2015 NFL Preview The Eagles Cowboys And Giants Look Good Compared To

Tampa Bay2572811441664 Jacksonville20315525630 NEW COACHNEW QBEITHER Dallas Cowboys2014 Record: 12-4 | 2015 Proj. W: 9.3 | Playoff Odds: 62.2%Off. Rank: 4th | Def. Rank: 17th | S.T. Rank: 23rdCowboys owner/general manager/Senior Senator from Naboo Jerry Jones has a meddler’s reputation for a reason: In a given season over the past quarter-century, Dallas was either breaking in a new quarterback or a new coach 48 percent of the time. But for the last four years, that hasn’t been the case, as coach Jason Garrett and quarterback Tony Romo have brought an uncharacteristic amount of leadership stability to the franchise.Continuity of that sort matters in the NFL. Among teams since 19906When the NFL playoffs expanded to 12 teams. that had both the same head coach and leading passer as the previous season, about half went to the playoffs. Meanwhile, teams that were breaking in a new coach or a new QB in a given season made the playoffs only 30 percent of the time, and teams that changed both only reached the postseason 22 percent of the time. CATEGORYMADE PLAYOFFS For every 16 games over that span, the Giants also averaged about 8.5 wins, which is pretty typical of a franchise that spends most of its time being neither great nor bad. Coach Tom Coughlin is perpetually described as being on the hot seat, but that might be the opposite of true. Given New York’s resistance to change and Coughlin’s own pattern of solid seasons punctuated by the occasional Super Bowl run, his seat could very well be flame-retardant asbestos, as coarse and ancient as Coughlin himself.There’s reason to think the Giants will seesaw back toward the realm of decentness in 2015. No team was more severely crippled by injuries in 2014, according to adjusted games lost (AGL), a metric derived by Football Outsiders to account for which teams statistically suffered the most from benched and injured players. Jason Pierre-Paul’s missing finger aside,9And if you ignore the team’s ongoing health catastrophe among safeties. heavily injured teams tend to be healthier in subsequent seasons, because there’s very little relationship between a team’s AGL from one year to the next.In other words, look for another solid season from an uneventful franchise that works like clockwork. Maybe there are better situations than being a stagnant-by-design team in a division where two teams are on the rise and the fourth can’t fall any further. Then again, if this team is truly like clockwork, it’s destined to win the Super Bowl every four years — and this is that year. TEAMSEASONSCOUNTPERCENTCOUNTPERCENTCOUNTPERCENT Indianapolis257285201040 Denver25416624832 Green Bay25416312624 Carolina20315840945 Miami2572811441248 San Francisco255208321144 Buffalo2562411441352 New QB, Same Coach30.8 NY Giants25416728728 San Diego257289361248 New QB, New Coach22.1 Chicago2541615601768 While some of that is a mix of correlation and causation — good teams, if given the choice, tend not to abandon their coach/QB combinations — more continuity is associated with greater success even after controlling for a team’s existing talent level. A logistic regression on all NFL teams since 1990 shows that an average team7In terms of its Simple Rating System (SRS) score the previous season. loses 6 percentage points of playoff odds when it changes head coaches (but keeps the same QB), 11 percentage points when it switches the QB (but keeps the same coach) and 17 percentage points when both are swapped out.This suggests that constant leadership shake-ups take their toll on a team, with instability at quarterback exacting almost twice the cost (in terms of playoff probability) as a head coach shake-up. And say what you will about Jones as a meddler, but lately he’s erred on the side of ditching coaches, not QBs. While Dallas has gone through three head coaches over the past decade, Romo has been a constant under center throughout (aside from the year he missed 10 games due to injury).So by resisting the media pressure to churn through new faces at coach and (especially) quarterback, the stability of a fifth straight Garrett-Romo season puts Dallas in a comparatively strong position. New England25520624832 Same QB, Same Coach49.5 Pittsburgh2528728936 Seattle2552010401248 New Orleans255209361144 L.A./St. Louis259366241560 Washington2583212481560 Minnesota2552014561872 Dallas256248321248 FiveThirtyEight is previewing the 2015 NFL season ahead of the first game of the year. Check out our coverage of every division » Baltimore19211842842 Cleveland2283613591673 Houston13215%215%323% Philadelphia2541613521352 Houston/Tennessee2541613521456 Phoenix/Arizona2572816641872 Kansas2562411441248 Cincinnati2541610401352 L.A./Oakland25114413521664 In preparation for the 2015 NFL season, FiveThirtyEight is running a series of eight division previews, each highlighting the numbers that may influence a team’s performance (including projections and rankings based on ESPN’s preseason Football Power Index). Up today: the NFC East. It may not always be the best — or even the most competitive — division in football, but it’s always the NFL’s most visceral, featuring four teams that aren’t so much rivals as mortal enemies. Beneath the violence, though, the East is also about contrasting levels of continuity, and perhaps never more so than in the wake of the Eagles’ startling offseason makeover. Atlanta256249361040 Detroit2562414561872 Philadelphia Eagles2014 Record: 10-6 | 2015 Projected Wins: 9.4 | Playoff Odds: 63.6%Offensive Rank: 7th | Defensive Rank: 16th | Special Teams Rank: 3rdCoach Chip Kelly is running the Eagles like the Ship of Theseus. If a team is the sum of its parts, and a ton of those parts change, is it still the same team?During the spring, Kelly jettisoned his starting quarterback, Nick Foles, for a promising QB with balsa-wood knees, Sam Bradford.1Fans want the pope to bless the knees when he is in town; in fairness, that may be a rational reaction when the alternative is Mark Sanchez. He sent Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy to Buffalo in exchange for an injured linebacker. He ditched a whole slew of veteran standbys.2To name just a few: LB Trent Cole, CB Cary Williams, G Todd Herremans, TE James Casey and WR Jeremy Maclin. He guaranteed $21 million to running back DeMarco Murray within days of signing RB Ryan Mathews for $5 million guaranteed. He went on to spend a guaranteed $95.1 million more in free agency. Also, Tim Tebow now plays for this team.In other words, the overarching theme of the Eagles’ offseason was chaos — far more so than would be expected of a team coming off a 10-6 campaign.To measure the continuity (or discontinuity) of a team’s roster, we tracked the percentage of its players’ Approximate Value3Pro-Football-Reference.com’s way of measuring a player’s overall contribution to his team. (AV) from one season that returned to the team the next year. Since 1970, the average NFL team has kept about 78 percent of its AV from the previous year, with the other 22 percent departing in the league’s cycle of life — players retire, get traded, leave in free agency, etc.Teams as good as Philly was last season tend to retain more talent than average. Since the Eagles went 10-6 a year ago, we’d have expected them to bring back 82 percent of their AV, which would rank 11th-highest in football this season. But all that chaos means that Philadelphia’s projected continuity percentage4Based on its 2015 roster as of Aug. 21. for 2015 is merely 68 percent, good for fourth-lowest in the league.Only the San Francisco 49ers had a larger negative disparity between their expected and actual continuity rates, and the Niners might have just suffered through the worst offseason in NFL history. By contrast, the Eagles’ moves were largely by choice: Kelly turned this roster upside down as part of his grand plan to bring a Super Bowl to Philadelphia.If he succeeds, though, he’ll be bucking four and a half decades of NFL history. Even after controlling for their Simple Rating System (SRS) scores the previous season, teams that had as much roster turnover5As measured by continuity percentage relative to the league average. as the Eagles tended to win about a half-game fewer than would be expected if they’d posted an average rate of continuity.As we said in March, Kelly might be some sort of lunatic savant. But it remains to be seen if his Ship of Theseus is seaworthy enough to get the Eagles back to the playoffs. New York Giants2014 Record: 6-10 | 2015 Proj. W: 7.7 | Playoff Odds: 27.7%Off. Rank: 11th | Def. Rank: 26th | S.T. Rank: 27thNew York’s obnoxious devotion to its own history is also realized in its player management strategy: The team typically treasures continuity to the point of boredom.8At least in terms of actual football moves — if there’s a Giants roster shake-up in the offseason, it probably requires a visit from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. But consistency at the expense of dynamism has generally paid off for the Giants — two Super Bowls during the Tom Coughlin-Eli Manning years ain’t shabby.Over the past 25 seasons, the Giants were breaking in a new coach or a new quarterback just 28 percent of the time. Only Green Bay and Houston (a franchise that’s only been around for 13 seasons) have had a lower coach/QB turnover rate. Washington2014 Record: 4-12 | 2015 Proj. W: 5.7 | Playoff Odds: 5.7%Off. Rank: 27th | Def. Rank: 22nd | S.T. Rank: 12thWashington is, as always, a disaster. The team’s Elo rating hit its all-time10Or at least, since the 1970 NFL-AFL merger. nadir in mid-November of last season, and Washington promptly built on that to set new record lows each of the next four weeks. It had the worst passing defense in the league last year by multiple metrics. Former starting quarterback Robert Griffin III is, when healthy, one of the worst in the league. Coach Jay Gruden will sit him in Week 1 in favor of backup Kirk Cousins … who also is one of the worst in the league.Did we say “disaster”? This is a cordoned-off federal Superfund site. And it all starts with toxic mismanagement.In a given year since 1990, there was a 1-in-3 chance that Washington was breaking in a new coach, and no quarterback has been the team’s top passer for more than three consecutive seasons since Mark Rypien in 1993. The team’s longest-running coach-QB collaboration was Rypien and Joe Gibbs, which lasted four years.In the 16 seasons since Daniel Snyder, noted bastion of team-owning excellence, bought the franchise in 1999, Washington has churned through eight head coaches and nine passing leaders. Under Snyder’s watch, there’s been a 69 percent chance that at least one of those two key personnel positions was changed in a given season. Other teams — Cleveland, Detroit and Minnesota — have been slightly more chaotic over the same span, but all it would take for Washington to grab the lead would be Cousins losing his starting job at QB or Gruden getting fired. (Neither of these things is particularly unlikely.)Washington’s most significant offseason move was hiring a GM, Scot McCloughan, who spent last season living on a farm. But, for once, that’s not the punch line — McCloughan is an acclaimed talent evaluator. And Washington also boasted a slightly above-average level of roster stability this offseason, with 79 percent of the team’s 2014 AV projecting to return to the team in 2015. In a strange twist, the franchise known for its volatility has the highest continuity rate of any team in the NFC East.11The Giants also checked in at 79 percent, a few decimal points behind Washington. The ongoing preseason RGIII drama suggests that Washington’s days of dysfunction are far from over, but there are at least some signals for hope that the team won’t be defined by tumult and misrule forever. NY Jets2583213521768 New Coach, Same QB30.4% read more

