Team India’s poor World Cup performance troubles BCCI

first_imgCoach Greg Chappell with Rahul DravidThe Indian team’s theme for this World Cup was called, “Let’s Win Together.” In Trinidad, the man on the street has his own theme. India, they sigh, shaking their heads and smiling crooked smiles, “plenty licks, man, plenty licks.” On the morning of match against,Coach Greg Chappell with Rahul DravidThe Indian team’s theme for this World Cup was called, “Let’s Win Together.” In Trinidad, the man on the street has his own theme. India, they sigh, shaking their heads and smiling crooked smiles, “plenty licks, man, plenty licks.” On the morning of match against Sri Lanka, Marvan Atapattu looked across at a bystander. “If we make 220, it’s enough, we’re through.” The bystander, an Indian, asked how could the Lankan could be so confident? “Look at their faces,” Atapattu said, “For them, 220 is like 350.”In the last 11 months, India’s batsmen have failed to bat out a full 50 overs in 12 of 17 ODIs outside home. Is this really what the world thinks of our cricket team? The envy that a strong India generates has given way to something approaching the ranks of tongue-clucking sympathy in the Caribbean and scorn in the Anglo-Australian cricket world. Former West Indian captain Richie Richardson admits to disappointment, “I thought India had the best batting line up on paper. We all wanted India to go a little bit further. I can’t work out what went wrong, lack of confidence maybe, or internal problems.” It’s like Indian cricket has been struck over the head with a blunt instrument and is trying to regain consciousness and comprehension. The questions are short, sharp and seek meaning from the muddle: What the…? But why? Now what?Team IndiaWhat the…? The Indian team’s training sessions at the Cup were two-faced: one, a spurt of enthusiasm in Jamaica for the warmup games, the other, a few ho-hum sessions in Port of Spain. Like all other teams, India were allotted only two and a half hours, but their sessions looked like they were men on borrowed time.”You practise like you play,” said one Indian player, indicating that younger players needed to go into nets with a purpose. May be the Indians did play like they practised: flat, perfunctory, with no urgency. Former West Indian fast bowler Ian Bishop has seen a trend over the last season: “Their fielding is un-athletic and that is just based on those matches I saw.”advertisementThe Australians, who set the benchmark in the field, have hired former American baseball pro Mike Young as their fielding coach. Their sessions work around improving ‘balance and vision’. Sri Lanka, constitutionally, temperamentally much like the Indians, put in a minimum of an hour of fielding practice in every training session, concentrating on what captain Mahela Jayawardene calls, “the small things” in one-day cricket, every run-out, every half-chance taken puts you a step closer to winning.”Sharad Pawar to take a drastic stepBut let’s not be harsh: the Indians did try, and not just the boring stuff like fielding practice. After losing to Bangladesh there were apparently attempts made to straighten out kinks in the cricketers’ ‘auras’, to rid them of ‘negative energies’. In keeping with the principles of pranic healing, the men in blue stood around a bowl of water where their bad vibes were flung in; they even tried collective prayer. It worked against Bermuda, but the gods needed more appeasement against Lanka. Okay, what the hell, let’s be harsh: maybe what cricketing deities really wanted, guys, was more fight with the bat, ball, more signs of spirit and sweat on the field.There’s a view that Dravid and Chappell should continue while four ‘difficult’ senior players must go.But why? Captain Rahul Dravid and coach Greg Chappell have said it repeatedly: “We didn’t play well. Yes, but why not? Here comes Indian cricket’s now de rigueur fig leaf, hastily put into place after every big loss: our system stinks, you see. On the surface of it, a soothing explanation: the Indian team has no permanent manager, no media manager, no medical back up at home, its itinerary is far too crowded, selection is a minefield, players have not been paid their dues for more than half a year. Words that matterSir Vivan Richards “Your team has a lot of ability, but lacks mental strength. They are babies in the mind.” SIR VIVIAN RICHARDS WEST INDIAN CRICKET LEGENDJohn Buchanan “India is one of the excitement machines that heighten competition. As a coach I’m glad they are not here.” JOHN BUCHANAN COACH, AUSTRALIAN TEAMDilip Vengsarkar “Every debacle has a silver lining. We have a young team and I have tremendous faith in them despite everything.”DILIP VENGSARKAR CHAIRMAN, SELECTION COMMITTEEIan Bishop “I did not feel from what I saw with India last year that I fancied them doing well away from home.” IAN BISHOP FORMER FAST BOWLER, WEST INDIESadvertisementSharad Pawar “Even England, where cricket originated, has not won the Cup but their players didn’t face mindless protests.” SHARAD PAWAR PRESIDENT, BCCIRichie Richardson “India had the best batting line up. We wanted India to go a little bit further. I can’t work out what went wrong.”RICHIE RICHARDSON FORMER CAPTAIN, WEST INDIESBut the system is merely the backdrop; it is not central to the plot of why India’s team bombed in the World Cup. India bombed because they didn’t hit the ground running. Dravid believes the 2003 format gave teams time to hit their stride unlike in 2007. Four years ago, despite putting up their best impersonation of struggling fish on a line of hooks, once the Cup began, India beat the teams they were expected to beat, losing only to Australia.In the last 11 months, India’s batsmen have failed to bat out a full 50 overs in 12 of 17 ODIs outside home. They have won only three of those, beating West Indies twice and Bermuda once. Bishop saw it coming. He didn’t rank India amongst his pick of four potential semi-finalists before the event: “I didn’t feel from what I saw with India last year in the West Indies, Malaysia, Champions Trophy and South Africa that I fancied them doing well away from home.” Former Sri Lankan wicket-keeper Ranjit Fernando stands back from making the linkage between systemic malaise and specific results. Whenever Sri Lanka loses, he says the same arguments are proffered. “What does a system have to do? At the very basic, produce three-four players a generation who can play for the country. Our systems-India’s, Sri Lanka’s- are far from perfect, but every generation, they produce those threefour players.”Between May 2006 and the West Indies World Cup, despite a notoriously fractious Board, Sri Lanka ensured that its team played all its ODIs away from home. The one tournament scheduled on the island was washed out. Of course, the BCCI needs to overhaul how they run domestic cricket and how they manage the Indian team. But does the BCCI’s blinkered inefficiency explain why India couldn’t dismiss Bermuda for less than 156 and take 43.1 overs to do it? Or, heck, why it lost to Bangladesh?Now what? Now is when the mills of Indian cricket begin to churn. Insiders say that the next man who takes over will have to start from scratch, which means the team is back to where they were just before 2000-splintered, insecure, on the edge. One distinct murmur emerging from team management centres round Sourav Ganguly’s low strike rate and the failure to rotate the strike in his three innings in the Cup. Another backed by the powerful in the BCCI, name Sachin Tendulkar as Dravid’s successor. A third point of view insists that the BCCI wants Chappell and Dravid to continue in their respective positions but the team needs to purge the ‘spoilers’-Ganguly, Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag and Harbhajan Singh.A player said, “I feel for Rahul, it’s hard when the team loses, even more so as captain. Rahul really tried to keep the team together, but it didn’t work out.” In the post-Lanka press conference, Dravid walked on the edge of composure, saying quickly that his tenure ended with the World Cup, so he was, in fact, no longer the captain. After an India defeat, Chappell had once produced this Zen-like epigram, “Nothing’s a disaster.” Specially called into the press conference, Chappell stonewalled questions with, “We just didn’t play well,” until an exasperated Caribbean journalist asked, “Coach, by saying that all the time, aren’t you trying to shirk responsibility?” Halfprotecting his own position, half-extending sympathy to his players, Chappell, who has aimed to coach and spread his gospel through the written press, tried to spread accountability and blame around, like it were marmalade on toast.advertisementWhat could rescue Dravid’s captaincy is the fact that there is no clear choice over his succession. Dravid understands and can internalise Chappell’s philosophies but their intellectual compatibility has not found resonance with the rest of the team. It may well be the players’ own weaknesses and inadequacies, but a cricket match is not a steeplechase race in which the captain can run alone. Everyone has to be pulled along, which the team of Dravid and Chappell have been unable to do.So Indian cricket has three choices: Plans A: Dravid and Chappell stay and four ‘difficult’ players go. Plan B: Chappell goes, Dravid stays and tries to reconnect with his squad and take another shot at the job with a coach who is more of a backroom worker and less of a ruckus-magnet. Plan C: Dravid and Chappell go as team leaders, India gets a new captain and the entire churning begins again.To many, Plan A might seem like the way forward: get rid of the old, the deadwood, start with the new. Going by the Dravid-Chappell record in man management, even if the selectors get rid of the spoilers, consistency or growth is not guaranteed. The players who the two men seem to prefer have either come undone (a la Irfan Pathan) or have been undercooked at the international level (Suresh Raina). This means one of them will have to go.At the moment, Dravid is far more valuable to the team than Chappell is; whether he is valuable as captain still or if he can rescue his leadership away from the looming presence of his first coach, is a call the selectors must take. What could rescue Dravid’s captaincy is the fact that his succession is not as clear cut as it could be. Dravid’s deputy and the front runner for the job, Tendulkar faces the wrath of public disappointment. Sehwag’s return to form is tenuous and the outsider Yuvraj Singh is seen as too callow. There is, of course, another man, who has done the job before with some success, but declared since that captaincy doesn’t excite him. Sourav Ganguly doesn’t smile much these days, but surely the thought enters his head: what goes around, comes around.last_img read more

