Panelists discuss next steps for American liberalism

first_imgOn Friday, panelists gathered in the Oak Room of South Dining Hall to discuss the future of liberalism, as well as the future of democracy, in an event sponsored by the Potenziani Program in Constitutional Studies, the Constitutional studies minor, the department of Africana studies, and the Notre Dame College Democrats. The panelists included Tim Roemer, former Indiana congressman and former U.S. ambassador to India, Rogers Smith, professor of political science and associate dean for social sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, and Dianne Pinderhughes, chair of Africana studies and professor of political science at Notre Dame.Roemer said American democracy has been in crisis for the past 15 to 20 years because of low government approval ratings, increasing polarization and flaws in the U.S. democracy.“In the last election, 70 percent of the American people thought the country was going in the wrong direction,” Roemer said.“Congressional approval ratings are in the teens, some in the single digits.“Imagine that — 8, 9, 10 percent approval rating. You’re in company with the leader of North Korea and cockroaches when you are at 9 or 10 or 11 percent popularity.”According to Roemer, divides along partisan, socioeconomic and geographical lines have also contributed to a crisis in U.S. democracy. Roemer said Democrats need to imitate Robert Kennedy and unite diverse groups in the working class.“We need to get back to that time of inclusive messaging,” he said of Kennedy.Roemer said he also was concerned about American democracy because the Economist Intelligence Unit “downgraded” the U.S. from its status as a full democracy to that of a flawed democracy.“We are now with Estonia, Chile, South Korea,” he said. “We are not that beacon to the rest of the world for what they all want to be like. So we have work to do.”Smith said liberals must respond to President Donald Trump’s nationalism with their own narrative about American identity.“…[In] this historical moment, and perhaps for decades to come, I think it is still necessary for those who seek to win authority to shape national policies in progressive directions, to build coalitions on shared accounts of national identities and purposes, what I call national stories of peoplehood,” he said.Smith said liberals should try to emulate the abolitionist movement of the Civil War era.“My argument today is that if liberalism is to have a future in the age of Trump, liberals and progressives must explicitly advance a rival vision of American national identity, one first set forth by the antebellum, anti-slavery Constitutionalists,” he said. “This rival vision argues that the nation’s first obligation is to its citizens, but it also insists that the nation exists in order to serve a still higher purpose: the gradual securing over time of the basic rights of the Declaration of Independence for all people, of all colors, everywhere.”Pinderhughes discussed the effects of Trump’s policies on American democracy and African Americans’ relation to liberalism.She said African Americans occupy a “distinctive space” in American politics, with the majority voting for Democratic candidates — though African Americans also critique liberalism.“The fact is, whether political activists, academics or the man in the street, many African Americans point to the presence of racist politics and policies that did not very sufficiently [work] to make a change in their lives, even when the president is a Democrat or the governor is a Democrat,” she said.Pinderhughes said Trump disregards the “rule of law” – laws and policies designed to check the president’s arbitrary power — and will have a long-term impact on American democracy and civil rights. According to Pinderhughes, ignoring the rule of law undercuts the efforts African Americans have made to have their civil and political rights recognized.“If there’s no rule of law for some people, there’s no rule of law for anyone,” she said. “That includes African Americans. So, the assumptions that people have been operating under are being challenged.”Tags: Africana Studies, Donald Trump, Future of liberalism, liberalism, political sciencelast_img read more