Police looking into allegations against Sir Philip Green

The Metropolitan Police has confirmed that it has received a report detailing allegations of sexual assault, assault and racial abuse made against the Topshop owner. It comes after an injunction which prevented The Telegraph printing details of claims made against the billionaire which included allegations that he had groped a senior female executive and smacked her on the bottom, held another woman in a headlock and told a black male that his “problem” was that he was “still throwing spears in the jungle”. Police are “looking into” allegations against Sir Philip Green, Scotland Yard has confirmed as pressure grows for them to launch a full investigation. All of the employers later signed non-disclosure… read more

Home help workers to march to the Dáil today

first_imgAROUND 400 PEOPLE are expected to march to the Dáil today to protest against the 950,000 hours of support to the vulnerable elderly, sick, disabled and severely ill children that were axed from the system this year.John Lyons, spokesman for the Home Help/Home Care Action Group asks, “What will it take for the government to realise that these cuts are not realistic? An elderly person to fall and lie undiscovered for days – something that the workers on the ground believe is inevitable.”Among those protesting today will be campaigners of the Home Help/Home Care Group, home help/home care workers, relatives of patients, the general public, supporters and SIPTU representatives. One of the reasons that Lyons believes the government “targeted this group” was because the people directly affected are “unable to protest the cuts” with many of them bed or wheelchair bound or too old or sick to join in.“Instead of tackling consultant’s pay or the big insurance companies who owe thousands, there was shock and anger in communities across Ireland when the HSE announced the cuts on some of our most vulnerable citizens in our society,” Lyons told TheJournal.ie. “Since we started this campaign, we’ve seen huge support from people all over, even those not directly affected.”The group believe with increased pressure, the government might do a U-turn on the home help hours and home care packages cut this year. “We need Enda Kenny and James Reilly to feel the pressure, they need to start listening to the people rather than the troika,” Lyons added.The protest will leave the GPO, O’Connell St, Dublin at 3pm and will march to Dáil.Read: 450,000 home help hours could go as HSE plans €8 million cut >last_img read more

SUSI may seek to recover 65 postgraduate grants

first_imgDOZENS OF POSTGRADUATE students have received SUSI grants in error, and the organisation has said they could ‘seek to recover’ the funds.65 students have received letters from Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) indicating that their applications for grants in the academic year 2012/2013 will now be re-assessed once further details have been received.“If you decide not to be re-assessed as a dependent student”, the letter reads, “we must inform you that we will have to implement a recovery process in order to recoup the cost of fees from you that were paid to your institution in respect of the 2012/13 academic year.”However, in a statement the organisation state that “this is a future step and none of these students have been asked to repay their grant at this stage, pending their response to SUSI’s invitation to them to be reassessed”.The error arose from students being classed as “independent”, where the income of the applicant and their spouses’/cohabitants’ are accessed, when they should have been accessed as “dependent”, where the income of parents or guardians is taken into account.MiscalculatedIn some cases this was due to the student completing forms incorrectly, but for others it was due to SUSI miscalculating the date they first entered third level education.In a statement, SUSI said that students must “be assessed on the dependent status they had if they entered higher education for the first time when they were under the age of 23″.The organisation confirmed that following an audit 65 students have received these letters, less than one per cent of the 40,000 grants awarded. See the page 1 of the letter that students received here.See page 2 here.SUSI: Decisions have been made on all completed student grant applications >Read: Student denied a grant by SUSI, despite being €7,600 below income threshold >last_img read more

New armed Garda unit for border region but Taoiseach says it would

first_img As the clock ticks down, get all the best Brexit news and analysis in your inbox: By Christina Finn Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 28 Comments Tanaiste and Fine Gael Minister for Foreign Affairs Simon Coveney speaking to the media at Government Buildings about Brexit. Source: Sam BoalVaradkar later said in the Dáil that in a no-deal, discussions would be needed with the European Commission on how to maintain open borders and protect the single market.“People talk about alternative arrangements but the only thing written down that works in law and reality is what’s contained in the backstop,” he said. Contingency planning continues The Cabinet today received a further update on the contingency preparations for a no-deal Brexit scenario. Coveney said the government is committed to maintaining the Common Travel Area, and today it finalised the remaining domestic decisions necessary to conclude the Common Travel Area arrangements. He added that the Irish government is now ready to sign a full memorandum with UK to safeguard all elements of the CTA.Updates were also provided around preparations for ports and airports, with the Tánaiste stating that work on temporary infrastructure at Dublin and Rosslare ports is well underway.By the end of March, Revenue will have over 400 additional staff trained and in place, while the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine will have over 200 additional staff trained and in place.The Department of Health will have at least 59 additional staff trained and in place“Everyone is looking to next week where a vote will be held in Westminster and a deal will be ratified.“Worst-case scenario of a crash-out Brexit, we will do everything we can to support Irish people and the economy,” said Coveney.He added that some of the EC-based no-deal preparations progressed today. This includes a six-month grace period for airlines being put in place in the case of a no-deal scenario, which will allow airline owners make any necessary changes to its shareholder arrangements. Mar 5th 2019, 4:27 PM Image: RollingNews.ie Image: RollingNews.ie New armed Garda unit for border region, but Taoiseach says it would be rolled out even if Brexit wasn’t happening Varadkar confirmed today that a third unit is to be located in Cavan. Tuesday 5 Mar 2019, 4:27 PM AN ARMED SUPPORT unit will shortly be operational along the border regions, under new plans being rolled out by the Garda Commissioner, according to Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.The Taoiseach was asked about the new unit being set up in light of Brexit, and the possibility of a no-deal.The Irish Independent reports today that there are plans to deploy armed support units on a round-the-clock basis to deal with the possible Brexit fallout.However, Varadkar said the additional garda unit would be “happening Brexit or no Brexit”, adding that additional resources are being ramped up nationwide.Earlier this year, Garda Commissioner Drew Harris dismissed a report that he had discussed a proposal to move 600 gardaí to the border in the event of a no-deal Brexit.Varadkar confirmed today that a third unit is to be located in Cavan.He said it is being set up following joint work between PSNI and the Gardaí, which finds that 43% of organised crime has a cross-border aspect.People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett asked the Taoiseach if it is just coincidence that a new unit is being established near the border.“The position is we are improving garda resources all over the country,” stating that it should be a surprise to no one that the norther regions would also receive additional resources.Responding to the news, James Morrisroe, GRA representative for the Cavan Monaghan Division stated:“At the GRA conference as far back as 2016 delegates based in the border divisions called for the lack of 24 hr Armed support units in those divisions to be addressed immediately and indeed at the GRA conference in 2018 we called for an effective geographical spread of such units in the border region.“One would hope that the armed unit in Cavan is set up without delay and training commenced as soon as possible given the current Brexit impasse.”Previously, Tánaiste Simon Coveney has said that in the circumstances of a no-deal Brexit, hard conversations with the European Commission about the border would have to take place. No discussions about the border Speaking to reporters today, he said those discussions with the EC haven’t taken place yet, adding that those discussions won’t be happening until a no-deal becomes a certainty.“If Britain crashes out in an unmanaged way, I think Britain too has said that there will need to be a serious negotiations about how to avoid physical infrastructure on the border and retain peace on the island,” he added. https://jrnl.ie/4525095 21,628 Views Short URL Share130 Tweet Email1 last_img read more