ITBP soldiers to get temperature controlled border outposts soon

first_imgThe Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) soldiers will soon get a net zero, self sustainable border outposts (BoPs).Realising tough working conditions of soldiers guarding the Sino-India border at high altitudes where temperature often drops to minus 40 degree, centre has approved 54 temperature controlled integrated BOPs, 47 of which will be solely for ITBP.Sources in the force confirmed that the first state-of-the-art composite BOP in Ladakh is almost near completion.In a first of its kind, eco-friendly BOP are being constructed at a forward location near the China border. The project is being built under Make in India theme with the force engaging  IIT, Delhi and IIT, Roorkee.The BOPs will reportedly have room for 100 jawans, mess, toilets, medical room, and office of senior officers at a height of 15,000 feet.Besides underground bunker for security, the post will have space for each soldier. The BOP will have insulated walls, roof and windows protecting it from severe weather condition especially the sub zero minus temperatures, solar power electricity and heating system, 24 hour liquid water supply and fresh air supply with the help of Geo Thermal ducts with no dependence on fossil fuel.”Soldiers fight hard conditions maintaining highest level of vigil. The new BOP will make life much easier for the soldier,” a source said.These BOP will maintain the inside temperature at 20-22 degree celsius and are being built at a cost of nearly Rs 20 crore in Lukung Valley.The ITBP is deployed in Ladakh, Sikkim, Uttrakhand, Himachal. Evenutally, such BOPs will be constructed in the Arunachal region as well.advertisementUnion Home Ministry in the recently concluded winter session restated its committment to the development of border infrastructure to strengthen the operational capabilities of ITBP.This comes in the backdrop of Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh ringing in the New Year with ITBP troops in Uttarakhand’s Nelong valley along the China border.Meanwhile, the centre has agreed to provide light weight clothing to the jawans above 9,000 feet, previously only provided to the jawans of BOP at a height of 14,000 feet and above.The Union Minister also recently assured the force to give better and modern weapons, more snow scooters and Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV).last_img read more