Isla Blair on Her Political Animal Makeover in London’s Made in Dagenham

first_img View Comments I’m sure, not least to be part of a show with such a powerful message not just for 1968 but also now. Absolutely. Here’s a show about women striking for equal pay in London in 1968 and the same issues are still being raised today! There are still women in many walks of life who do tend to get paid less than men. Management may say they don’t but women ask around and then find out that they are. And you’ve gotten to watch a musical theater newbie come to our attention in the form of Gemma [Arterton]. Yes, and that has been such a pleasure. Gemma is so down-to-earth and funny and modest but also very strong and direct in the part—and she has a lovely voice. The thing about Gemma is she has so many qualities! She must also be one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen in my life. Do you remember the actual incident at the Ford Motor plant 48 years ago? Very much so. There was a huge furor at the time because there were people, actually, who didn’t quite know which side to be on. They thought it was terrible that women were coming out on strike and felt that women should never have equal pay and shouldn’t expect to have it. Do you have a favorite song in the show? My absolute favorite is one right at the end called “Stand Up,” which is when Rita is giving her speech in front of the trade union and she talks about standing up and facing it when people are being horrible to you. The message of the song has to do with not running away when you’re confronted with something that hasn’t felt fair: it’s very moving and also sort of stirring. How would you describe the show in synopsis? It’s an inspiring story for all women everywhere. And frankly, not just the women! Made in Dagenham is something else again, though, at least for you. It is! I’ve never played a factory worker and usually in fact play someone posh. I got a call one Tuesday and was told they want you to go in on Wednesday evening and you have to learn a song by then, so I went and sang it for them in front of a team of 11 or 12 people so it was all rather frightening. I was stunned to get it but also thrilled, of course. What is it like to be acting around the corner from your husband [actor Julian Glover], who is starring in The Scottsboro Boys? It has been great. I usually get into town slightly earlier than Julian but his management gives him a car to take him home because he’s so old [laughs] so I can join him for that. [Glover will be 80 in March.] Is it a challenge vocally? I have one solo which is a wonderful number pretty near the end of the first act which really is the moment in the show that makes Rita [the leading character, played by Gemma Arterton] into a political animal. It’s a lovely, lovely song that very much requires a chest voice, so I’ve worked quite hard at that. And I spent time working with a dialect coach to get the Essex accent right! Good lord! Tell us about Connie, the character you play. Connie’s the shop steward, but they weren’t quite sure which way to go with her at the start—how old to make her, whether she should be one of the girls or slightly apart because she’s a bit older. But I love what she has become, which is this very political animal who believes intensely in the rights of women and who has never married and in fact says that she married the Labour Party: she lives for her beliefs. Geraldine James played your role in the film. Has it been difficult dealing with celluloid forbears? Well, this Connie is very different from Geraldine’s, for at least one reason that I probably shouldn’t reveal here. But also Geraldine’s part had a husband who committed suicide whereas mine was never married. I have to say I do think the show may be better than the film in that it’s got many more of the actual factory scenes, so you see the women at work and you see what they have to put up with. Does this not make you want to find a show the two of you can do together? [Laughs.] We’re always being asked, but I think it’s better to keep [work] separate. People may be surprised to see you doing a big West End musical but they shouldn’t be, should they? The thing is, my very first job was a musical—A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum in its London debut in 1963. I was straight out of RADA and was hired as an understudy, and then the girl playing Philia turned up at rehearsal and for some reason [director] George Abbott didn’t take to her. So the upshot was that I was put into the role when I was only 18! That must have been amazing. Oh, it was—to be in a room with Mr. Abbott and to meet Stephen Sondheim and Hal Prince; they were at rehearsals all the time. I then did Forum again, in 2004 at the National Theatre, directed by Edward Hall, and that time around I got to play Domina, so there I was playing an old bag [laughs]. I played Kate in Kiss Me, Kate when I was at the Bristol Old Vic and did a rock opera called Subject to Fits for the Royal Shakespeare Company, so I have done musicals! You might not expect to find the distinguished stage veteran Isla Blair among the able cast of Made in Dagenham, the musical at the Adelphi Theatre based on the 2010 film about the fight for women’s rights at a Ford Motor Co. plant in Dagenham, east London, in 1968. The elegant Blair is perhaps better-known of late for her stage work in such non-musicals as The Lyons and The History Boys and for such films as Johnny English Reborn and Valmont. But in fact Blair’s singing skills date back to her first-ever professional appearance, as she reminded in a wide-ranging, ever-engaging chat.last_img read more

Tix Now Available to See Andrea Martin, Megan Hilty & More in Noises Off

first_imgBrace yourself for comic chaos. Tickets are now on sale for the Broadway revival of Noises Off. Starring Andrea Martin, Megan Hilty and a slew of Broadway faves, performances will begin on December 17 at Roundabout’s American Airlines Theatre, where the production is scheduled to run through March 6, 2016. Opening night is set for January 14.Helmed by Jeremy Herrin, Noises Off follows a director and his group of actors just hours before the opening night performance of the farce Nothing On. Lines are forgotten, love triangles are unraveling and sardines are flying everywhere. The comedy premiered on the Great White Way in 1983 and was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Play. It was first revived on Broadway in 2001 with a cast that included Patti LuPone and a recent inhabitant of the American Airlines Theatre: Peter Gallagher.The cast will also include Rob McClure, Tim Allgood, Campbell Scott, Tracee Chimo, Daniel Davis, David Furr, Kate Jennings Grant and Jeremy Shamos. Megan Hilty Star Files Show Closed This production ended its run on March 13, 2016 View Commentscenter_img Related Shows Noises Off Andrea Martinlast_img read more