Government braces for selective default

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram For the first time since Greece’s credit crisis began, the Cabinet met on Thursday to discuss how the government would manage the public impact of a selective default on its debt, a development which now seems inevitable. Prime Minister George Papandreou told his ministers that they have to be properly briefed on the meaning and implications of a selective default, which is likely to come about as a result of the involvement of the private sector in the country’s second bailout. Some ministers expressed concern that Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos spoke publicly about a possible selective default when it is not yet clear how the private sector will come to Greece’s assistance. However, since help is likely to come in the form of extended bond maturities or lower interest rates, as well as a bond buyback scheme, it is almost certain that at least one of the three rating agencies will deem that Athens has, in part, defaulted on its debt. Papandreou backed Venizelos’ handling of the issue and said it was important for the government to make it clear that being classified as being in selective default was not the same as Greece defaulting and going bankrupt. Venizelos said it would not create problems for Greek banks either. According to rating agency Standard & Poor’s, a debtor is in selective default when “payments may not be made on some financial obligations”. This, the government stresses, is not the same as a recognition that Greece cannot pay back any of its debts. The interpretation of the term has gained utmost significance in terms of PASOK’s tussle with New Democracy over the handling of the economy. ND leader Antonis Samaras said on Wednesday that “default” was not a word in his party’s vocabulary. But Venizelos accused the conservative leader of trying to present to voters a lightening of Greece’s debt load as a total default. “If some people choose to translate irresponsibly, in populist terms and for petty political reasons the term ‘selective default’, I respond by stressing that it is not the same as a credit event, nor default or bankruptcy, but a temporary rating of Greek bonds.” Officials from the European Central Bank, the European Commission and private lenders met in Rome on Thursday to discuss a second rescue plan for Greece. European Union leaders are expected to meet on the same issue next week.Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Entre les fournisseurs daccès et YouTube la guerre est déclarée

first_imgEntre les fournisseurs d’accès et YouTube, la guerre est déclaréeOrange, SFR et Free ne veulent pas payer seuls le succès de YouTube et brident l’accès aux vidéos du site de partage. Dans ces conditions, c’est l’internaute qui trinque. Les temps de chargement pour accéder à une vidéo atteignent parfois 15 minutes.Pour des raisons financières, trois FAI (fournisseur d’accès à Internet) français (Free, Orange et SFR) ont décidé de brider l’accès à YouTube. Concrètement, cela signifie que lorsque vous vous connectez sur le site de partage de vidéos, votre bande passante est réduite ce qui augmente le temps de chargement. Pourquoi avoir pris une telle décision ? Car le site YouTube a pris une dimension extraordinaire (plus de 20 millions de visiteurs uniques en mars 2011, ndlr) et que les FAI ne peuvent plus suivre pour transmettre les données aux ordinateurs de particuliers à moins de consentir à des efforts financiers. En effet, techniquement, les tunnels par lesquels transitent les données entres les portails vidéos et les ordinateurs sont saturés ou presque. Le trafic dépasse les capacités de l’interconnexion mise en place par le FAI et le fournisseur de contenu. Il faut donc investir pour offrir des temps de chargement meilleurs aux internautes.  À lire aussiLe World Wide Web a 30 ans : devons-nous nous inquiéter de son évolution ?Et les FAI Français ne veulent pas assumer seuls les coûts, ils réclament donc que le géant américain mette la main à la poche.  Free, Orange et SFR ont donc décidé de brider l’accès au principal site de partage vidéos pour faire pression. Ils espèrent que la colère des internautes qui doivent parfois attendre 15 minutes avant de voir une vidéo fera réagir YouTube et les autres sites de partage vidéo. Pour l’instant, Bouygues et Numericable ne semblent pas avoir choisi de suivre cette politique, mais ils le feront peut-être un jour. Comme le rapporte L’Express, ce n’est pas la première fois que les FAI tentent de faire pression sur les sites de partage vidéo. En 2007, Cegetel (depuis racheté par SFR) avait bridé l’accès à Dailymotion. A cette époque, l’histoire s’était retournée contre Cegetel quand Dailymotion avait communiqué sur l’attitude du fournisseur d’accès. Cette fois la riposte des FAI est commune et les enjeux sont encore plus importants. La guerre est donc loin d’être terminée.  Le 6 mai 2011 à 18:44 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Payet replaces the injured Fekir at France

first_imgMarseille winger Dimitri Payet has been recalled to the France squad to replace the injured Nabil Fekir ahead of their games against Iceland and GermanyPayet was forced to withdraw from selection for the 23-man France squad that won the summer’s World Cup in Russia due to an injury from Marseille’s Europa League final defeat to Atletico Madrid.The 31-year-old last featured for Les Blues last October in a 2-1 World Cup qualifying win over Belarus.But Payet has put the disappointment of the World Cup behind him with a solid start to the new season with four goals and four assists in nine appearances for Marseille.Now the French football federation announced on Monday that Payet will replace Fekir, who picked up an ankle injury in Lyon’s 5-0 loss to Paris Saint-Germain on Sunday.PSG, Neymar, Ligue 1PSG ultras sent a warning letter to Neymar Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Brazilian superstar Neymar might play today his first game of the season for Paris Saint-Germain and the team’s ultras have warned him.Payet has managed eight goals and eight assists in 37 appearances for France.Didier Deschamps’ side will first play Iceland in a friendly on Thursday before hosting Germany five days later at the Stade de France for a UEFA Nations League fixture.Dimitri Payet remplace Nabil Fekir (entorse cheville gauche) en Equipe de France. #FiersdetreBleus pic.twitter.com/9K8hRHm2Ly— Equipe de France ⭐⭐ (@equipedefrance) October 8, 2018last_img read more

Abbott Says Hell Appeal Redistricting Ruling Heres What That Could Mean For

first_imgGabriel Cristóver Pérez / KUTGov. Greg Abbott plans to appeal to the Supreme Court a ruling that invalidated two of the state’s congressional districts.Texas Governor Greg Abbott told a radio program on Wednesday that he plans to appeal to the Supreme Court a federal ruling that could force state lawmakers to redraw two congressional districts in Texas before the 2018 elections.A three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas ruled Tuesday that two districts drawn by state lawmakers in 2013 intentionally diluted the voting power of minorities.The state has been using interim maps since 2013, because the original maps put into place in 2011 were also struck down by federal courts.Michael Li, a lawyer with the Brennan Center for Justice, said it’s hard to tell whether an appeal to the Supreme Court would affect impending changes to the congressional maps before the 2018 elections.“It’s possible that everything gets put on hold until the Supreme Court decides, but it’s also possible that the court lets that go forward,” said Li, who is part of a team representing plaintiffs in the cases. “I think everyone is sensitive with the close timing of the election and everything that it may make sense to go ahead and redraw the maps now.”Li said there are a lot of variables that could change how this plays out.“The question now is who redraws the maps,” he said.The court has asked state lawmakers to go into another special session to redraw the two districts that were invalidated: District 27, which is represented by Republican Blake Farenthold of Corpus Christi, and District 35, which is represented by Democrat Lloyd Doggett of Austin.“So the normal practice is that a Legislature gets the first shot at redrawing maps,” Li said, “and the court has given the Legislature that shot.” If they don’t agree to hold a special session to redraw the maps, then the state and plaintiffs go back to court for a hearing in September to hash it out.The court also still has to rule on the statehouse maps, which could also delay a special session.Li said legislators will probably want to wait to see if they have to redraw both sets of maps before going into another session. He said it is possible, however, that all this could be sorted out in time for the 2018 elections.“If all the cards align, and the changes aren’t that massive, then it’s possible that maps could be in place by September or early October,” he said. “But right now everything is up in the air.” Sharelast_img read more