Devices enable NFC programming of LED lighting

first_imgInfineon’s NLM0011 and NLM0010 enable contactless programming of the driver current for LED lights. Both of these NFC wireless communication devices provide a configurable PWM output to control the analog driver IC, replacing the plug-in resistor method of setting driver current.The NLM0011 and NLM0010 operate in passive and active modes. In passive mode, the LED driver module is not powered, and the PWM-related parameters can be configured wirelessly via the NFC interface. In active mode, as soon as the VCC voltage supply is powered, a PWM output is generated according to stored parameters. With an external R/C filter, the PWM signal is converted to the desired DC voltage to control the current output of an LED driver.(Source: Infineon)The NLM0011 offers a constant lumen output (CLO) with eight configurable reference points. CLO compensates for the luminous flux drop (aging effect) of the LED module by automatically adjusting the LED current to the aging characteristics of the LEDs. There is no need for an additional microcontroller, and the part works with mainstream analog driver ICs. The NLM0010 is a light version without the CLO function.The NLM0011 and NLM0010 dual-mode NFC configuration ICs come in SOT23-5 packages and operate from a supply voltage of 3.0 V to 5.5 V.>> An earlier version of article was originally published on our sister site, EDN. Continue Reading Previous Vehicle sensor measures very low pressureNext IP provider brings high-accuracy, low-power location technology for IoT Share this:TwitterFacebookLinkedInMoreRedditTumblrPinterestWhatsAppSkypePocketTelegram Tags: Chips & Components last_img read more

How did your team fare at the 2018 World Cup?

first_imgReuse this content Topics Share on LinkedIn World Cup 2018 features France were crowned World Cup champions on Sunday afternoon, after beating Croatia 4-2. Despite skepticism before Russia 2018 kicked off, the tournament has been widely hailed as a success. But did your team contribute to the tournament’s success or did they freeze on the big stage?Did your team exceed expectations or were they on an unexpected early flight home? What is the reason for your team’s success this summer? And where do you think it went wrong for them? Share your thoughts on the last four weeks of World Cup football with us. We’ll hopefully feature some of your responses on the site. Share on Twitter Share on Facebookcenter_img If you’re having trouble using the form, click here. Share via Email World Cup Share on Pinterest Share on Messenger Share on WhatsApplast_img read more

Burns backs ‘legacy player’ Castro

first_imgPerth Glory Burns backs ‘legacy player’ Castro to star Dejan Kalinic 15:23 6/12/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) DiegoCastro - Cropped Getty Images Perth Glory A-League Jacob Burns believes Diego Castro will be even better for Perth Glory after a full pre-season. Perth Glory star Diego Castro will be even more valuable for the A-League club after a full pre-season, according to football director Jacob Burns.Castro, 35, signed a one-year extension with Perth last month, the superstar midfielder set for a fourth season at the club.Unlike previously, the Spanish playmaker is set to join his Glory team-mates from the start of pre-season on Monday in a huge boost to Tony Popovic’s men. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Sorry, Cristiano! Pjanic is Juventus’ most important player right now Arsenal would be selling their soul with Mourinho move Burns believes that will only help Perth, who have been led by the 2015-16 Johnny Warren Medallist since his arrival.”‘Cas’ is a very unique player, he’s been a legacy player for us and still has fantastic football in him,” he told Omnisport.”I think it was a very important one for us as a club, for Popa as manager, to have him back for a full pre-season. I think that’s something that in the past we haven’t had, we haven’t had him at the very start.”He’s a fit, professional guy and he always looks after himself, but I think it’s going to have even more value him starting day one with the group, being in all the pre-season, through the FFA Cup games, and we’ve got some exciting games coming up, including Chelsea here on July 23.”We can’t wait to witness more magic from El Maestro next season #OneGlory— Perth Glory FC (@PerthGloryFC) June 5, 2018Glory are looking for an improved campaign after finishing eighth and missing the finals last season.The arrival of former Western Sydney Wanderers coach Popovic – who won the AFC Champions League in 2014 – has already given them a boost.”I think first and foremost he [Popovic] has been successful, he’s taken a start-up club to the AFC Champions League and won it in the first season and he’s been involved in finals,” Burns said.”It’s his professionalism and his winning mentality I think that players want to come and play for. They know it’s not easy but they know they’re going to be a better player for it .”The general consensus in and amongst football circles is that yes, it’s going to be a tough time when you’re working under him, but it’s one that I think everyone embraces.”last_img read more

