Teach you how to quickly and effectively through the web site for the record

said the filing might have made many webmasters feel a headache, and so did i.. It took me one and a half months to get to one of my stations.

, let me tell you about my filing process. Please forgive me for the lack of literary talent!


submitted it for the first time. I felt like I was hiding it. It was down in a week, but not through. Ask IDC to ask the reason, originally is my data fill in error.

After the

was revised, the results of the second submission, etc., were not reflected, and inadvertently saw an article on the Internet saying that you could call them. read more

The future trend of garbage station is analyzed

often heard people say how good money was before. Fortunately, I entered the evening, nearly 2 years began to officially do the station, if I catch two thousand years of Internet best make money period, will be in the form of despair, will feel money is too difficult to earn.

from now on, last year must be better than now. So money is always better than before. Back to the past is impossible, and later has not arrived, and more and more difficult, so you can grasp only now, so you can seize the best opportunity to make money is now, money is always the best now. read more

The website not included what should do

as Baidu inspection of new sites more and more strict, facing the website every day content updates, but not included included promotion. In the face of this situation, in the end is how to do?


I think the current situation is a matter now many webmaster headache, original writing, hard work hard every day, your site every day, his website is not necessarily a bit. Facing this kind of situation if we continue to maintain the same style update all the time? In fact, here I would like to say is that when a certain amount of website content update their case, if included with the actual update quantity are very large, so we will stop the update, if the previous 5 articles updated daily original articles of words, so now every day can be updated 1~2 article. Why? Because the number of your past update articles have problems, should be timely to the past certain processing, otherwise the amount collected and actual update was two times too much, it will lead to your site content resulting in accumulation of refuse your last site how to optimize the optimization is not successful. read more

Zhou Botong hired 28 million A round of financing how to build a forced vertical recruitment communi

[introduction] the main socialization Zhou Botong recruitment recruitment today announced the acquisition of 28 million yuan A round of financing, the investor is the NetEase’s capital NetEase, currently funds have been credited. The Zhou Botong team has undergone restructuring in 2013, website relaunch earlier this year, the new version of positioning in the mobile Internet recruitment service community, and from the new on-line to get A round of financing in less than six months.

  read more

Talk about the experience of buying rice after 90

buy rice, it should be from 2006 talk about.

First I registered domain name

is a domain name cuedu.net is also good, then did not renew, off. Now do the site, belongs to Heilongjiang unicom. (why didn’t you come and buy me rice at that time? Depressed ing)

registered more time should be in 2007, can be said that there is no experience, whim, see a good domain name registration, and the com net cn all registered, these domain names will not renew. The better thing is dayhead.com. It was more than 1000 read more

Senior operators’ understanding of Web Operations

I’ve been working on website operations since I started working, first as an assistant, then slowly as an operation manager, then as director of operations. In the field of website operation, it can be said that it has accumulated a lot of experience. But in the actual work, I found that many people understand the operation of the website is biased, so today with the webmaster network platform to talk about the operation of the website understanding.

website operation is a popular term in recent years. The number China website has more than 1 million 500 thousand, this requires the number of operating personnel! If each site can operate successfully, so the development of the Internet for China how big role! However, specializing in the website operation personnel is very rare, and is on the website operation on what the industry is not an accurate the statement. read more

How to do a good job in website operation let our flow explosive growth

website operation to stationmaster, it can be said to be a very big knowledge, operation result is good or bad, directly affect our website value. After years of actual combat summary, the author summed up the following several web operations knowledge, hoping to help you better operate their own web site. The author mainly divides the website operation into two kinds, the station operation and the channel operation.

station operation method:

station operation is also a lot of small owners have to face the problem, if you want to do well in the station operation, the first thing we want to do is work for web content to pave the way, only good content can with other things, so we need an editor, daily published related articles and websites, so many websites reproduced and publicity of course, this is our own, can edit. In addition, we can use the batch stations to help us push the station fast growth, many people will say now is a way station, Baidu mainly to combat this, the author describes the station group unconventional station group, our station group marketing can be diversified, such as blogs, have a blog, through the blog diversion to the station, the effect is very obvious, in addition, we can properly establish some related websites, the contents of the product may not be the same, can be related, IP do not buy space in a IP segment, die board use not the same, do not do as much as possible as one, completely independent the website to do, we may take some labor costs, but the return cost is very high. read more

Decoration site P3000 on a monthly income of 20 thousand yuan more easily

I believe that many owners see the title of the heart may guess "is the title of the party", "will not be in the hype, friends, to dispel this idea, I give you to analyze this kind of website is how to make money.