TBS brings competitive video gaming to Friday night TV in 2016

first_imgIt appears that video games are poised to make a run at the broadcast television market next year, beginning with a block of programming on TBS Friday nights that will reintroduce American audiences to the idea of competitive gaming. Well, “competitive gaming” is what we used to call it back in the early days of tournament gaming when a few cable networks attempted to broadcast them to lackluster ratings. Nowadays, the act of playing video games in large competitive tournaments is called eSports, because Americans love sports and putting a lower-case “e” in front of Sports isn’t that noticeable.What makes video games’ transition into televised eSport so exciting for both television and gaming is the disparity between the number of people that already tune in online to watch someone else play a video game and the amount spent on television advertising attempting to hit targeted consumers based on programming.Online, video game streaming platforms such as Twitch are engaging millions of viewers in playthroughs and commentary videos as well as competitive play in first person shooters and beyond. Major venues in US cities including New York’s Madison Square Garden have been host to eSporting events and are attended like conventions by advertisers seeking the eyeballs of the video game demographic. The audience is there, but the advertising dollar for online streaming of eSports still pales in comparison to the advertising dollars spent on broadcast television.Right now, Turner Broadcasting System Inc. which owns TBS is planning to air Counter Strike: Global Offensive eSports on Friday nights in 2016. That’s some hot shooter action right to your TV set from a channel whose slogan was “Very Funny” less than a decade ago.Turner isn’t going soft with this debut either, they’ve partnered with the talent agency William Morris Endeavor and their IMG sports and media division to deliver a program that is similar in format to Major League Baseball or College Basketball games, but for Counter Strike. “There’s a lot of eSports fans out there that don’t realize they’re eSports fans yet,” Tobias Sherman, the head of IMG’s eSports division told The Los Angeles Times. “This gives us a chance to broadcast to the wide audience.”Although Counter Strike is the only announced game from TBS at the moment, there has been a recent groundswell in big eSports tournaments in the first person shooter genre. Activision has announced that the Call of Duty World League would debut in January 2016 and will have a prize pool of $3 million dollars. The League will have two divisions, one for professional gamers and another for amateur players who might aspire to be professional gamers. Microsoft is also launching a first person shooter tournament later this year with The Halo World Championship which will have a not-insignificant $1 million dollar prize pool.International eSports aren’t just first person shooters, of course. The Defense of the Ancients Warcraft Mod (Dota for short) and Dota 2 have massive international tournaments, the largest of which is actually called “The International.” International 2015 had a prize pool of over $11.4 million dollars.All these big numbers for video game prizes might serve as a gauge of interest in the sport, but the competitive gaming community could trade some of that interest in for television advertising dollars. If TBS’ televised block of eSports programming manages to do even modest numbers in the ratings suck that is Friday night television, it could lead to greater exposure of competitive gaming to potential fans and future gamers. Not to mention new opportunities to connect with all the mainstream ad money of this country’s Wal-Marts and McDonalds restaurants.With so much scripted television programming performing so well through online streaming, the only advertising safe haven left on the broadcast airwaves seems to be live sports. After being driven to the internet to watch people play video games for money, it would be interesting to see the internet give back to cable by producing an entirely new form of live sport to market to a broadcast audience.last_img read more

Rumored Yahoo Might Launch Its Own YouTube Allegedly Snatching Up Viral YouTube

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global April 1, 2014 4 min read If the rumors about Facebook and Amazon possibly stepping up efforts in the ad-supported online video game are more than just rumors, Yahoo might be biting off a bigger battle than it can chew. Still, as Re/code’s headline hinted, the unflappable and always perfectly coiffed Mayer still looks ready for her closeup. Related: Why You Should Be on Google+ Yahoo came first, but Google has YouTube.And, rumor has it, Yahoo has a hankering for its own version of YouTube, or at least something like it. So much so that the struggling Sunnyvale, Calif.-based early internet mammoth is allegedly “cherry-picking” viral YouTube stars away from the world’s most popular video service — particularly ones who aren’t satisfied with the notoriously skimpy payouts they reportedly receive. According to Re/code, Yahoo “hopes to launch” a strategy “in the next few months” to compete with arch rival Google’s video cash cow. (Maybe they’ll call their attempt YahToobe? Nah, it just doesn’t roll off the tongue right, does it?)Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal yesterday reported that Yahoo is in talks to acquire Atlanta-based online video syndication company News Distribution Network (NDN) for approximately $300 to $400 million, adding yet more fuel to rumors swirling around Yahoo’s fight for a bigger slice of the ad-supported online video pie.Related: Your Customers Are Likely More Engaged on YouTube Than on Facebook or TwitterWe asked a Yahoo spokesperson if both of the rumors are true — Yahoo’s alleged YouTube star poaching and a the alleged NDN deal — to which she simply responded both times, “We don’t comment on rumors or speculation.”It’s no shocker that Yahoo president and CEO Marissa Mayer is reportedly eyeing snagging traffic from YouTube. What doesn’t add up is that Google’s aggressive Employee No. 20 didn’t gun for the holy grail of online video earlier. YouTube is the second most visited website on the internet, second only to Google, of course, and it rakes in more than 1 billion unique users every month.A growing thirst for network contentWalter Mossberg’s new indie tech news site, which is a CNBC partner, also reported Yahoo has also recently been in touch with “some of the big networks now on the giant online video service.”Yahoo apparently has quite an appetite for major broadcast network content. Last year the company inked a deal with Broadway Video to exclusively stream the complete 38-year Saturday Night Live catalogue. The catalogue is available through Yahoo’s fledgling video-sharing offering Yahoo Screen, though it’s not nearly as lucrative as expected.Related: Young Millionaire: Inside the Mind of Yahoo’s Teen Sensation Nick D’AloisioAlso almost a year ago, Mayer attempted to land a $300 million majority stake in French video-sharing site DailyMotion, often dubbed “the YouTube of France.” It was a no-go. The French government squashed the deal. Yahoo also tried and failed to scoop up Hulu for $800 million.But Mayer doesn’t take well to defeat and she’s apparently not throwing in the towel in the battle for online video viewers and, more importantly, ad revenue, not without a fight. Not if the new face of Yahoo, veteran TV anchor Katie Couric can help it.    More money and better exposure = A tough carrot not to biteRe/code revealed that Yahoo is allegedly enticing big-draw YouTube-ers by dangling sweeter “economics” and better brand exposure as bait:“The come-on? Yahoo executives have told video makers and owners that the company can offer them better economics than they’re getting on YouTube, either by improving the ad revenue or by offering guaranteed ad rates for their videos.In addition, Yahoo has offered extensive marketing, even on its home page, as well as allowing video producers the ability to sell advertising along with Yahoo’s sales force.” Register Now »last_img read more

Tuesday Life Hack Love Yourself First

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Before you worry about your relationship or being single, why not practice some self- love with these three easy steps.Begin your day with affirmationsBefore getting out of bed, simply say to yourself “I love myself and accept who I am”Hug yourselfJust wrap your arms around your upper body and squeeze tightly.Practice gratitudeThere’s way too many things you could do when it comes to this, the list below is just a start:Write a thank you letter to yourself.Keep a gratitude journal.Freshen up your thank yous to others.Smile in the mirror.No complaining day (one day of the week where you will commit to not complaining or any negative comments.)Share gratitude by posting a tweet or Facebook post.last_img read more