Colombian Military Forces Seize More than 5.7 Tons of Drug

first_imgBy Julieta Pelcastre/Diálogo August 26, 2020 The Colombian Army and Navy seized 5,726 kilograms of marijuana and cocaine hydrochloride in five operations that dealt a major blow to narcotrafficking networks.The Pacific Naval Force (FNP, in Spanish) reported that on July 18 it seized 62 packages containing 1,213 kg of marijuana and 20 kg of cocaine hydrochloride. The drugs, found in a house in Cali, Valle del Cauca department, were bound for Central America, the Navy said.The Colombian Navy seized 1,213 kg of marijuana and 20 kg of cocaine hydrochloride in Cali, Valle del Cauca, on July 18. (Photo: Colombian Military Forces’ General Command)In another operation, the Ministry of Defense reported that the Buenaventura Coast Guard Station and the FNP intercepted a speedboat at the mouth of the Naya River on July 12. In the vessel manned by three Colombians, authorities found 1,019 kg of marijuana, and 155 kg of cocaine hydrochloride, which were bound for Costa Rica, the Ministry reported.Also on July 12, authorities reported in the same area a vessel ready to sail, where they seized 1,338 kg of marijuana and 3 kg of cocaine hydrochloride. There were no arrests during the operation.The Colombian Military Forces’ General Command (CGFM, in Spanish) reported that on July 10 in Valle del Cauca, Army service members intercepted a vehicle carrying 970 packages with 1,564 kg of marijuana. In other simultaneous operations in the same area, service members found 380 kg of marijuana at a community center and seized another 34 kg of marijuana at a road checkpoint, CGFM reported.“We are seizing more and more marijuana shipments in busy and inhabited areas, due to tactical units’ control and pressure in the areas of operations,” Colonel Henry López Cano, commander of the Colombian Army 3rd Brigade, told Diálogo on July 21. “[This] leads these groups to use new routes to move shipments, at the risk of being intercepted at the armed forces’ checkpoints.”“For this reason, we found a car full [of marijuana], as if it were carrying […] shirts, shamelessly and carelessly; they were confident […] that the Public Force was not using military intel to combat this scourge,” Col. López added.On July 22, the Ministry of Defense announced that it would strengthen security in Cauca and Valle del Cauca with close to  360 security officers. The Public Force will also enforce a micro-focused operational and territorial control strategy for priority municipalities in Cauca.last_img read more

Crews respond to early morning garage fire in Endwell

first_imgThe fire chief says the family and their pets were safely evacuated. They say there are no injuries. Stay with 12 News as we follow this developing story. The Endwell Fire Department responded to a fire that started in the garage at 2612 Robins Street at approximately 5:39 a.m. The Endwell Fire Chief tells 12 News the garage was fully engulfed when crews arrived on the scene.  The cause is still under investigation. He said the fire started in the garage and spread to the breezeway, but they were able to stop it before it spread to the rest of the house. Stay with 12 News as we follow this developing story. ENDWELL (WBNG) — The Endwell Fire Chief tells 12 News the family is not able to go back into the home until some repairs are made. It is unclear if the family will be displaced, and the cause is currently under investigation. ENDWELL (WBNG) — Emergency crews responded to a garage fire in Endwell Monday morning. —– 1:10 P.M. UPDATE:last_img read more

NEWS SCAN: Egypt reports H5N1 infection, outbreaks strike Egypt, Vietnam

first_imgMay 14, 2009Another Egyptian child infected with H5N1Egypt’s health ministry said today in a statement to MENA, the country’s news agency, that a 4-year-old boy from Sharkiya governorate has been hospitalized with H5N1 avian influenza, Reuters reported. If the World Health Organization (WHO) confirms the boy’s illness, he will be listed as Egypt’s 70th case, of which 23 have been fatal. The boy reportedly had contact with sick birds in his household. He is receiving oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and is in stable condition.Three more H5N1 outbreaks in Egyptian poultryAnimal health officials in Egypt reported three more H5N1 avian influenza outbreaks, according to reports from Strengthening Avian Influenza Detection and Response (SAIDR). All were confirmed on May 12. The virus struck vaccinated backyard birds in Gharbiya governorate, a large commercial poultry farm where the birds were vaccinated in Sixth of October governorate, and backyard birds of mixed vaccination status in Sohag governorate, near the home of a 4-year-old boy who was reported on Apr 21 as Egypt’s 67th H5N1 case.Avian flu strikes Vietnamese duck farmVietnam’s agriculture ministry today reported an H5N1 avian flu outbreak on a duck farm in the country’s southwestern Dong Thap province, Xinhua, China’s state news agency, reported. The virus struck 49 of 142 ducks. The ministry said two other provinces have recently had H5N1 outbreaks, Thanh Hoa and Quang Ngai, both in central Vietnam. [May 14 Xinhua story]last_img read more