Contact Group on Piracy off Somalia Meets Today in New York

first_imgzoom The Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) will hold its Sixteenth Plenary Session at the UN Headquarters in New York today, 14th of May 2014, under the Chairmanship of the European Union.The meeting will focus on three major policy areas: (i) capacity building in the region off the coast of Somalia; (ii) the anti-piracy operations and mitigation actions by the international community; (iii) the disruption of piracy networks ashore.The Plenary will open with key note speeches from Mr. Jeffrey Feltman, UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, the IOC Secretary General Mr. Jean-Claude de l’Estrac and the Somali National Security Adviser, Sheikh Issa and it will be chaired by EEAS Deputy Secretary General Maciej Popowski.The Contact Group on Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPSC) was created on January 14, 2009 pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 1851. This voluntary ad hoc international forum brings together those stakeholders affected by Somali piracy: countries from the region, Western Europe, Middle East and Asia, industry, seafarers’ organisations and NGOs.The Contact Group coordinates political, military, and non-governmental efforts to tackle piracy off the coast of Somalia, ensure that pirates are brought to justice, and supports regional states to develop sustainable maritime security capabilities.The EU assumed the chairmanship of the Contact Group on the 1st of January 2014 with Maciej Popowski, Deputy Secretary General of the European External Action Service (EEAS) as EU chairperson.Press Release, May 14, 2014, Image: EEASlast_img read more

Remontowa Starts Building BC Ferries’ Third LNG Ferry

first_imgzoom The first steel cut for BC Ferries’ third new intermediate class ferry (ICF) took place on July 1st at Remontowa Shipbuilding S.A. in Gdansk, Poland, bringing all three new ships closer to their delivery to B.C. waters. The three ferries will be capable of running on dual-fuel on either liquefied natural gas (LNG) or ultra-low sulphur diesel. The first ICF is scheduled to arrive in August 2016, the second in October 2016 and the third in February 2017.“The new ships will replace vessels that are at the end of their life cycle, and will be more fuel-efficient and cleaner burning, reducing our impact on the environment,” said Mike Corrigan, BC Ferries’ President & CEO. “We are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new vessels and the construction start of the third ICF is an important milestone in bringing these ships one step closer to sailing in our fleet.” BC Ferries’ use of LNG is expected to result in the reduction of an estimated 9,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year, the same as taking 1,900 passenger vehicles off the road annually.The new ships will run on LNG as much as possible, almost completely eliminating SOx (Sulphur Oxides), reducing NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) to a fraction of what what is seen from diesel fuel and nearly eliminating particulate matter. The first ICF will replace the 50-year old Queen of Burnaby on the Comox – Powell River route.The second ICF will replace the 51-year old Queen of Nanaimo, sailing on the Tsawwassen – Southern Gulf Islands route. The third ICF will be used to augment peak and shoulder season service on the Southern Gulf Islands route, and provide refit relief around the fleet.last_img read more

MMIW Inquiry hears that RCMP kept information from family for decades

first_imgJohn Murray APTN National NewsRoddy Sampare stood before the commissioners at the national inquiry hearings in Smithers, B.C. and told the story of his family’s tragedy like he had told it a thousand times before.“The pain doesn’t go away,” he said. “You know, I was sitting in the other room listening to the people who lost their loved ones through murder. At least some of them had the chance to bury their loved one. “We didn’t get that chance. It really hurts inside.”His sister, Virginia Sampare, from the Gitsegukla First Nation, an hour by car from Smithers, vanished on Oct. 14, 1971.At some point around 1995, the RCMP closed her file and didn’t reopen it until the Pickton investigation.Police believed she was a victim of Robert Picton – a pig farmer in British Columbia who was convicted of second degree murder in the deaths of six women.But Virginia Sampare’s DNA never turned up on Picton’s farm.It left the family in limbo because the police didn’t share any information with the family – until yesterday.Winnie Sampare, Virginia’s sister, stood at the inquiry in disbelief, to talk about the family meeting with the RCMP.“We actually met with them yesterday,” Winnie Sampare said. “The other shocking information for us was that he shared that our chief councillor and others had gone to the RCMP detachment and told them that there was footprints found at the Gitsegukla River and they believe that it was hers.“The reason why I say it was shocking information is that information from the Chief Councillor wasn’t shared with the family. This was new to us yesterday.”The band council, and the RCMP kept the information from the family for more than 45 years.“To me that sounds like maybe that’s why they stopped the search,” she said. “We don’t know.”Even with this new information, Roddy Sampare said he still doesn’t trust the police.“I feel the RCMP isn’t telling us the whole story when they talk to us and tell us the file is closed,” he said. “I asked for a copy of the file and they wouldn’t give it to me.”And this new information has left him, and the rest of the Sampare family, confused.“I can’t see it. The whole area is just rocks. You can’t leave footprints on the rocks, unless you have muddy feet I guess. So I don’t know what’s happening there,” he said.Roddy Sampare said he didn’t feel he was given enough time to review the file, and asked for a copy, but RCMP declined.He told the inquiry the last time they heard from the RCMP before Tuesday was during the Pickton investigation.Today marks day two of testimony at the public hearings for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls at the The Dze L K’ant Friendship Centre.Roddy Sampare told the commissioners that his sister was listed on the band list as deceased.His mother asked him to accompany her to a band council meeting so she could ask a question.“So she asked the band, she said, if my daughter is deceased can you take me to where she is at so I can bring her home and put her to rest,” Sampare said. “That’s what my mom said to the band council at the time.“So today on the band list she is listed as missing.”The last day for testimony at the Smithers hearings at the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls is Thursday.Contact John here: jmurray@aptn.calast_img read more