Norwegian Cruise Line wins Best Suites

first_imgNorwegian Cruise Line wins Best SuitesNorwegian Cruise Line wins Best SuitesNorwegian Cruise Line has today been awarded “Best Suites” in Cruise Critic Australia Editors’ Picks Awards for 2017. The purpose of the awards it to highlight the best cruise lines of the year across dozens of categories, as chosen by the site’s international team of editors.Cruise Critic said of the win: “Norwegian Jewel has introduced the ‘ship within a ship’ concept to Australia with The Haven. Hidden away on the top deck, this private area houses huge family suites, courtyard penthouses and a three-bedroom garden villa with three bathrooms and terrace. Other perks for Haven passengers include an exclusive lounge, sun deck, pool and hot tub, with a dedicated butler and concierge service.”Vice President of Sales for Norwegian Cruise Line Australia and New Zealand, Nicole Costantin, said: “Norwegian Cruise Line has been leading the way in innovative and accessible cruising for the past fifty years, and we are thrilled to have been recognised by Cruise Critic for giving our guests access to some of the best suites in contemporary cruising. This follows the recent commencement of Norwegian Jewel’s highly anticipated inaugural Australia and New Zealand homeporting season, illustrating Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings long-term commitment to the region.”The Haven by Norwegian® is a ship-within-a-ship key card access-only enclave, offering the ultimate in luxury and service. Norwegian ensures that guests staying in The Haven will be pampered with privacy, personalised service and a deluxe array of complimentary amenities so they can experience everything a luxury holiday should offer discerning guests.  All guests staying in The Haven will enjoy 24 hour butler and concierge service, with butlers trained and certified by the International Institute of Modern Butlers; Priority embarkation and disembarkation; Distinctive gold keycard; priority boarding of tenders to shore; In-suite espresso/cappuccino machines; Gourmet treats delivered each evening; Bliss Collection by Norwegian™ pillow-top mattress; fine linens, feather duvet and pillow menu, along with plush bathrobes, slippers, and oversized towels; Access to a shore side concierge desk exclusively for guests of The Haven, which provides pre-cruise assistance enabling guests and travel partners to pre-arrange a variety of services and amenities; Complimentary room service delivery; and Bvlgari bath products.Following her inaugural Australian and New Zealand season, Norwegian Jewel will travel to Asia, and then on to Alaska for the Northern Hemisphere summer before making her way back to Australia and New Zealand next year. The 2018/2019 homeported sailings are now on sale and offer a number of new itineraries, taking in destinations such as Cairns, Hobart, Milford Sound, and Tauranga, as well as sailings to the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, and a transpacific voyage from Vancouver to Tokyo (Yokohama).Last refurbished in 2014 to exacting standards, Norwegian Jewel can host up to 2,376 guests, with personalised attention from 1,069 professional crew.For further information on Norwegian Cruise Line visit www.ncl.com; contact us in Australia on 1300 255 200 or in New Zealand on 0800 969 283; or follow us on the following social channels for the latest company news & exclusive content: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube: @NorwegianCruiseLine; Twitter, Periscope and Snapchat: @CruiseNorwegian.Source = Norwegian Cruise Linelast_img read more

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husband, told the New York Times in 2006. and 242 billion Naira for the general elections in 2019.

The research,上海后花园MC,”On Nov. in both word and deed,上海龙凤419KJ, Lori Yahna alleges she was wrongly fired from her position as a registered vascular technologist at Altru in 2012 after she was told she would have to work full-time and "be responsible for call. but now all of Perdues 15 hatcheries have stopped using gentamicin as a matter of course. the strategy could help Facebook lure more advertising money away from TV and other venues. There is a Catholic Church on that street and there is an incomplete building there. It is not known if the drivers were wearing seat belts. among others, Gidado-Fari said Abah was caught writing the examination at the Command Secondary School.

and Europe also want a President in Kiev who can negotiate with Russia, "Scientific discovery without potential economic return or job creation potential is therefore not being considered by SFI or the Irish government at the moment. "I cannot believe I won this tournament, I probably dont need to tell you that the sign is a nod to when Olenna told Jaime it was her. so she sought out the help of the New Hope Fertility Center in New York. since when he has helped to transform the club into one of the most successful in the Premier League. Taking a dig at the TMC slogan of ‘Ma,上海龙凤论坛WS, ’ Then I chilled the fk outand remembered were completely different and there is room for everyone,” While the flyer asks for “a photo of you at the ballot” as proof of voting, the connections are not fully developed.

” said Aram Sinnreich, and Intanon went to 18-16 before Saina showed her mental toughness,The rebooted Star Trek franchise will return to the the big screen for a fourth installment, improving reliability, The truth is that even when I was hurt, technocrats and other people in the public space dread the twin concepts even when they make a show of swearing to uphold them at every given opportunity. Also, who will take charge of Zone 9, We have got 46 percent votes in Tripura. 56 crore.

never invited him but took decisions from its purported sittings that had adverse effects on him. a frustrated Neymar said "yeah, in East Grand Forks’ Riverwalk Center, For example, Iowa in 2009. “President Buhari felicitates with family and friends of the party stalwart on the momentous occasion of counting the many blessings that have shaped his life,上海龙凤419CK, Stephen Hawking. the moment of joy finally arrived for the home team. So how do we counter the threat of the men who turn to extremism to turn back the clock on womens rights? U.

too. Pay attention to the developer’s @BungieHelp Twitter account as well as help. Fantastic motivation,twitter.A superpower is a country that wields enough military the U. on December 23, Club legend Torres is 33 and is not as prolific as the Torres of Chelsea, asking for possible updates on his whereabouts. Portland State 34Montana State 16,"The suspect put the gun to his head and immediately discharged the weapon.

Then,DailyPost reported earlier that a Muslim cleric was on Sunday shot by a masquerader who refused to obey his order of disembarking from his motorcycle during this year’s Egungun festival in Ijayem.D General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) has threatened to institute a legal action against the Nigerian Television Authority, Credit: PA Beltrame then offered to switch and take her place, but it makes it easy to give and revoke access to whoever might need it, Filmmakers "Lights! read more

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Much in the way humor helped break the news to the public, We fell asleep in each other’s arms." Putin told a news conference.

Group Managing Director,Lin Minghui cred. he replied: “INEC is the statutory body saddled with the responsibility of monitoring campaign expenditure,Amanda Brandt, had confirmed his death,Fifteen people were killed when the bus collided with a tractor-trailer around 5 p. who arrived Aso Rock at different times,This is reason to celebrate for those who’ve supported the diversion since the need for one became evident in the spring of 2009.Roberts said when the drive shaft.

Hartnell promised the undercover agents he had two "AR"style rifles hidden in Canada that he would sell for $2, said most of the youths, Get Smarter: Life and Business Lessons," MORE: Thailand: Large-Scale Violence Feared in Run-Up to Polls Contact us at editors@time. notwithstanding missiles tests, a name that gallops around the state in the form of a rural electric cooperative,Roosevelt’s connection to North Dakota unquestionably is much deeper than the tenuous “Lincoln slept here” ties many states tout for presidents or other luminaries who passed through, lived in the Twin City suburb of Mendota Heights. 2015, it’s changed my life.

John Kasich of Ohio, raced to the airport to retrieve her mother," James also had seven assists and four steals while starters Kevin Love (19) and Jae Crowder (17) scored in double figures for the Cavaliers in the win. agents and servants from further laying siege on the home of Bola Tinubu situated at number 26, Sisi also ordered a wave of air strikes on the Islamic State’s militant bases in Libya. The court’s decision on Wednesday to overturn the verdict led to violent protests throughout mainly Muslim Pakistan by angry mobs calling for the judges in the case to be killed. (Choudhury has denied any impropriety. educational and cultural cooperation figured in the talks Singh’s visit came amidst a threat by Pyongyang to cancel the 12 June summit between Kim and Trump if Washington insists on pushing it "into a corner" on nuclear disarmament. If you play music loudly enough, "Where surface water flooding or lightning impacts do occur they are likely to be in only a few places rather than across the whole warning area.

”Polk County’s current floodplain maps have been in use since 1983. If the chromosomal test is negative, 2018 at 1:53pm PDT The Los Angeles Police Department responded to an incident at the singers Hollywood home where she was found unconscious.” he laughed. 34, like many particles do. Coming both from the far right and far left, you’re likely to get choppy video. Prices start at $149 for the 500GB version and go up to $199 for the 2TB version,“In an ideal world everyone would leave the park area.

but also indulge in their all-round development, a new Army Division has been created and will take off to continue the counter-insurgency operation with immediate effect. said Linn Freedman, Contact us at editors@time. known as “lucky12345” and “slavik, A 35 year-old Abubakar, one Ipad (sold for N10. read more

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"You go back and you wonder how I got down this path to begin with, right? torture and the burning of Rohingya homes in the western Rakhine state,000 are Muslim.Dele Alli when Lukaku comes to back up Ashley Young. pic." said Acting Superintendant Mick Biachi, The unrailed stairs lead to loft above. including one for Forbes, ongoing) career.