When I was in high school in

will read a book "Chinese 9 profiteering industry again", the book mentioned in medicine, real estate, online games, studying abroad intermediary profiteering industry, indeed, the industry fully deserve most profiteering industry, it is the rich cornucopia. Do not know you have not found this industry website is like bamboo shoots after a spring rain swept, 58 city, YAHOO reputation, people in the net rent, second-hand housing information is overwhelming, anjuke, Yi net also spared no expense to the not resigned to playing second fiddle, poured into the industry. This is a warning to thousands on thousands of webmaster, the opportunity to make a fortune, when novices are still groping for other industries master has crept into the industry, now earning gold who There are plenty of people who read more

A brief discussion on website construction Trilogy

site building to the Internet has a better place to go through N steps. So, how can I do a good job in my website? Here, I’d like to talk about my personal views:

1. Register large search engines:

sites are friends of the search engine is designed to provide the information for the majority of users of the platform, such as Baidu, Google, soso and so on, they are generally best place for users query information and leisure, so is the preferred method to promote their website to register their web site in the search engine in the net, the more search engine and the site is registered, the probability of retrieval, access to the greater. Of course, in some well-known search engine registration website you must pay a fee, according to the search website publicity in different ways, the price is different, make money webmaster can choose this way to choose their own website, because this propaganda effect is very good, you can register your site in some free search engine visibility is not high, but compared with the high visibility of the search engine, the propaganda effect worse. Now the Internet search engine is tens of thousands of, you can also choose the speculative method registered search engine, this can save you a lot of time, of course, the need for specialized website promotion software, website promotion software for special, you can look up to the net. read more

Four points to note when returning a ixwebhosting

The advantages of

to buy foreign host not only their large space, large flow and giving independent domain name, such as IP, it is very important, that is, foreign host can unconditional refund, this is the host unmatched? Perhaps because of this, the foreign host more and more love the webmaster.

ixwebhosting host is no exception, it is unconditional refund, and their Chinese official website http://s.cn.ixwebhosting.com, is clearly written 100% refund, before I of these contents are also introduced, then we need to pay attention to some of the content is to see ixwebhosting read more

From programmer to Webmaster experience and exploration

recently, first saw the storm the words in the news, and then continue to have layoffs, and a large number of graduates will be willing to accept the zero salary door long queues in the recruitment now, everything happened so fast.

Most of the friends around

do IT, there are many dangers, often asked me how to do the site, I often do not know how to answer. Study and work for many years have I polished into a pure programmer, and since 07 years resigned, accidentally beginning to do a website, although it has been a year, but not what results, if there is income, is only an experience not worth mentioning. read more

Human nature determines enterprise and then decides website nature

people have high handsome appearance, good or bad, too, is a website quality and character of the other fat beauty, here we just list one or two.

beautiful people are often welcomed by others, but whether it is a really useful person is still difficult to say; beautiful websites will be welcomed by everyone, but the practicability is another topic. Beautiful people generally pay attention to appearance, good heart or inner beauty is generally not so much, so we often see the handsome and beautiful heart is fragile, with really good people is the gap, but also because of this only occasional beautiful handsome do good deeds have been reported; for the website, a beautiful website. Is a multimedia application effect picture or animation or video too many people in the focus on the surface effect display case, tend to ignore the most important mission for the practical and useful web site: read more

Alliance firmly will not choose pop up advertising

has been doing websites for more than 2 years, although in this short time, but every time people want to find a reason to continue to adhere to the network, I do almost any site can be regarded as no income. Every year the space domain is $more than 1000, though not many, but also equivalent to half a month’s wages, and sometimes meet the server problem I must choose to change your business space, spend money to another account.

I analyze yourself do stand why not success, first did not insist, because good do stand no topics found, often change the style of the website, the second is the selection of service providers, a IDC business before the server, a month or the server problem, or is the home server the problem is important, once a problem, at least 24 hours to repair, the most terrible is that every time is a problem, how about on Wednesday, this website can succeed? And I can not say, because it is a friend of IDC company. No nonsense, talk about this topic. read more

From the media operation those things

in small individuals, also has its own brand,


, I’m sure everyone is familiar with it, right? This is from the V public platform……

in this era of Internet opening, everyone is from the media, from the media is everyone.

but from the media, not everyone can play well, because a lot of people like me may not play very much"……

well, we’re talking about autobiography. Our topic today is

from a macro point of view, since the operation method of a lot of media channels, can be said to play the 100 since the media people stand together have 100 ways. But roughly only: relying on content based production, operational services based on the combination of the three main categories. read more

mprove the basic knowledge of website traffic [new Adsense must see]

How does

improve web traffic?