Jessicas murder is not going to be another cold case Family says

first_imgJessica Patrick. Photo courtesy of the family.Laurie HamelinAPTN NewsThe family of 18-year-old Jessica Patrick, who’s body was found outside Smithers B.C. last September are demanding answers.It has been nine months and the North District Major Crime Unit (MCU) has not yet released a cause of death.“The Major Crime Unit gave us a March date for lab results and then we were told May, but in May we tried calling and texting, and have not got any response,” said Jacquie Bowes, Patrick’s older cousin.“The MCU has done an exceptional job, but at least respond and say you have nothing or that we have to wait a little bit longer.”Now that we aren’t receiving any messages back it feels like the police are stringing us along.”On August 31 Jessica Patrick dropped off her one-year-old daughter with the child’s grandmother.She was expected back that evening, but never returned.Patrick’s family reported her missing three days later.On Sept. 15, Jessica’s body was found.“I helped organize a search with my family and work associates,” said Bowes.“It was my mom and step-dad who discovered Jessica’s body. She was down on the ski hill at Hudson Bay Mountain Lookout.”Read More:Police looking for help in B.C. slayingMissing Smithers, B.C. woman found dead: reportsThe B.C. Coroner’s office has not determined how she died and although the police have shared important details about the investigation with the family, Bowes is worried things have stalled.“This case needs to be solved,” said Bowes.“Jessica’s murder is not going to be another cold case.”But in an email to APTN News, Cpl. Madonna Saunderson said the investigation is ongoing and continues to be a priority.“The investigators have had consistent communication with the family” said Saunderson. “Without compromising the investigation, they have shared pertinent details with the family.“At this time there is no other information available to be released.”In an effort to keep Jessica’s murder in the public eye, family and friends are holding a community event on Saturday at Bovill Square in Smithers, 3 p.m. PST.Patrick lived in Smithers, but is a member of Lake Babine Nation.“We need to spread awareness, our community is worried for everyone’s safety,” said Bowes.“There is a monster walking among us that is accountable for Jessica’s death.”Smithers is located on Hwy 16, also known as the Highway of Tears.(Hwy 16 in British Columbia also known as the Highway of Tears)It’s the route between Prince George and Prince Rupert where a long list of women and girls have gone missing or been murdered.“We were initially only going to hold this event for Jessica, but there are so many other families on the Highway of Tears that have missing and murdered loved ones,” said Bowes.“Many of those families will be there on Saturday to share their stories.”Booths will be set up by the local Bear Clan Patrol and the women representing MMIWG from Dze L K’ant Friendship Centre.“They’ll be there with important tips, information and 1-800 numbers,” said Bowes.“When we were first dealing with Jessica missing we didn’t know where to start and these people do.”Bowes said the support from many surrounding communities since Jessica first went missing has been overwhelming.“Jessica’s homecoming was beautiful,” said Bowes. “People of all races stood on the Highway of Tears wearing red dresses, red clothing, holding red balloons and signs, yelling ‘Justice For Jessica’ as her body passed by on its way from Prince George to Smithers for burial.“We we’re hurting, but seeing all these people made our hearts soft.”Read More:Red to mark highway of tears ride home for slain B.C. womanTaylor Bachrach, the mayor of Smithers, set up a Go Fund Me page for Jessica and was able to create a trust fund for her daughter.“I really need to thank everyone, so many people have been by our side,” said Bowes. “For our event this weekend, my mom and my aunty fundraised and the community of Smithers donated all the food and drinks for the BBQ.”“We’ve been surrounded by community love and it’s helping us get through this.” read more

Bengal’s celebrated mountaineer set to conquer North Pole

first_imgKolkata: Satyarup Siddhanta, the Kolkata mountaineer who made Bengal proud in January by becoming the youngest man in the world to have scaled the seven highest peaks and volcanic summits across continents when he conquered Antarctica’s highest point Mount Sidley, is again embarking on an expedition to the North Pole. He has already left the city for the same.The mountaineer would ski for around ten days, 8-10 hours daily to reach the last point in North Pole, where the temperature varies between -25 to -35 degree Celsius. Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari PujaIf Siddhanta successfully completes the arduous task in the next fifteen days, he will be the youngest person in the world to have completed the 7 highest summits, 7 volcanic summits, North Pole and South Pole and the first one from India to have done the same. “It is very challenging considering the inclement weather conditions, the presence of polar bears and the load of around 50 kg on the back, which needs to be carried during the expedition. But I am optimistic in placing our national flag on the North Pole,” Siddhanta said. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayA global company is sponsoring his expedition and the Indian flag was handed over to the mountaineer at a recent programme in the city by minister of state for Information & Cultural Affairs Indranil Sen. The North Pole has been adversely affected by global warming and the snow is melting there at a rapid pace. Experts have expressed their apprehension that the place may cease to exist after twenty years. The mountaineer, who originally hails from Haridevpur in South Kolkata, is a software engineer by profession. He holds an illustrious record of conquering several treacherous summits such as Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mt Elbrus in Europe, Mt Denali in Alaska and Mt Monc Blanc in France. It was December 5, 2018, when Satyarup scaled Pico de Orizaba, which is the highest volcanic peak in North America. He was the first civilian Bengali to have scaled the seven summits in 2017. A Bengali mountaineer based in Delhi Satyabrata Dam had scaled the seven summits some years ago, but he was a non-civilian. He had successfully climbed Mt Everest in June 2016. Satyarup, an asthma patient as a child, could never even dream of scaling the mountains or other sports. But it was in 2008 when he went on a trekking trip with his friends that he decided to take up mountaineering. He went on scaling one peak after another and is now regarded as the country’s most successful mountaineer.last_img read more