Preparedness report spells out H1N1 challenges

first_imgOct 1, 2009 (CIDRAP News) – Though the nation is going into its second wave of the H1N1 pandemic armed with crucial improvements such as better vaccine capacity, remaining challenges in medical surge and vaccine distribution could hamper response now and into a third wave, preparedness experts said today.Hospitals across the nation vary in their ability to bear the burden of mounting H1N1 cases, the experts said at a press conference during which they unveiled a 38-page report from Trust for America’s Health (TFAH), a nonprofit, health advocacy group based in Washington, DC.Fifteen states, including Arizona, Connecticut, and Oregon, could run out of hospital beds by the fifth week of the second wave if 35% of the population gets sick with pandemic flu. Twelve states—among them New Mexico and North Carolina—could reach or exceed 80% of their capacity.Jeff Levi, PhD, TFAH executive director, said some health facilities in big cities were overwhelmed during the early stages of the pandemic. “Our point is that how readily even a mild pandemic can overwhelm the system,” he said. “We need a better system for addressing these issues, and some states are beginning.”TFAH authors based their projections on a 35% attack rate, which is a planning projection at the low end of the range of scenarios included in an Aug 24 report by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST). The TFAH authors used the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) FluSurge modeling program to estimate the number of hospitalizations in each state.However, they said erosion of the public health funding and workforce that has accelerated over the past few years will make it difficult to meet the challenges, unless steady federal funding streams, such as those that support police and fire services, are established for public health departments.Robert M. Pestronk, MPH, executive director of the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) said periodic funding infusions are important, but the approach isn’t helping build a strong public health system. “There isn’t any end point in preparedness. It requires sustained funding,” he said.According to a recent survey from NACCHO, budget cuts forced public health departments to eliminate 8,000 positions between January and June of this year, which reflects a larger loss than all of 2008.Levi said a strong pandemic vaccine delivery performance from states might help blunt some of the impact on hospitals. However, a 2008 federal report on state pandemic plans revealed that 21 states had gaps in their preparations to handle mass vaccinations. “It’s a complicated task, even in the best of circumstances,” he said.Adding to the vaccination challenge, public health officials may have a hard time reaching risk groups with vaccine messages, because some in the priority scheme, especially children, young adults, and members of minority groups, haven’t routinely been targeted for seasonal flu immunization, Levi said.He added that public health systems can also help reduce the burden on hospitals by getting higher-profile messages out about when to seek medical care for pandemic H1N1 infections,Some of the other pandemic challenges addressed in the TFAH report include:Antivirals: some states have limited stockpiles because of budget constraints and other obstaclesSurveillance: current systems are outdated, don’t track flu in real time, and aren’t ideal for identifying clusters or monitoring severityMedical equipment: 25 million N-95 respirators were released from the federal stockpile at the beginning of the outbreak, with no action to replace the supply, which could be difficult because of limited availability.Today’s TFAH report included recommendations to improve response to the current and future pandemic waves. For example, the authors recommended that states and localities refine their plans for rapid vaccine distribution and that the federal government allocate more resources for vaccine delivery, especially if insurers don’t provide adequate coverage.The experts urged public health department to extend their vaccine campaigns beyond the flu season to help prepare for a potential third wave of the pandemic.States should at least purchase enough antiviral supplies to cover their at-risk populations, and the federal government should consider making antiviral stockpiling solely its responsibility, the report advised.Though federal officials have been working hard to improve surveillance to monitor the spread of the pandemic H1N1 virus, the TFAH authors said officials should consider funding and implementing detailed surveillance improvements outlined in the PCAST report.Longer-term improvements should include the establishment of regional consortiums to organize and plan for health emergencies, as well as redoubled efforts, such as overtime incentives, to develop a medical surge workforce.The most important improvement, though, would be a steady funding stream to support public health preparedness, Levi said. “We’re trying to surge a public health system that has been critically hampered,” he said.See also:Oct 1 TFAH report on H1N1 challengesAug 24 CIDRAP News story “Presidential panel calls for planning czar, faster vaccine”Sep 21 NACCHO survey on public health workforce job losseslast_img read more