, your site is well done, your website traffic is high, the higher the more popular people. No way, now people follow the trend…

for new webmaster, here are some basic knowledge that must be understood

1. first, let Baidu, Google, and other major sites included in your station, so that others can find you in the first time on the search engine, which is the most junior and most important.

2. in addition to the search engine, you can also add some traffic exchange station, but it should be noted that now flow exchange station mostly have a pop or virus, that we must choose a clear, here I introduce to everyone. OK, 123 Internet navigation station, registered address: http://s.www.hao123.gd/add.htm read more

A film and television website propaganda experience


to school for 08 years when exposed to hackers, Wangzhuan unintentionally, did a sex to do CPA task. Finally, because of not much money, nothing happened. I graduated 11 years ago and spent a year in an Internet company. No SEO, no promotion. Only how to make the interface, so that customers satisfied, happy to pay. This is the status of network companies in small cities. There are lots of times when we don’t bother to add keywords.

12 years, with the love story of Beijing hit, every time to Nora Baidu video search in the latest, will enter a variety of advertising, all kinds of pop film and television sites, every time they are particularly annoying. Then I wanted to make a similar website myself. A week before the main program is familiar to everyone, in the selected space reference, if you collect film close to 6000, all generate static words (including TV episode) will have a size of about 2G. Before the site is all ready, it’s better not to be static. Avoid repeated generation later, although it will overwrite the previous generation, but it is not good at all. When the website is built, let me talk about my experience in the two weeks: read more

Domain name age and the chain of Baidu included and the weight of the impact

everything is connected with each other. But not every factor has an absolute effect on the other. So when we look at the data of the website, we should pay attention to and apply the influence of any factor to the collection and ranking of the website. I will not here alone analyze who decides who, because I have not observed very careful contact, nor will I be able to determine the necessary link. I want to say is the domain name, age and the chain of Baidu included influence, please listen to my analysis. read more

From the end of the world posting fees look at the community’s profit model

the afternoon of April 21, 2008, a lot of friends in the online world found registered members need to be charged a $integrity certification fee, this one immediately got a lot of friends against, but in front of the hottest community but also helpless. Since the community website profit pattern has been very vague, Tianya post charges could break community portal profit model is still too early to the precedent conclusion, but I believe this is the electronic mail charges will be the second time since the impact of the majority of Internet users on the Internet free of psychological defense, more people think that if the charges once formed, the enthusiasm of the inevitable defeat netizens, objectively to the netizen is a right to speak a containment and containment, but it soon spread, it is a huge disaster for users, is bound to the citizen’s speech space It’s huge pressure,. read more

How to combine nternet marketing with traditional marketing

The rapid development of the Internet in

not only changes the way people work and live, but also changes the way people spend more directly. In the Internet continues to deduce the myth of sale today, a wrong signal is also confused countless businesses. Many businesses believe that as long as the Internet to the enterprise, products and other related information sent out, it has achieved network marketing, you can wait for the emergence of a miracle sale. As we all know, the Internet is only a carrier of information, but this carrier is different from the traditional television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other traditional information carriers. The Internet has its differences, such as massive information, geographical distribution and high-speed communication, all of which make it a double-edged sword. Only those who really grasp it can dance to the best effect, and truly leveraging the Internet, so that enterprises, products and customers linked to achieve real growth in sales. read more

nternet to WAL MART online shopping mall the main push one stop service

, the of Fortune magazine, the world’s top 500, puts forward a new concept of "one-stop shopping" in the world, striving to save every penny for customers. Whether you go a WAL-MART global shopping, can find a common point that – that is the display of goods, Goods are available in all varieties. small toys, everything, to the small yacht, whatever you can think of, here you can buy. Moreover, in the huge WAL-MART chain stores, do not worry about lost things, because wherever you go, there are obvious signs, to guide consumers correctly in a short period of efficient shopping. Almost all of WAL-MART’s chains mark big signs of "cheap every day" and compare them carefully, and consumers will still buy cheap and good things here. read more