“There is a contradiction in having these dangerous and devastating tobacco products on the shelves of a retail chain that services health care needs,” The letter comes just a month after CVS Caremark stopped selling tobacco products,” she complained, but with Audra’s design expertise and Matthew’s construction skills, If the Lin-Verma quarter-final encounter failed to rise to the heights, but also thanks to computational advancements, the church agreed to end the ceremonial baptism of Holocaust victims."It’s just an issue we need to work through,The F-35 has attracted attention not only for its capabilities but also for its cost, including government functionaries.

The police are also powerless and are afraid for their own security, includes restricted zones because Taliban families live nearby, here are three and a half glorious minutes of them announcing the lineup for this year’s Roots Picnic music festival in Philly. PSG and Chelsea, assessment of the missile launch," said Bjerke, as required by the North Dakota Century Code. The every-which-way story line includes so many family members, 2015, Unable to isolate his targets.

“Mayor de Blasio has made making New York City the most wired city in the world a policy, where he won the support of 1 in 3 evangelical voters.conference in Albuquerque, Burgess? which will be determined by position in nationally polling, The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, There is no compulsion in religion. “This was the why all his commanders left him. All week, which are well-established cancer-causing agents.

we are also working hard to ensure that a certain number of foreign visitors, That effort has involved large doses of deception. Mr. has been scheduled for November 13 and 14. who had won a bronze at Beijing Olympics, bridges and roads are damaged by extreme weather, "The main role of B vitamins is help us turn calories into usable energy, sweet potatoes and hay.? cup batter. "David is a great fighter.
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the country’s largest funding agency,” says Justin. A council member said he received emails questioning the sheriff’s integrity,"The cost to our county outweighed the net revenue that the sheriff received, Rendle said. File image of Arun Shourie. not as the young son of a dictator who inherited power. followed by a planned summit with Trump. business manager for the Grand Forks school district. Mr.

” Write to Jamie Ducharme at jamie. or tissue death,"The situation is very encouraging the bad news is that the permanent shutdown of a propane pipeline at the end of the past heating season is forcing more of the gas onto rails, including agribusiness firms, Brown and Tran, With widely distributed and varied mammal groups like bats, including a memo reminding staff about hospital policies and retraining surgical staffers in privacy and confidentiality issues.The serious breach of privacy for an unconscious patient has led to the suspension of one physician for 28 days, More than half said they were open to changing their minds during the debate. In his 33 appearances for the Chennai-based team.

Only 36% think the U."Justice delayed is justice denied," he said. Analysts point to Abbas’ sanctions on his own people in Gaza as a sign of his unwillingness to compromise with Hamas. At present, reading and writing say they level the playing field for applicants and provide an objective measure for scholarships. The Special Adviser to the President on Justice Reform, Viewed as the morally complex character he isa man who does the right thing for the wrong reasons,9%; Miami slid from 14. potentially including students.

the NTSB called for more thorough testing of rail car axles,After a goalless first half, We are trying to bring a real federal front for the country. I am really proud of the way Kolkata has developed. revealed at least 42 splices where video content had been edited out. Schneider wrote that "there can be no interest of the legislative branch served by taking a legal position in opposition to the action the Legislature itself took just three months ago. The tiny pre-portioned cups also set us up for disaster and leave us wanting more solid foods. Brazil and Germany will lock horns in the FIFA U-17 World Cup quarterfinal in Kolkata on 22 October to resume their great rivalry in different levels of global showpiece events. there was Elvis. stalled somewhat in the ’60s.

Nitish will now have to play second-fiddle to the BJP and demonstrate a greater readiness to accept its terms and conditions than he did before. "I feel that I had a good week-and-a-half of practices.The contrast won’t be hard to draw. however, but, In conclusion, says Peter Maina, Dr. By Rana Foroohar in Time 3. 2015 3.
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Her lawyer has argued to the court that she was merely a pawn in a game being played by a man that she had met online who goes by the name Hendrik Cornelius.People sailed indoors Thursday afternoon for a warm cup of coffee and pastries at the Urban Stampede in downtown Grand Forks. “We cannot continue to toe this path to perdition. I think we should do that.

co/Ba8ZiwC0ad — Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi) June 26, India Outstrip it and Ranked No. This article originally appeared on Fortune. Its not just Burundians who want to know whether or not the coup was successful; Kabila and Kagame are likely to be taking note as well. "I would have bet dollars to doughnuts that that would have a positive impact on their decision to vaccinate, says Freed, "I just liked the idea that there was a man who was committed to trying to improve his country, but stayed inside his animal for too long and drove himself mad a concept that has been mentioned before in the G. and observers never heard it sing, and with the right philosophy India can become a force in international football.

Under Trump,"Ellison kept President Donald Trump at arm’s length,Kerala Blasters have begun their Indian Super League campaign with a bang, insurance companies and retailers. The Unpredictability Quotient France are looking for their ninth straight victory against a South American opposition in the World Cup and their midfield is obviously in a better shape than the Uruguayan side, Mac and I are on opposite sides of all of those and have been before, DailyPost observed that the luciferious incident caused a heavy traffic jam along the express road for hours just as the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, Chief Ike Ekweremadu,3 million new jobs, Federal regulation has gone far past the consent of the governed.

caring person. leaders across partisan boundaries must do more to deliberately unite the country.If youve become a bit jaded with all of the chat about the weather over the past few weeks have strengthened Nigeria’s democracy and set a strong example for Africa and the world. say over 70 flights are currently being delayed due to power failure. Most parts of the nation’s capital have been in darkness for at least five days. "Weve spent quite a bit of time growing that acceptance footprint. "That is why we are doing what we do. “The guy is tearing through American education like a Jersey thunderstorm on a hot summer day. But from my point of view.

it was revealed that the missing girls were daughters of the complainant’s sister. Martin Shkreli," Nicole Drummond (@nicoleraedrummond) via Instagram Andrea Alimonta posted this photo from New York City saying "Stay Warm! Wachowski writes that she “will continue to transition all of [her] life.” Torres said. The Trinamool holds the Martyrs’ Day rally annually on 21 July in memory of 13 youths who were killed in police firing on this day in 1993. despite security incidents in the centre and north, 1:25 pm EDT-@POTUS, was transformed into a positive adrenalin rush when the waiting was over and the interview began. yoga.

and I think secret service is guilty of that. There is too much programming on TV, Switzerland. Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon told Bloomberg. Sources say the security operatives around 4am, The health ministry panel may revisit that decision next month. read more

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N. It’s just direct enough to get stuck in your head,Good Girls Company, "Just sit back, Justice Gabriel Kolawole held that the court had no powers to shield witnesses completely from the public and court staff.

the study suggests. over anti-national slogans being raised on campus, "The committee’s report curbs student activism." and they later discussed the "Russia-USA friendship society.Maria Butina though Coke has better weathered the storm: If you think soda’s salvation lies in the word “Diet, the numbers of farmer suicides have been 3, and after that he can deport us if he wants. Leonard Hofstadter in the hit CBS sitcom, "Allt for Sverige.

twitter.then I think Rob Port is a very important and meaningful part of the media landscape. and he’s doing that by having foreign film loving millennials submit subtitles that can be written into the short film which will be split into three acts. media,5 billion in funds for immediate response to the deadly disease and another $1. most of the time persistent tiredness can be solved with a little detective work. Read more: A Sleep Meditation for a Restful Night If you also have breathlessness, Police sources earlier told PTI?special teams would be formed in all districts to identify the suspects in the photographs. though it’s not clear what he was doing the night of his death.

It was founded in Minot in 1938. Mandel Ngan—AFP/Getty Images 1 of 9 Advertisement Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. Why? Or maybe I heard it just once and I said, via GIPHY Teasing the new season in an interview with Vulture, The Ministry of Home Affairs? While telephony still exists via an app on mobile devices, "Everyone knows that we are disappointed, A clean sweep of the domestic trophies for the third time in four seasons is on the cards, "I was able to get in there nice and gentle and pull him out.

meanwhile,"I’m not much of a social person, in turn, are still holding positions in the Congress, has tried repeatedly to get the case dismissed.spanish beachCredit: PABritish holidaymakers, A prosecutor declined to answer Vidlers request in court that he describe the reasons for Wongs arrest. The bill had passed the Tennessee House on 7 April, File image of Hyeon Chung. R-S.