Turkey expects 50 million arrivals this year

first_imgAtmaca said the goal is to create a sustainable tourism industry. “Antalya must welcome 90 tourists a day throughout the year”, He explained. Tourism revenues are expected to increase by 10 per cent after reaching almost $ 30 billion last year, Ayık concluded. Source: Ahval news; TravelAndy News / Cover photo: Engin Akyurt from Pexels Turkey’s largest city Istanbul and the city on the southern coast of Antalya have felt a significant increase in tourist arrivals in 2019, the Daily Sabah reports. Back in 2016, the arrivals of foreign tourists fell by 30 percent compared to the previous year after a series of bombings and a failed military coup, the Ministry of Tourism explains. The state has since tried to recover from “devastating losses in the sector”, as Turkish officials explain. Antalya, Turkey / Photo: Turkey will conclude 2019 with a 10 per cent increase in tourist arrivals and tourism revenues, the pro-government daily Sabah reported, citing tourism experts. “If this trend continues, Antalya will easily meet the goal we set for this year – to host 16 million tourists”, Ülkay Atmaca, head of the Association of Professional Hotel Managers (POYD), told Anadolu Agency.center_img Revenues from tourism increased by 12,3 percent, to 29,5 billion dollars, according to the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat), while data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism show that in 2018 there was an increase of 21,84 percent compared to the previous year , or records 39,5 million tourists. Istanbul recorded a record number of tourist arrivals in the last five years from January to May. Namely, it is a number of 5,4 million tourists, which is an increase of 11 percent compared to the same period last year. In 2018, the city was visited by 13,4 million tourists. “According to our projections, there will be an increase of over 10 percent in Turkey. The data so far confirm that. We will break the record in 2019. We expect a total of over 50 million tourists across the country”, Said Osman Ayık, President of the Turkish Hotel Federation (TÜROFED). Foreign tourist arrivals rose 11,3 per cent in the first five months of this year, compared to the previous year, according to the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Nearly 12,8 million foreign tourists visited Turkey from January to May this year, while in 2018 that number was 11,5 million in the same period. The largest percentage of foreign tourists who visited Turkey in the period from January to May this year comes from Russia, the corresponding amounts are 31 percent (1 million), followed by Germans with 1,8 percent (9,5 million) and Bulgarians with 1,2 percent (more than 7,7 thousand), according to data from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. “Last year, Antalya hosted 4,8 million Russian tourists, and we forecast an increase of 5 to 10 percent per year. Our goal is to welcome more than 5 million Russian tourists”, The Hürriyet Daily News report quotes Erkan Yağcı, president of the Mediterranean Association of Tourist Hoteliers. The Mediterranean tourist city of Antalya recorded a 16 percent increase in arrivals compared to last year. According to the report of the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet Daily News, from January to June 18 this year, 6,91 million foreign tourists arrived at the airports of Antalya and Gazipaşa, ie about 86 thousand arrivals were recorded daily. On July 14, a record number of arrivals was recorded – 96.191. During 2018, Antalya hosted 12,4 million foreign tourists, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.last_img read more

Have your smashed avo and eat it too: Brisbane’s best suburbs for foodies to buy a home

