by “an economic slowdown and increasing competition from both legal and illegal alternatives”.MPA said that subscriber growth “declined or substantially decelerated” in particular in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, but claimed that India and Korea remain two of the region’s largest and most scalable pay TV opportunities.Subscription video-on-demand services have had a negligible impact on pay TV so far, despite the global launch of Netflix earlier this year and increasing competition from regional and local SVOD services, according to the research.“Pay TV providers are increasingly focused on repackaging and repricing both linear and on-demand services. Local and regional Asian programming is also becoming increasingly important,” said MPA executive director, Vivek Couto.“Sports, kids, infotainment and Hollywood movies will remain mainstays of the pay TV bundle, although channels offering Hollywood TV series are being disrupted by both legal and illegal OTT. Few pay TV operators have been able to capture or monetise large-scale online video viewing so far, although early results in Hong Kong and Korea are encouraging.”last_img read more

The Walt Disney Company is looking to cut around 1

first_imgThe Walt Disney Company is looking to cut around 10% of annual costs at its Disney-ABC Television arm, potentially affecting 300 jobs.The ABC US broadcast network, production arm ABC Studios and ABC News are expected to take the biggest hits, with cable channels ABC News, Freeform and Disney Channel also affected.The Wall Street Journal, which first reported the news, claims as many as 300 jobs are at risk out of Disney-ABC’s 10,000-strong staff.It is thought plans are still at an early stage, and final decisions on where the axe willDisney reps didn’t comment on the report, but TBI understands staff reductions will come through redundancies and attrition.According to the WSJ, Disney-ABC president Ben Sherwood is behind the cost saving drive, reportedly having promised Disney CEO Bob Iger he could make up to US$300 million (€250 million) in savings.Disney’s TV division, which houses ABC and ABC Studios, has been revenues fall more than 20% so far this year, though operating income is up.Disney is also gearing up for the launch of its own globally focused SVOD service, which will launch in 2019 when its movies come off Netflix.Disney-owned sports cable business ESPN has already made cuts this year. It is also planning a direct-to-consumer service.last_img read more

SPI InternationalFilmbox is launching three linea

first_imgSPI International/Filmbox is launching three linear TV channels on YoufoneTV, the new OTT TV service being launched by Dutch SIM-only MVNO Youfone, including its new gaming-focused offering.Youfone’s TV customers will be able to view DocuBox, SPI Internationals documentary channel, fightBox, the group’s combat sports offering featuring live mixed martial arts events, and Gametoon, the new interactive gaming channel aimed at a millennial audience launched by the broadcaster last year at MIPCOM. Gametoon features highlights of popular video games, entertainment content from gaming YouTubers and eSports.“With YoufoneTV we are eager to start with fresh content and new channels and thereby offering a different and unique television package in comparison to most operators in the Netherlands,” said Valentijn Rensing, CEO of Youfone.“SPI’s channels on the YoufoneTV platform are broadcast without any commercial breaks. All three channels offer premium content from the world’s top producers,” said Berk Uziyel, SPI’s executive director. “We are happy to reach new audiences and grow our presence in this part of Europe.”last_img read more

TV App Agency and settop box maker Humax have par

first_imgTV App Agency and set-top box maker Humax have partnered to deliver an Android TV Operator Tier solution for an unnamed major telco.TV App Agency leveraged its TV App Engine and TV App Template solutions to build operator apps across multiple smart TV devices, then used the TV App Engine to generate the Google Android TV Operator Tier launcher.“It has been a pleasure working with Humax, their outstanding hardware matched the quality of our launcher to deliver an amazing product,” said Bruno Pereira, co-founder TV App Agency.last_img read more

POLICE in Derry are continuing to appeal for the p

first_img POLICE in Derry are continuing to appeal for the public’s help in relation to the investigation into the serious and malicious assault on a teenager at Gartan Square.;The paramilitary style attack happened in the early hours of last Saturday, June 10.As part of the investigation, police have recovered a metal bar which they believe was used in the attack. Chief Inspector Ivor Morton said: “The attack, carried out by a number of masked assailants armed with iron bars, was a terrifying ordeal for the vulnerable 15 year old boy who was heard to have cried out for his ‘Mammy’ whilst the attack was taking place.“The young victim sustained a number of broken bones as a result of the assault.“He is now recovering from his physical injuries, and I hope that he will also recover from the psychological impact of this incident.Chief Inspector Morton added: “There can be no place in our society for this type of barbarity. 15-YEAR-OLDCHIEF INSPECTOR IVOR MORTONDerryGARTAN SQUAREMETAL BAR RECOVERED IN HUNT FOR GANG WHO BEAT VULNERABLE TEEN IN DERRY PARAMILITARY STYLE ATTACKPSNI “All right minded people must turn their backs on those responsible for such incidents and do the right thing by giving police any information they have about their activities.”“Anyone who has information that could help with our investigation should contact detectives at Strand Road, using the non-emergency number 101 and quoting reference number 28 of 10/6/17.”“Alternatively, if someone would prefer to provide information without giving their details they can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers and speak to them anonymously on 0800 555 111.”VULNERABLE DERRY TEEN CRIED OUT ‘MAMMY’ AS GANG MERCILESSLY BEAT HIM IN PARAMILITARY STYLE ATTACK was last modified: June 13th, 2017 by John2John2 Tags: ShareTweetlast_img read more


first_img BILLY CALDWELLCHARLOTTE CALDWELLMEDICAL CANNABISSinn Fein ShareTweet The road trip, which began this week, will also visit the Parliament in Dublin before leaving for Britain to visit devolved institutions in Wales and Scotland and before visiting Westminster.Sinn Féin Spokesperson for Health Councillor Patricia Logue said“Sinn Féin’s support for medicinal cannabis will always be based on clinical evidence. “We support the use of medicinal cannabis by patients where it is medically recommended.“Any draft legislation on cannabis to be considered for Ireland – north or south –must be robust, clear, rooted in clinical evidence and available for medical use only.“I commend the efforts of Charlotte and Billy Caldwell, and others like them, who are campaigning for legislation on the use of cannabis for medical purposes and I wish them the best on their road trip across Ireland and Britain.”SINN FEIN SUPPORT BILLY’S LAW ROAD TRIP – LOGUE was last modified: February 8th, 2018 by John2John2 Tags: Billy Caldwells mum Billy speaking at launch of the road trip campaign this weekSINN Féin says it is supporting the “Billy’s Law Road Trip” which will take Billy Caldwell and his mother Charlotte across Ireland and Britain to promote the need for legislation on the use of cannabis for medical use.last_img read more