Television advert featuring Neymar to be banned

first_imgThe 22-year-old can’t do much right this week. Politicians in Brazil have requested the removal of the commercial in which he appears because they say it promotes the bullying of tourists.The advert promoting the soft drink Guaraná Antártica shows Neymar helping three tourists buy the drink from a vender.Instead of giving them the correct Portuguese phrase, however, the Brazil international gives them funny phrases that have nothing to do with purchasing soft drinks.“It’s not being creative, it’s having a laugh at the expense of foreigners and a Brazilian player respected the world over should not be seen promoting this attitude,” said one of the politicians leading the campaign to have the advert banned.According to the drinks company Ambev, no offence was intended by the adverts but politicians are worried by the image it projects less than three months before the World Cup finals take place in the South American country.The advertising watchdog in Brazil may still rule that concerns are unfounded and allow the advert to remain.last_img read more

Davis Cup: Can Leander Paes inspire India to mat the top-seeded Czechs?

first_imgLeander Paes, who is fresh from the US Open success, has arrived in New Delhi to lead team India against the No. 1 ranked team Czech Republic in Davis Cup tie, starting on Friday.The 21-ranked home team will be seen battling over the next three days to earn a place in the elite World Group.Also read: Yuki Bhambri to start India’s campaign against Czech in Davis Cup Paes, an experienced Davis Cup campaigner, in an exclusive interview to India Today said the top-seeded Czech Republic team had great depth in their singles and doubles team and that the Indians will count on home advantage to mat the Czechs.”You are looking at the Czech team which has won Davis Cup thrice, and twice in the last two years.  Even though Tomas Berdych, who is a great singles player, is not there, the depth in the Czech team is phenomenal, both in singles as well as doubles. I think we are the underdogs here.”The Czechs have never lost to India in three meetings, although their last tie was way back in 1997 and they are expected to maintain their perfect record this time around as well.India’s highest-ranked player at No.125, Yuki Bhambri was drawn against Lukas Rosol in the first singles with Somdev Devvarman locking horns against Jiri Vesely in the second singles.Also read: India cannot rely on heat alone in Davis Cup tie against Czech Republic – Anand Amritraj “Our boys have their work cut out. Both Rosol and Vesely are very strong singles players. This one is a tough tie for us,” Paes said.advertisement”If we go into Saturday being 2-0 up or even at 1-1, it will be great for us. When the level comes to world group playoffs, the quality of tennis is high, and that is when I enjoy playing for my country.” Paes said.Recounting US Open winLeander Paes won his third Grand Slam title of the year at the Flashing Meadows with his mixed doubles partner Martina Hingis. The Indo-Swiss pair beat  American duo Sam Querrey and Bethanie Mattek-Sands 6-4, 3-6, 10-7 to add the New York crown.”It’s been a fantastic year, it’s been tough, but great. To win one grand slam in a year is great, to win three is phenomenal.”A calendar slam would have been greatPaes and Hingis had previously won the Australian Open and Wimbledon, but went down fighting in the quarters Slovenian Katarina Srebotnik and Romanian Horia Tecau 7-6, 3-6, 6-10.Also read: Paes in high spirits ahead of Davis Cup battle “In fact, we lost to a hot pair in the French Open quarters. It would have been intriguing to see what would have happened if we had got through that day. Winning the calendar slam would have been great,” Paes said.Leander said he was ready to hunt an Olympic medal at Rio next year. “Preparations for the olympics are going fantastic,” Leander said.Leander Paes, right after his US Open win, has joined the Indian Davis Cup team. When asked if he found the schedule hectic, Leander said, “The life of a professional athlete is really tough. Long flights, hotel stays and this has been no different, I have been doing this for 27 years.””If you win, people think your schedule is great, if you lose, they will think it’s rubbish,” the tennis star said.last_img read more