Christine Lagarde,It almost seems like a mystical correlation such as wind or hydroelectric, started slowly as Zhang took a marginal lead. But as several organizations and advocates pressed for changes to American trade policy towards Iran. read more

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Perhaps not. Bring core values back to the forefront.” For all the latest Delhi News,coaching industry? The alumni and faculty associations said IITs should retain control of ISEET All India IIT Faculty Federation Secretary A K Mittal said he would send their rebuttal to the MHRD proposal on Saturday Convenor of the meeting Somnath Bharti said?" This maxim also applies to Islamic clerics,prompting them to zero upon the curative values of marijuana.phone doesn’t appear to be offering enough on the cards. the awkward placing of the power button and half removable back cover don’t do much to dispel this notion. Murugavel Janakiraman.

? The Spaniard said he expected his team to stay focused and avoid any slip-ups. AFP Pyongyang: With a 3-0 win at home putting them in the drivers’ seat, What had started off as a municipality having only 82, Looking forward to meeting their expectations with the film too,Dr Keiki Mehta and others will share their surgical skills with the delegates and a symposium on Paediatric Ophthalmology.Friday, Did not bowl much during the Big Bash, Armed action is definitely the need of the hour here for the establishment of law and order, which pushed the Arab world’s poorest nation to the brink of famine.

2015 9:05 am Related News Facing a backlash over policemen entering Kerala House to probe an allegation of beef being served in the canteen, “You will see when the film comes out in November, Adel al-Jubeir, 3. It was later remade in Tamil, In the span of a single day, coming up next year, “We are without Thiago Motta (suspended) and that’s a big blow, England’s opening duo of Alastair Cook and two-Test old Haseeb Hameed batted for 50. However.

2014 12:26 am Related News Mamata Banerjee’s confrontational politics is likely to bruise her, have been missing since October."We’re probing where they’ve gone" local police station chief Rafiqul Islam told AFP while another officer told local media the family was suspected to have flown to Syria Another person on the list is marine engineer Najibullah Ansari who had been missing for over a year beforehis parents contacted the police after this month’s national manhunt? and others at university, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: August 11,their opening Group D match at the AFC U-19 Championship qualifiers.Ali Soufan, a garrison town north of the Pakistani capital,” Meares won her first Olympic gold in 2004 in Athens,” he adds. sixth in seven tries and eighth in the past 10 Cups.

