Umphrey’s McGee Celebrates A Hometown New Year’s With Debuts And Bust Outs Galore

first_imgFor the first time this decade, Umphrey’s McGee returned their end of the year celebration to their hometown of Chicago and rang in 2016 with several debut performances alongside old favorites. New year’s Eve 2016 was the band’s 2201st show together.As has been typical for the band since the early 2000s, Umphrey’s McGee performed three sets of at least an hour each, beginning at 8:30PM and wrapping up closer to 1:30 AM. It did not take long for the venue to fill out – fans scrambled to find their spot up front or hoped for a decent sight line out of the balcony at the Aragon Ballroom.When the lights went down for the first set, guitarist Jake Cinninger struck the opening notes of “Attachments”, a song that saw 30 plays in its debut year. Cinninger had been using a new blue Fender “Wallycaster” the entire run, but changed up his weapon of choice several times last. A “Partscaster” put together with Mike Wallace’s pickups and Wally Langle’s setup, giving Cinninger a wide palette of tones. They can be purchased exclusively at South Bend Music Exchange in South Bend, IN.By the time they worked their way into “The Fussy Dutchman” however, the Wallycaster was back. A birthday requested “Puppet String” followed with a blood-pumping industrial jam and wiggled into the Anchor Drops track “Wife Soup”.As if “Soup” was not grandiose enough on its own, the band perfectly squeezed an unpredictable “Dump City” between halves. Throwing the crowd for a loop (both “Soup” and “Dump” have tendencies for horns on nights like this), the band waited until the next song to welcome out trumpeter Michael “Mad Dog” Mavridoglou’s horn group Mad Dog’s Filthy Little Secret and special guest saxophonist Jeff Coffin.“Cut Off” continued the practice of debuting new original songs with a backing horn ensemble on New Year’s Eve (a la “Bad Friday” or “Speak Up”) before transitioning into the set ending bust-out of “13 Days” – marking its only performance of 2016 and first since February 2015, or 180 shows.Following a thirty minute set break, the band came out strong with a hair-raising booty-bouncing take on the Death By Stereo track “Booth Love”, complete with horns. It was a hot, heavy and horny performance for sure, but not because of the brass – Cinninger, guitarist Brendan Bayliss and keyboardist Joel Cummins were wrestling for the most attention without losing a step of passion. Check it out here and see if you can catch the Pink Floyd nod.Next the band moved into Steely Dan’s 1976 track “Kid Charlemagne” off of The Royal Scam. The tune hasn’t been played since its debut five years ago in San Francisco, following the death of counter-culture magnate Owsley Stanley, 595 shows ago. Bayliss popped off during his guitar solo, but Coffin’s saxophone was not going to end the tune quietly.“The Triple Wide” made an appearance once the dust settled and a brief tease of Men Without Hats’ tune “The Safety Dance”, one of the only tracks in Umphrey’s quiver that traditional features bassist Ryan Stasik on vocals. He never made it to the microphone, but took solid control of the groove, providing a menacing framework for Cummins’ medieval keyboard renaissance. Cummins segued into “The Bottom Half” and maintained a strong lead throughout an impressive jam section.“Mad Love”, the heavy handed creation from UMBowl V in Port Chester, NY saw its 30th performance since 2014 and gave way to a “Hangover”. While it was still a fun move, Umphrey’s McGee didn’t break out the booty wax on this one.Mad Dog, Coffin and company returned for the final two songs of the second set, led by Cinnenger: “Comma Later” which appears on the 2014 album The London Session and the cover debut of 2016 Grammy nominee Sturgill Simpson’s “Call To Arms” to end the set. Check it out here.At 11:45PM, the lights went down and the anticipation for the countdown grew, only to be quelled with the familiar introductory notes of “In The Kitchen”, the unofficial Umphrey’s ode to Chicago in the winter. “ITK” gave way to a planned jam around Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’” during which the horn section returned mid-tune to prep for the countdown into the new year. Watch the transition into 2017 belowFollowing a few minutes of boisterous welcoming of 2017, Umphrey’s gave 2016 one last middle finger before busting out a cover debut of the 1976 David Bowie track “Golden Years” from Station to Station. as the band dropped into “Partyin’ Peeps”, all with the brass accompaniment.The perennial favorite “All In Time” followed, complete with a huge showcase between the hardest working drummer in the music business, Kris Myers, and the unique flavoring of percussionist Andy Farag as they led a boisterous drum jam a la EOTO.Following “All In Time” was the dance favorite “Day Nurse” that saw Myers and Cummins controlling the vibe and keeping the energy at a high level. Bayliss introduced “August” by reminding the crowd “this is a birthday party, too.” Bayliss faked out a return to “In The Kitchen” and instead the band dropped into George Michael’s “Freedom” for the first time since 7/3/00, ending the third set and a 2022 (!) show drought.For the encore, the band returned almost immediately and ran through a standalone encore of “Bad Friday” before ending the show at quarter after 1AM.2017 is the 19th year of Umphrey’s McGee, and we cannot wait to see what they have up their sleeve. Happy New Year!You can see the All Things Umphrey’s setlist below, as well as a full photo gallery from Must Have Media.Umphrey’s McGee | The Aragon Ballroom | Chicago, IL | 12/31/16Set 1: Attachments > The Fussy Dutchman, Puppet String, Wife Soup > Dump City > Wife Soup, Cut Off[1] > 13 Days[2]Set 2: Booth Love[2], Kid Charlemagne[2], The Triple Wide > The Bottom Half, Mad Love, Hangover, Comma Later[2], Call to Arms[3]Set 3: In The Kitchen[4] > Auld Lang Syne[2] > Golden Years[5] > Partyin’ Peeps[2], All In Time, Day Nurse, August, Freedom[6]Encore: Bad Friday[2][1] debut, original; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns[2] with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns[3] debut, Sturgill Simpson; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns[4] with Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ (Michael Jackson) jam; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns[5] debut, David Bowie; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns[6] with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns and Steve “Britches” Britz on percussion with AndyNotes:last Kid Charlamagne 03.13.2011 (595 shows)last Freedom 07.03.2000 (2,022 shows) Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Pink Talking Fish Transforms The Capitol Theatre Into Mind-Blowing ‘Junta’ Circus [Audio/Photos]