NYCC 2018 Daredevil Season Three is Bullseyes Origin Story

first_imgThe third season of Daredevil is two short weeks away. We got a release date, we got an amazing trailer earlier this week, what could the cast and crew possibly bring to New York Comic Con? If anyone in the audience was hoping for a full first episode, they didn’t get it. Instead, they got some truly exciting clips from the season to come, and one big confirmation. In what Marvel Television head Jeph Loeb called “the worst kept secret in Marvel history,” he threw it to actor Wilson Bethel, listed until now as FBI Agent Dex, to deliver the news.“It’s an honor to tell the story of how Benjamin Poindexter will ultimately become Bullseye,” Bethel said. In a series of clips, the NYCC audience saw Wilson Fisk (oh yes, he’s back too), take this angry, aggressive FBI agent under his wing and turn him into… well, if not Bullseye just yet, a man who wears a hat with a target on it. That’s not the only costume he wears either. This season is based in part on Frank Miller’s Born Again arc. This time, instead of a mental patient, Wilson Fisk grooms his proto-bullseye into a violent Daredevil imposter. New showrunner Erik Oleson reveals we have an emotional and action-packed season ahead of us.Emotion and character were repeated talking points throughout the panel.  Charlie Cox said when he initially played Matt Murdock in Season One, he thought he was playing a man who’d reached the bottom of the barrel. The subsequent season and The Defenders only showed him how much further Matt had to fall. This time, Cox hopes, Matt really is at his lowest point. He teased that we’re going to see a new vulnerability for Matt. That possibly comes in the form of Sister Maggie, making her first appearance in the TV series as well.“Maggie provides a spiritual and moral compass to Matt this season,” Oleson said. “She plays a critical role in helping him process everything that came to pass in Season Two and The Defenders.” Sister Maggie is played by Joanne Whalley, who Oseland says performed with such a gravitas that only got better as the season went on.As for Foggy and Karen, they’ll have their own full story arcs this season. Oleson said he wanted to make a drama where every character is the hero of their own story, where he can build and flesh out each character’s emotional journey. “The Karen and Foggy storylines play a major role in the prescription for how to defeat fear and the narcissistic tyrants who use fear to divide us against one another.” Yes, this season very much goes there, it sounds like. What Oleson is trying to say with this season only became clearer when he talked about how he thinks we can defeat fear. “The power of a free press, the power of the law and the power of collective action, friendship, love, faith, that will pull us through.”Pictured: Vincent D’Onofrio, Deborah Ann Woll-Photo by: Patrick Lewis / StarPix for NetflixWhen the season begins, Karen and Foggy aren’t at their best. Elden Hanson described Foggy as trying to find his footing now that he thinks he’s lost his best friend. In that journey, we’ll actually get to meet Foggy’s family, who we haven’t seen before. “Weirdly, the guy [they] cast to play my brother looks exactly like my younger brother,” Hanson said.As for Karen, she is convinced that Matt is still alive. Deborah Ann Woll explained why that’s so important to Karen. “With how things were left with Karen and Matt, there’s a lot of guilt there and things unresolved,” Woll said. “With Foggy off living his fabulous life, I felt really adrift and if I allowed myself to believe he was gone there would just be nothing.”Pictured: Elden Hanson, Wilson Bethel-Photo by: Patrick Lewis / StarPix for NetflixThough much of the panel was focused on emotions and the individual characters’ stories, the action certainly wasn’t ignored. They showed us the first fight between Daredevil and Bullseye, and it’s exactly as thrilling and brutal as you’ve come to expect from this series. To hear Oleson talk though, there’s an even better one they didn’t show. “Remember the hallway fight?” he asked as if there was any way we would have forgotten. “Yeah, we top that. There is a sequence this season which I was not sure we were going to be able to pull off. It required me making a phone call to Jeph (Loeb) and some others to ask permission to stop filming for the day just so the crew could rehearse an action sequence for one take. That was a brave choice, to allow us to do it. I think when people see what we pulled of, what Charlie Cox manages to do… it’s going to be something that everyone in this audience is going to love. ”Oleson said he wanted the action sequences to have real, emotional stakes and for them to be unpredictable. Matt, he cautioned, may lose some of them, and those losses will have real consequences. We were able to speak to Oleson in a separate interview, where he told us even more about his vision for Season Three. He again reiterated his desire to say something about our current era with Season Three. He wanted to tell a story about how to defeat “narcissistic tyrants who use our fears to manipulate