The Latest: Roller coaster ride as Lyft’s stock falls

NEW YORK — The Latest on Lyft’s falling stock price (all times local):5:00 p.m.Ride-hailing giant Lyft’s stock has fallen below its IPO price of $72 and is languishing at around $68.That’s a sharp turnaround from its debut when the stock price jumped 21% to $87.24 on Friday.There wasn’t any bad news released by the company, and investors don’t know a whole lot more about Lyft’s financial picture than they did when the stock first started trading.Some analysts say the roller coaster ride will probably continue.Other high-profile companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Snap had strong initial trading days but then saw their stock prices fall substantially over the next few months.__8:30 a.m.Shares in the ride-haling company Lyft, the hottest new public stock offering in years, are falling sharply for a second consecutive day.The stock surged in its initial day of trading Friday, but they’ve been hammered this week.Before the opening bell Tuesday, shares are down another 5% after falling 12% Monday, the first full day of trading in company shares. That plunge put the stock below the public offering price of $72.Shares fell below $66 in electronic trading Tuesday.The ride-hailing company has consistently lost money, raising doubts about its overall valuation. Even so, investors have been wowed by the company’s growth in the past two years and some have bet big on its potential.The Associated Press read more

Death toll reaches 146 more rain expected this week

The Government meanwhile said schools in the affected areas will remain closed this week. The United Nations office in Colombo said that Sri Lanka had made a formal request for support following the onset of the monsoon and its impact in the Southern and Western regions of the country.The adverse weather conditions have caused flooding and landslides in 14 out of 25 district in Sri Lanka; Batticaloa, Colombo, Galle, Gampaha, Hambantota, Kalutara, Kandy, Kegalle, Matale, Matara, Mulaitivu, Ratnapura, Trincomalee and Vavuniya. The most severely impacted district is Galle, where 128,047 people (32,215 families) have reportedly been affected. Fatalities have been reported in Gampaha, Hambantota, Kalutara, Kegalle, Matara and Ratnapura districts.The Tri-Forces and Police have been mobilized for Search and Rescue and evacuations operations in Galle, Hambantota, Kalutara and Matara districts.UN agencies are currently supporting the government’s relief efforts in coordination and mobilizing resources. Landslide warnings were issued for several areas and the public were told to evacuate if rain continues for the next 24 hours. The death toll from the floods and landslides reached 146 today with more rain expected this week.The Disaster Management Centre said that 112 people are missing and over one million people have been affected by the disaster. Heavy rain and strong winds are forecast to continue into the first week of June, raising the risk that current conditions may worsen with land access to many affected areas restricted due to water inundation and landslides. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Manulife Sun Life profits up amid costcutting trade uncertainty

TORONTO — Two of Canada’s biggest financial services firms saw an earnings uptick in the latest quarter but signs of caution loom.Sun Life Financial Inc. said Thursday its investor clients are cautious amid trade uncertainty, while Manulife Financial Corp. is cutting back the firm’s physical footprint and workforce.Sun Life CEO Dean Connor says clients of its MFS investment management arm were “derisking,” and net outflows for the latest quarter were “outsized” at US$11.5 billion.“The trade backdrop has clearly got people cautious, sitting on their hands a little bit,” he told analysts on a conference call on Thursday.Meanwhile, Manulife gave more details Thursday on the aggressive cost-cutting initiative it announced at its investor day in June, aimed at generating savings of $300-million per year.Manulife’s chief financial officer Philip Witherington told analysts that the company intends to combine its head office footprints in the U.S. and Canada to a single building in each market, consolidate its legacy IT systems in the U.S., in addition to a previously-announced cut of 700 jobs.“Execution of those actions will be completed over the next 12 to 18 months,” Witherington told analysts.Both companies recorded an increase in profit during their fiscal second quarter, with adjusted earnings beating analyst expectations, as the industry players invest in technology to stay competitive and the broader macroeconomic outlook is clouded by concerns over trade tensions between Canada and the U.S.Manulife recorded a second quarter profit of $1.26 billion, slightly higher than during the same period ended June 30 a year ago.Sun Life’s net income during the quarter was $729 million, up six per cent from the same period a year earlier.Both Manulife and Sun Life benefited from their international presence.Despite softness in its MFS results, Sun Life’s U.S. and Asia businesses saw a 24 per cent increase and 18 per cent increase to underlying net income, respectively, compared to a year ago.Manulife’s core earnings from its U.S. and Asia businesses rose 16 per cent and 27 per cent, respectively, during the quarter compared to a year earlier. read more

UN food agency seeks 21 million to help Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh

“The malnutrition rates in these camps are unacceptably high,” said Pieter Dijkhuizen, WFP’s Country Director for Bangladesh, calling on the international community “to support our new operation so that over the course of the next year we can bring this problem under control.” The “Rohingya” refugees are confined to two camps in south-eastern Bangladesh and have no access to jobs or farming, according to WFP. Many have suffered from chronic malnutrition since arriving in the early 1990s as part of a wave of 250,000 people who fled Myanmar. Surveys show that 56 per cent of the refugee children under five are under weight, while more than half of all women show signs of moderate malnutrition. Mr. Dijkhuizen noted that rapid improvements in refugees’ health were possible, citing the fact that birth weights rose significantly after pregnant women were given an extra 550 calories a day in the form of a high-energy porridge. Working with other partners, WFP has already undertaken a series of food-for-work programmes in the camps. Some 3,000 refugees are engaged in skills training, small income-generating activities, and projects to improve camp conditions. In addition, the agency plans to provide snacks to 4,000 children in schools that were recently opened in the camps. read more