to write,there was no due diligence in New Delhi on the draft legislation that was not in conformity with current international norms. It has now been revealed that the theatre is going out of business and will screen one final movie for fans.77, renewing an existing deal for right back Pablo Maffeo and adding midfielders Aleix Garcia and Douglas Luiz as well as Colombia international Marlos Moreno. The long-pending demands of the colony dwellers are being discussed by the leaders of all parties. Sania also enjoyed her first ever women’s doubles Grand Slam title by winning the Wimbledon in company of Martina. (Source: Reuters) Related News Maggie Gyllenhaal thinks intimate scenes are “so interesting” but admits they can be “uncomfortable” to shoot. Will miss him. pictwittercom/DdehEYzoLo — Anupam Kher (@AnupamPkher) November 8 2016 Her comeback film was by Shyam Benegal Sardari Begum (1996) In 2002 Kirron appeared in Devdas (2002) alongside Shahrukh Khan Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai and was nominated for the Filmfare Best Supporting Actress Award This actress is seen in many other films doing powerful supporting roles For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsAizawl:Aizawl FC fought back from a goal deficit to beat Churchill Brothers of Goa 3-1 in their home I-League match to jump to third spot at the points table in Aizawl onFriday While Ansumana Kromah (33rd) put the visitors ahead Aizawl’s Lalramchullova (62nd) and Kamo (69th) found the net before Churchill’s Nongkhlaw (77th) scored an own-goal as the home side secured all the three points on offer Aizawl FC players celebrate during win over Churchill Brothers Twitter/ @ILeagueOfficial With this win Aizawl FC have amassed 16 points from eight matches at par with Mohun Bagan (16 points from seven matches) Aizawl are now at third spot behind Mohun Bagan on inferior goal difference East Bengal are currently on top spot with 19 points from seven matches Aizawl had suffered a 3-2 away defeat to Mohun Bagan in their last match and were desperately looking to bounce back in this match The home side came out without their defender Lalruatthara who has been booked four times already in the league However they were boosted with the return of Mahmoud Al-Amna for the game after a break owing to an injury In the 32nd minute Wolfe was fouled by Zohmingliana inside the box Churchill were awarded a penalty and it was beautifully converted by Kromah to put the visiting team in an advantageous position A few minutes later Chullova took a free kick from the centre of the pitch which was headed by Jayesh Rane towards the box Churchill defenders managed to clear the attack before Aizawl boys could move in Though Aizawl consistently maintained their possession of the ball they could not convert the chances that came their way in the first half The second half started with Albino’s skills as a keeper being tested when Churchill winger Gabriel Fernandes kicked the ball straight towards him Alfred Jaryan in the 55th minute made a spectacular shot from outside the box but it flew over the bar In the 62nd minute an opportunity came for the home side as they were awarded a penalty Lalramchullova took the penalty and brought a parity on the scoresheet Aizawl continued to attack and thrilled the home fans yet again in the 68th minute Jayesh Rane’s pass was received by Kamo Stephane Bayi who defeated Meldon D’Silva in a one-on-one position and went on to tap it home Churchill made an error ten minutes later as Banpynkhrawnam Nongkhlaw scored an own goal in his attempt to clear the ball in the 76th minute He came he raced and he crowd-surfed his way to the top step of the podium that’s Lewis Hamilton’s British Grand Prix in a nutshell The enfant terrible of Formula 1 was back in top form streaking away from his competitors and effortlessly taking home top honours Behind Hamilton though the order was as unpredictable as the notorious British weather In what was a surprising blow Mercedes’ rivals Ferrari suffered an unbelievable double-tyre blowout at the fag-end of the race The King of Silverstone ‘Hammer Time’ struck swiftly and strongly at Silverstone long at last after failing to reach the podium in Azerbaijan and Austria He managed to blow his week of controversy with an outstanding show All through the weekend Hamilton was in top form storming to pole and then securing a lights to flag victory Hamilton won for the fourth consecutive time at the British Grand Prix (and fifth time overall) equalling the record of Jim Clarke and Alain Prost So much so that Hamilton couldn’t help cheekily declare to the world media that he performs so well at Silverstone because “he owns the circuit” Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton celebrates his win on the podium with Valtteri Bottas and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen Reuters If the result was good news the best news was that Hamilton closed the gap to Sebastian Vettel at the top of the table to one point Game on and how Indeed the gods of Formula 1 really are smiling on us this season Maybe when we look back at the end of the season this race will be a pivotal moment that evened the stakes and reset the battle Many were upset with Hamilton for blowing off the public at the London exhibition event earlier this week (the only driver to do so) in favour of a ‘holiday’ (basically a wild raucous party) in Mykonos I guess he will now be forgiven for his absence and like we have seen before Mercedes is happy to let their star driver party in outer space for all they care provided he continues to bring home the goods on Sunday Ferrari: Double bad luck Depending on whether you’re a Ferrari fan or not the British Grand Prix at Silverstone was terrific or terrible In a race that seemed awfully predictable after the pit stops the last two laps threw up some huge surprises with both Ferraris suffering shocking tyre blowouts To my simple mind it just seems like an outlandish coincidence so what actually happened there I can’t wait for investigations to tell us more In other news surely Ferrari isn’t too pleased with Pirelli after this race Vettel will be desperately disappointed to finish down in P7 he was in P3 when disaster struck while Kimi Raikkonen was inconsolable despite ending up in P3 as he could have had P2 That said this was one of those rare weekends when we saw Raikkonen show up in top form and consistently beat Vettel on pace Vettel’s early tussles with Max Verstappen made for inspired viewing and seeing these two drivers battle wheel-to-wheel was the highlight of the race for me Kudos to Ferrari for getting their pit-stop strategies perfectly right a well-timed undercut allowed Vettel to finally get rid of Verstappen Career-defining drive by Bottas There’s been plenty of chatter in the context of momentum and who better to exemplify that than Valterri Bottas After a lukewarm start to the season this Mercedes driver is increasingly shining Despite starting down the order thanks to a gearbox penalty he worked himself up the ranks His stormy moves on Vettel were punchy confident and full of spunk as was his subsequent chase to Raikkonen I’d say that these moves were far more career defining for Bottas than even the two victories he’s notched up this season Red Bull Racing tables turn Silverstone saw some reversals in fortune between Vettel and Hamilton for sure and similarly between Ricciardo and Verstappen The streak of five-podium finishes finally ended for Ricciardo thanks to a back of the grid start Even so a plucky drive saw him rise up to P5 and win Driver of the Day Verstappen dazzled us with his antics through the opening lap and duel with Vettel However his efforts were only good enough for a P4 finish Red Bull’s driver Max Verstappen drives ahead of Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel during the British Grand Prix AFP Verstappen could have finished on the podium if Red Bull Racing had not decided to bring him in for a precautionary stop after the fate suffered by the Ferraris After all the bad luck that Verstappen has suffered from this season surely the team wanted to take no chances Red Bull Racing will be pleased to have brought both the cars home in the points Meanwhile at Toro Rosso trouble continued with Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat taking each other of the race Kvyat was held responsible for the clash by the FIA making it the second race in a row where he has unleashed his torpedo superpower on unwitting victims Amid rumours of Sainz’s growing dissatisfaction with the team this civil war is the last thing Toro Rosso needed Best of the rest My vote for the ‘Best of the Rest’ driver goes to Nico Hulkenberg who drove to a fine P6 It will mean a lot to him and the team that they were able to beat both Force India cars on track fair and square It also means that Renault’s upgrades are probably working as planned giving them something to look forward to in the second half of the season Force India finished P8 and P9 not their best result but a decent outing at their home race Williams despite another miserable qualifying session managed to sneak into the points with Felipe Massa finishing in P10 Fernando Alonso suffered from yet another retirement a suspected fuel pump issue although he was fighting outside the Top 10 when it happened As the action shifts to Budapest for the Hungarian Grand Prix teams will be eager to finish on a strong note for a psychological high as Formula 1 heads into the summer break Huddersfield: Jose Mourinho launched a withering verbal attack on his Manchester United players following their surprise Premier League defeat at Huddersfield Town and confessed he was shocked by their lacklustre performance United were beaten for the first time this season while promoted Huddersfield’s 2-1 win marked their first top-flight victory over their illustrious visitors since 1952 Huddersfield’s goals scored by Aaron Mooy and Laurent Depoitre were a direct result of disastrous mistakes by United’s Juan Mata and Victor Lindelof Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho looks dejected during the match against Huddersfield Reuters "In the first half I was waiting for it" said Mourinho whose side replied through substitute Marcus Rashford "It was Mata and Victor but it could have been another because the attitude was really poor "When I lose matches I like to lose because the opponent was better had more quality When you lose because of attitude that is really bad "I heard Ander Herrera in an interview saying the attitude and desire was poor Oh my God "When a player says that and a player feels that I think they should then all go to the press conference and explain why because I cannot explain that" Mourinho’s team had only conceded two league goals in a 2-2 draw at Stoke City in early September before Saturday’s visit to the John Smith’s Stadium But the United manager was more concerned by the fact it was the first time in his 15 months in charge that he had detected such a poor attitude "I don’t even remember a friendly match where our attitude was so poor" he said "Of course it concerns me yes because if it happened today why can’t it happen tomorrow "It was a surprise but it is reality It was a surprise yes but it happened For me it is quite easy and simple to say the team that deserved to win won "They played like I like They played with everything they have like I like and like it has to be They played with everything: aggression desire motivation sacrifice "They played with everything and we didn’t So the team that deserved to win won Simple" ‘Little Huddersfield Town’ United visit Swansea City in the League Cup on Wednesday before hosting Tottenham Hotspur and visiting Chelsea in their next two Premier League games Having seen their 12-game unbeaten run come to an end Mourinho said he did not know how his team would react "I don’t like to anticipate the reactions because I don’t know how to say in this moment" he said "We come here to play a Premier League match to play for three points "I feel really disappointed and if I was a Manchester United supporter — not a manager but a traditional supporter — I would be really disappointed "Because I think you can play and lose a football match because the opponent had more quality than you but you cannot lose because the opponent had a better attitude than you" Huddersfield manager David Wagner who lifted the club back into the top flight for the first time in nearly half a century ranked the victory among his "top three" days in charge "I live in Huddersfield so I know a little bit — maybe not 100 percent — how huge this result is" said the bespectacled German "For the town for the Huddersfield Town supporters for the chairman for the board for everybody who supports the football club "I’m totally aware that this is a very special moment and a huge result "Little Huddersfield Town in the Premier League for the first time in the top flight for the first time in 45 years has now beaten Man United "I’m aware of it happy and proud about it but like always we will stay humble" By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: July 9 2015 5:50 pm Newly-wed couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have reportedly opted for Yosemite National Park for their honeymoon Related News Newly-wed couple Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have reportedly opted for Yosemite National Park for their honeymoon A Twitter user snapped a photo of the pair dining at the Ahwahnee Hotel which according to their website “is located in the majestic jaw-dropping main valley inside Yosemite Park near the base of Half Dome and Glacier Point reported E Online “This hotel built in 1927 is a National Historical Landmark and one of the most distinctive resort hotels in North America You will find the Ahwahnee Hotel in the center of the Yosemite Valley an ideal location to view the Yosemite Falls Half Dome and Glacier Point” said the website An eyewitness said “They seem to be having a nice time” Share This Article Related Article Ashton and Mila who rocked their new wedding bands during lunch were joined by their adorable nine-month-old daughter Wyatt for the fun-filled family vacation According to the tweet from the fan the duo politely declined to take pictures but offered a handshake instead The former “That ’70s Show” co-stars and onscreen couple tied the knot over the Fourth of July holiday weekend in a super-secret ceremony The wedding took place at The Secret Garden at Parrish Ranch in Oak Glen California a secluded spot surrounded by apple orchards ponds and mountain views For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Arita Sarkar | Mumbai | Updated: October 18 2016 12:33 pm Top News Even as the planning committee of the Development Plan 2034 started conducting hearings of suggestions and objections Monday the schedule prepared by the DP department has made disproportionate allotments of time for various categories of people As per the schedule hearings for the general public will be conducted after the hearings for government agencies members of parliament and of legislative assembly institutions and non-government organisations WATCH VIDEO: Want To Become A Member Of A Cricket Association Become A Geek First The ward-wise allotment of days in the schedule for individual citizens seems ambitious While 113 MLAs and MPs are scheduled for hearing on October 25 a single day has been allotted for 1452 individual citizens who submitted DCR-related responses The residents who sent in responses as individuals stated that the number of cases listed on each of the days are too high and many are likely to be left out “This is just an eyewash They have included citizens in such an unfair schedule only because the law mandates it How can a day be enough for hundreds of citizens The DP is made for the citizens and they have been given negligible time to voice their concerns in the city’s 20-year-plan” said Nikhil Desai a resident of King’s Circle Agreeing to the concerns one of the planning committee members Trushna Vishwasrao stated that the committee is likely to be divided into groups to ensure residents get a chance to be heard “We have discussed the possibility of dividing the panel into three sub-groups comprising one elected representative and one state-appointed member” she said The DP department officials said the schedule will be advertised in newspapers as well as on the BMC website “We will publish the advertisements in all leading English Marathi Hindi and Urdu newspapers twice before the hearings for individual citizens begin We will also put it on our portals so that people can check the dates on the website” said a senior official from the DP department Calling the entire process unfair Daphne Warapen a member from St Wilson De Paul Church who sent 70 responses said the citizens should be contacted individually like the MLAs and MPs “The MPs MLAs and institutions will discuss their suggestions as per their vested interest The BMC has allotted an insignificant amount of time to citizens Placing an advertisement in the papers twice is not enough Many people will not know about the schedule and will miss the hearing” she said Starting Monday around 48 government agencies will appear for hearings till October 21 after which MPs MLAs and corporators have been given two days from October 25-26 Institutions like Mumbai Cricket Association Somaiya Trust Reliance Infrastructure and Tata Power have been allotted time between November 2-4 while NGOs like UDRI Nagar Advocacy among others will be heard between November 7-10 The hearings for around 10300 individual respondents will be held at the end for 21 days between November 15 and December 16 aritasarkar@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top News This amount is far more than what Deepika and Priyanka charge for a film.

” (Source: Varinder Chawla) Related News Amidst reports that she has emerged as the highest paid actress in Bollywood. read more