first_imgBrisbane foodie Amy O’Keefe bought her first home in this building in New Farm.BRISBANE’S BEST SUBURBS FOR FOODIES TO BUY A HOME Suburb Median unit price Average Zomato rating 1. New Farm/Teneriffe $580,500 3.65 2. Annerley/Fairfield $465,750 3.543. Coorparoo $420,000 3.52 4. Chelmer/Indooroopilly/Taringa $459,250 3.50 5. Alderley/Enoggera/Gaythorne $423,470 3.50 6. Camp Hill/Carina/Carindale $500,125 3.49 7. Corinda/Graceville/Sherwood $462,000 3.46 8. Ashgrove/Ashgrove West $437,500 3.45 9. Mansfield/Mount Gravatt/Wishart $423,390 3.45 10. Highgate Hill/South Brisbane $542,917 3.45 (Source: Zomato, Foodie Amy O’Keefe and partner, Ben Kasehagen, have their morning coffee at a cafe near where she bought a home. Photo: Liam Kidston.Miss O’Keefe admitted that while it was “doable” to afford an apartment in the exclusive suburb, buying a bigger house might be more difficult in future.“We can enjoy it as a young couple now, but we might have to be move further out later,” she said.“As a starting point, it seems like a pretty good long term investment.“New Farm’s never really going out of fashion.” MILLION DOLLAR BREAKTHROUGH A STEAL Coorparoo is a good suburb to buy a home if you’re a foodie.If you’re looking for a top notch dining spot in Brisbane’s west, Chelmer, Indooroopilly and Taringa are the top picks.On Brisbane’s northside dinners are buzzing about Alderley, Enoggera, Gaythorne, Grange, Newmarket and Wilston. “Foodies looking to buy an apartment in an area with top rated restaurants get good bang for their buck in 4051 where the median apartment price is $423,470 — a 3 per cent premium compared to the Brisbane average,” money expert Bessie Hassan said.Postcode 4122, home to Mansfield, Mount Gravatt, Mount Gravatt East, Upper Mount Gravatt and Wishart, also offers good value for foodies, with the median apartment price an affordable $423,390. RIPLEY’S FOCUS ON GREEN LIVING Perhaps surprisingly, Brisbane’s CBD scored poorly, achieving an overall rating of 3.26 out of 5, making it one of the city’s lowest rated foodie suburbs.Ms Hassan said these were the spots where home hunters might want to consider settling down if eating out was a priority.“Despite high property prices across Brisbane, there’s still the opportunity to get a good priced apartment in a great food region,” she said.“Being able to call some of Brisbane’s top eateries your ‘local’ is a major drawcard for some.”More from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus17 hours agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market17 hours agoOn the flip side, suggests foodies stay clear of the suburbs of Wynnum, Kingston and Runcorn, which scored the lowest. New Farm rates highly for its quality dining scene. Picture: Annette Dew.Rounding out the top three postcodes for highest rated restaurants are 4103 and 4151 — both in Brisbane’s inner south, with Annerley, Fairfield, Coorparoo and Carindale scoring highly when it comes to tantalising home hunters’ tastebuds.Coorparoo, with a median apartment price of just $420,000, is also the cheapest suburb for house hunters who love to eat out. ‘I’M GOING TO WEE IN YOUR PANTS’ Foodie Amy O’Keefe and partner, Ben Kasehagen, have their morning coffee at a cafe near where she bought a home. Photo: Liam Kidston.WHEN it came to buying her first home, Amy O’Keefe wasn’t fussy — it just had to satisfy one requirement. The self-confessed foodie has a smashed avocado habit that’s simply too hard to break, which is why she made a beeline for Brisbane’s top rated restaurant suburb.The city’s best foodie suburbs to buy into have been revealed, with New Farm on the northside and Annerley in the south topping the list based on ratings from restaurant index Zomato, analysed by comparison site Farm is the foodie capital of Brisbane, with the 4005 postcode earning the highest average restaurant rating of 3.65 out of 5. GET THE LATEST REAL ESTATE NEWS DIRECT TO YOUR INBOX HERE With a median apartment price of $580,500 the highest rated foodie suburb also comes out on top for price, with prices about 41 per cent higher than the median Brisbane unit price of $411,000, according to CoreLogic data.Miss O’Keefe and her partner, Ben Kasehagen, bought a one-bedroom, art deco apartment in the heart of New Farm last year and haven’t looked back.“There are heaps of cool cafes, lots of nice bars, and there’s always something going on in New Farm because of the facilities here,” she said.The 29-year-old occupational therapist said the couple ate out around four times a week.“You get home late from work and there are good options everywhere,” she said.last_img read more

The drug courts on trial

first_imgRadio NZ News 21 October 2018Family First Comment:  A very good concept – where the law and the health components serve each other and act together to bring about the best  The Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Court was started by Judge Ema Aitken, based in central Auckland, and Judge Lisa Tremewan in Waitākere.Up to 100 people can be in the programme at any one time, 50 at each site.There is no defended hearing for the offender. To get in, they have to plead guilty to their crime and show their offending is driven by alcohol or drug dependency.They also must be facing a sentence of three years or less, and it cannot be one that involves serious violence, sexual offending or arson.And importantly, they have to convince the court they are ready to make a permanent change to their lives.But the sentence they would be serving is always hanging over them – if they consistently relapse, fail to meet their rehab commitments or reoffend, it is back inside.READ MORE: read more