Ohio State mens tennis looking to ace another season in 2014

Then-redshirt-sophomore Hunter Callahan bats a ball away during a match against Minnesota April 7 at the Varsity Tennis Center. OSU won, 7-0.Credit: Caitlin Essig / Managing editor for contentEven though classes were just canceled because of cold weather, things are starting to heat up at the Varsity Tennis Center as the Ohio State men’s tennis team looks to begin another championship season.Despite losing five players, including 2013 NCAA Singles Champion Blaz Rola, the Buckeyes find themselves ranked No. 5 to start the season in the Intercollegiate Tennis Association poll. There might be lofty expectations for a young team looking to continue a historic run of success, but coach Ty Tucker said fans shouldn’t be surprised if the talent overcomes the inexperience.“We have some work to do,” Tucker said. “We definitely have the chips, but we just have to figure out the best way to use them.”When asked who could fill the open spots from last year’s team, Tucker first pointed to true freshman Herkko Pollanen and redshirt-freshman Ralf Steinbach, along with redshirt-juniors Kevin Metka and Hunter Callahan. Pollanen, who came to Columbus by way of Helsinki, Finland, reached No. 16 in the junior rankings before making his way to campus.Perhaps Tucker’s most valuable chip, though, is senior Peter Kobelt.After flipping between No. 1 and No. 2 singles with Rola last year, Kobelt looks to have that spot all to himself in 2014. He has momentum heading into the season from helping the U.S. capture the gold medal at the Master’U BNP Paribas international collegiate team competition in Aix-en-Provence, France.“It was a great opportunity to play in a high quality tournament against the best all over the world.” Kobelt said. “We played high quality tennis for four days, represented the USA and won.”The team’s high ranking should be put to the test all season as there are seven teams ranked inside the top 30 on OSU’s schedule.“At Ohio State, we try our best to play the greatest and best in the country,” Tucker said.Even with a treacherous schedule and four of the starting six being first-time starters, the goal for the team remains the same.“The goal is to win the Big Ten title,” Tucker said.Considering the team has won seven titles in eight years, anything less could be viewed as a letdown, Kobelt said.“Our goal is to always win the Big Ten. The Big Ten is ours,” Kobelt said, “I don’t want to lose it in my last year.”The Buckeyes begin play Jan. 22 against Butler and Xavier in Columbus. read more

Contura Energy sells major Powder River coal mines

first_imgThe wholly-owned subsidiary of Contura Energy, Inc., a leading U.S. coal supplier, Contura Coal West, LLC, and related entities, have completed a transaction with Blackjewel L.L.C. to sell the Eagle Butte and Belle Ayr mines located in the Powder River Basin (PRB) in Wyoming, along with related coal reserves, equipment, infrastructure and other real properties. Combined, the two mines shipped 24.5 Mt through the first three quarters of 2017, and Contura subsidiaries controlled approximately 600 Mt of proven and probable reserves in the PRB.Under the terms of the transaction, Contura will receive deferred consideration of up to $50 million through various royalty payments. Blackjewel L.L.C. will assume all permit and reclamation obligations associated with the assets acquired, thereby eliminating approximately $200 million in undiscounted reclamation obligations for Contura. Additionally, subject to further calculation, this transaction is expected to generate for Contura significant income tax deductions of approximately $400 million to $450 million, which would be available to offset taxable income in 2017 and future years. The company expects to incur a book loss on the sale, which will be recorded in the fourth quarter of this year.“In the short 16 months since Contura’s launch, our management team and board have maintained diligent focus on three key operating goals – running safe, environmentally responsible, and productive mines, leveraging our Trading and Logistics platform to take advantage of a resurgent metallurgical coal market, and enhancing value for the company’s shareholders,” said Kevin Crutchfield, Chief Executive Officer. “This transaction allows us to further sharpen our focus on the company’s well-positioned eastern assets and a growing met sales portfolio. While these PRB thermal assets will not be part of our company’s operational strategy moving forward, the purchaser is acquiring two solid mines with decades of minable reserves, a top-notch, professional workforce and a great operating track record. I appreciate and commend the contributions that current and past employees in the PRB made toward that success, and wish them the very best in the future.”Contura will continue to maintain a diversified production profile comprised primarily of high-quality, metallurgical coal mines in Central Appalachia and its underground, longwall thermal coal mine in Northern Appalachia. Post-transaction, Contura affiliates control nearly 700 Mt of proven and probable reserves in Northern and Central Appalachia and maintain a 65% ownership interest in the world-class Dominion Terminal Associates (DTA) coal export terminal located in Newport News, Virginia.last_img read more