us.” Just as important though, he wanted to make sure this season wasn’t just Daredevil’s story.Pictured: Erik Oleson (Showrunner)-Photo by: Marion Curtis / StarPix for Netflix-Location: Madison Square Garden“When I walked in the door, Marvel had a number of ideas as options for me,” he said. “For instance, the return of Wilson Fisk, they knew that Vincent was interested in coming back. I knew that I had the ability to take from some of my favorite comic runs as well. I wanted to treat Season Three as if it were my own run of the comics… I wanted to put my own stamp on the show. I also wanted to tell a story which more fully fleshed out the ensemble. I’m a firm believer that no one is really a sidekick.”Tonally, Oleson describes Season Three as somewhere between the first season of Daredevil, and The Sopranos. “My style is more character driven. Everything is emotionally honest, and then you have these lightning moments of Marvel, where you’re like, ‘Oh that’s right! I’m watching this awesome show that has these amazing iconic moments and action sequences.’ But everyone is able to be real in the scenes.”As far as what comic runs he’s drawing from, Oleson gave us a small list. “Season Three is an original story that takes elements from Born Again, from Guardian Devil, Out, some other aspects. It’s an original story so that people who aren’t familiar with the comics can watch it and say, ‘wow, that was a really great crime drama, twisty turny conspiracy thriller,” he said. “That’s really what we wrote. And people who are fans of the comics are going to leap out of their seats and say, ‘Oh my god they used that frame!’ My fellow geeks are hopefully going to cackle with delight as we did in the writers’ room making this stuff up.”Erik OlesonThe third season of Daredevil kicks off with Matt Murdock dealing with the fact that he survived the building collapse at the end of Defenders, and Electra didn’t. “He’s damaged physically, he’s damaged emotionally and he’s damaged spiritually,” Oseland said. “He’s very angry at God for what he thought should have happened. All the sacrifices he has made have been for nought and he’s been punished for them instead… The guiding principle is, you can only be free if you confront your fears because your fears are what enslave you. Every single character in the ensemble this season has some fear that they may not be conscious of that’s driving them this season.”And yes, that includes Daredevil. “The Man Without Fear is not without fear,”Oleson said. “Every single true human being on the planet is afraid of something. And the people who understand what you are afraid of and can use that against you can rise in power, can manipulate you to their own ends. Also, you can hold yourself back from your true nature and your own best self if you act out of fear. You are listening to the Devil on your shoulder, not the Angel.” It kinda feels right that an interview about Daredevil starts sounding like church at some point.As far as what the future holds for Daredevil, Oleson said this current season is a closed-ended story arc, but he put plenty of springboards in that allow any future seasons to go in a number of different directions. “One of the great aspects of the comics is after there’s a run, you can go in a million different directions. Certainly, there are a number of very salacious and awesome possibilities after this season and I’ll have to go beat somebody up so I get to do it,” he said.Pictured: Charlie Cox, Vincent D’Onofrio-Photo by: Patrick Lewis / StarPix for NetflixOne of the most fun aspects of recent Marvel Netflix seasons has, of course, been the crossover episodes. It’s exciting when Luke Cage shows up in Jessica Jones or when Iron Fist turns out to be bearable in Season Two of Luke Cage. According to Oleson, we won’t be seeing any of those in this season of Daredevil. “This season, I very much wanted to get back to the core Daredevil characters and fully flesh them out. I did not want to distract the audience with fun, but ultimately distracting, drop-bys from other characters in the universe. That’s not to say that in the future that won’t happen, but I did not do any crossovers in Season Three. That was a deliberate decision.”As far as future crossovers, even he can’t say. “I don’t know what the future is,” Oleson told me. “Much to Marvel’s chagrin, the showrunners of each of these shows actually talk to each other. If they could, they’d lock us all in hermetically sealed bubbles. But we’re all pals, we all go out to dinners together so, sorry Marvel. Generally speaking, Marvel has plans to take over the entire universe, and I am privy to only a very small sliver of that. I had a terrific experience, and I’d be eager to do it again.”If Season Three is as good as he makes it sound, we’d be eager for that to happen too. We’ll see when all 13 episodes premiere on Netflix on October 19More NYCC 2018 highlights:Most Hyped Things at NYCC 2018Must-See Trailers from NYCC 2018The Cast of Stan Against Evil Talks Humor, Horror and Hell Stay on target The Cinematic Sex of Marvel’s Netflix Universe11 Superheroes Who Became Villains last_img read more