In Boston theyd throw you in the clink Heres why you should

first_img Mar 1st 2018, 5:18 PM By Michelle Hennessy WE HAVE PASSED the 4pm weather warning deadline and people are being told to stay indoors until tomorrow afternoon.For anyone thinking of venturing out in their car, Boston native Seán O’Neill, of Transport Infrastructure Ireland, suggests they take heed of the fact that even in a US city where there is huge investment in infrastructure around snow and blizzard conditions, most people there take weather warnings very seriously.“What happens sometimes is people have big 4x4s and think they are all that and a bag of chips,” he told“It’s a bit like an airplane when you don’t know where the horizon is, there’s a whiteout and you can’t see properly. So you have 4x4s driving off bridges and motorways and that’s a danger then for others who come to rescue them.Anyone who thinks they have a great vehicle, no matter how experienced a driver you are, even in a tank if you can’t see in front of you, you can go right off a road and you’re putting rescue people at risk, their lives.He said in Boston when a state of emergency is declared and drivers ignore warnings from the authorities, there can be “serious consequences”.“State troopers will throw you in the the clink or you won’t see your car again,” he explained.“I know it sounds like hype but, trust me, I don’t care if you’re in Ireland or in Boston – you don’t drive in a blizzard.”LIVE: Latest updates as Storm Emma takes hold> Image: Eamonn Farrell/ Image: Eamonn Farrell/ Short URL Thursday 1 Mar 2018, 5:18 PM Share187 Tweet Email3 55,207 Views Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article ‘In Boston they’d throw you in the clink’: Here’s why you should never drive in a blizzard Sean O’Neill of Transport Infrastructure Ireland said “even in a tank” people would be at risk of driving off a bridge or motorway because of reduced visibility. 66 Comments last_img read more

Customs officer Katralis faces drugs and bribery charges

first_imgCustoms officer Paul John Katralis is facing charges of drug trafficking and receiving bribes after federal police agents arrested him and two drug couriers late last month. The 25-year-old Greek Australian, who worked at Sydney airport, is accused of conspiracy to import 14 kilograms of pseudoephedrine through the airport. It is alleged that Katralis conspired to help two drug couriers smuggle pseudoephedrine past customs controls. Sources at Sydney Airport told The Age that Katralis’ colleagues were shocked by his arrest. His arrest is said to be linked to the resignation of customs chief Michael Carmody who announced his resignation three days before Katralis appeared in court. Katralis is facing charges of importing a commercial quantity of border-controlled precursor, receiving a bribe as a Commonwealth public official and abuse in public office to gain an advantage. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Voiture hybride Sixt montre lexemple

first_imgVoiture hybride : Sixt montre l’exempleA l’heure où le journal économique Ward’s Auto révèle que le seuil du milliard de voitures a été franchi, le loueur de véhicules Sixt, s’engage dans l’utilisation de véhicules hybrides et propres.Sixt est la première entreprise de location de voitures à se doter de véhicules électriques propres. Pour le loueur, le concept d’une flotte hybride fait partie d’un engagement environnemental mené à l’échelle internationale. Ainsi, dès 2009, le loueur était le partenaire de location automobile de la Conférence des Nations Unies sur le Changement Climatique, qui s’est tenu en décembre 2009 à Copenhague. En fait cet engagement international présente plusieurs atouts notamment au niveau du prix  mais aussi concernant la modernité. Par exemple, la Citroën C1 Ev’ie, proposée au Danemark depuis 2009, jouit d’une autonomie de 100 km et atteint une vitesse de pointe de l’ordre de 100 km/h. Des performances largement suffisantes pour des gens qui louent des véhicules pour se déplacer en ville pendant une journée. Sixt a noué un partenariat avec la société RWE, le géant du secteur énergétique allemand et lancé une nouvelle offre. Résultat, depuis juin 2011, Sixt a introduit 5 Smart ED à sa flotte. En septembre, plusieurs modèles de la voiture hybride Toyota Auris HSD seront également intégrés. Selon Detlev Pätsch, directeur des ventes Sixt AG,”l’intégration de ces voitures électriques à notre parc automobile illustre parfaitement l’esprit d’innovation qui nous anime. Désormais, nos clients pourront bénéficier des nombreux atouts de la voiture électrique, et notamment de la possibilité de circuler en ville à moindre coût”.La course à l’énergie propreÀ lire aussiVéhicules polluants : des zones réglementées qui inquiètent Aujourd’hui, la société rend possible la location de voiture électrique en Allemagne, au Danemark, en République Tchèque et au Portugal. Sixt travaille également sur la pollution urbaine au niveau local, en mettant en place un concept pratique et écologique. En association avec BMW, la société a donc lancé Drivenow, en avril 2011. Le principe? Les véhicules peuvent être loués et déposés en toute liberté, selon les besoins du client. Le client repère le véhicule via une application smartphone l’utilise pour un trajet et peut ensuite la laisser disponible pour un autre utilisateur. Les conducteurs continuent à privilégier encore et toujours l’utilisation de voitures traditionnelles, qu’ils considèrent comme moins chères et plus fiables. Mais la mise en place de la location de véhicules hybrides et propres pourrait aider à dépasser ces préjugés. Le 9 septembre 2011 à 11:03 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Prowler wrests shotgun from homeowner assaults him

first_imgA Woodland man who confronted a prowler in his yard early Sunday ended up being the victim when the prowler stole the man’s shotgun and hit him with it, according to Clark County sheriff’s deputies.The incident was reported at 2:56 a.m. in the 4400 bock of Northwest Hayes Road, just outside Woodland.According to deputies, a man who lives at the home thought there might be a prowler, so he armed himself with a shotgun and went outdoors to investigate. When he confronted the prowler, the man wrestled away his shotgun and hit the victim with it several times in the head and face.The prowler then fled, firing several shots into the air.Deputies responded and found a suspect at the neighbor’s house. They called for additional help from La Center and Ridgefield police and the Southwest Regional SWAT Team before arresting a suspect, Timothy R. Surrena, 39.Surrena was transported to the Clark County Jail and booked on suspicion of first-degree assault, first-degree robbery and theft of a firearm.The Clark County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit detectives are on scene and continuing the investigation.last_img read more