first_imgPhoto: Kevin Cole Pink Talking Fish made a triumphant return to The Capitol Theatre on Saturday night for a very special JUNTA CIRCUS performance. Marking their third headlining performance at the historic venue, Pink Talking Fish made a circus experience out of Phish’s 1989 album, Junta, while intertwining songs by Pink Floyd, Talking Heads, and more throughout the two-set marathon.The 4+ hour show featured circus attractions on and off stage by New York’s “Big Apple Circus” who created an interactive spectacle of aerialists, acrobatics, clowns, marionettes, jugglers, and so much more with Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s Greg Ormont serving as the evening’s “Ringmaster”. The Capitol Theatre has never been so wild!The theme for the event was a rendering of Phish’s debut studio album “Junta”. A surprise appearance and performance from the album’s namesake Ben “Junta” Hunter, Phishes 1st manager, was a welcome treat for phish enthusiasts.The theatrical performances from the “Big Apple Circus” were artistically choreographed to match with the theme and soundscape of each song they were featured in. From outstanding feats of aerial excellence to the inspired vision of a human snow globe, The effect was visually gripping and added a thrilling dynamic to the evening. Their performance helped transform the show into emotional joyride.Take a look at the ridiculous setlist below, featuring details on the one-time-only circus experience, as well as photos from photographer Kevin Cole.Pink Talking Fish – JUNTA CIRCUS – 2/23/19[Audio: cabinetmusic]Setlist: Pink Talking Fish’s Junta Circus | The Capitol Theatre | Port Chester, NY | 2/23/19Set 1:Circus Intro*$>Fee*>Once In A Lifetime*%You Enjoy Myself>Learning To Fly>You Enjoy Myself*$$^Free Four^^Esther%%Life During Wartime*!Golgi Apparatus!!Set 2:Foam+Have A Cigar*++>Dinner And A Movie*=CitiesDivided Sky>Great Gig In The Sky==?>Divided Sky==David Bowie>Fame*{>David BowieThis Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)Fluffhead{{Contact*[Union Federal[[Brain Damage?”>Sanity*””>Brain Damage*?””>Eclipse*?””>Icculus*?””!!!E: Burning Down The House*?%*w/ Greg Ormont as The Ringmaster%w/ Big Apple Circus ensemble – various acts%% Big Apple Circus acted out the story of Esther. This included Human Marionette with strings being pulled by a Stilt Walker. She also did an arial performance.$ Introduction over the music of Esther. The Intro had various Junta character references$$w/ The Ringmaster and Circus Troupe jumping on trampolines^w/ Greg Ormont on guitar and vocal jam^^w/ Ben “Junta” Hunter on vocals (The album Junta was named after Ben, who was Phish’s first manager)! w/ Big Suit Clowns dancing and a Hoop Show. Ringmaster also danced in a suit!! w/ Commemorative Ticket Stubs falling from the balcony+w/ Bubbles filling the room and a performer in a large bubble dancing with feathers++w/ Stilt Walking Clown and a Contortionist Cigar feature= w/ The Ringmaster taking a date to dinner and a movie. Big Apple Circus troupe set the stages vaudevillian style and played characters during dinner and a movie==w/ Aerial Show? w/ Maryn Azoff on vocals{ w/ The Ringmaster and Glam Dancers{{ w/ Pin Juggling and other Circus Flare[ w/ Cyr Wheel, Hoos, Unicycles and The Ringmaster on a Hobby Horse[[ w/ Clown Show” w/ Contortionist Violin. During “The Lunatic Is In My Head”, the band started laughing and the entire ensemble came out laughing which went into Sanity“” w/ Full ensemble acting insane!!!w/ The Ringmaster doing the Narration as a show-closing Thank You.View Setlist/DetailsPink Talking Fish’s Junta Circus | The Capitol Theatre | Port Chester, NY | 2/23/19 | Photos: Kevin Cole Load remaining imageslast_img read more

State university entrance exams held with strict yet ‘misguided’ health protocols in place

first_imgTaking a computer-based exam (UTBK) is one of three ways high school graduates can earn one of the limited number of places offered at state universities in Indonesia, which has been trying to increase its university participation rate from the current 30.29 percent. The exams will be held in two batches, from July 5 to 14 and from July 20 to 29 at 74 test centers in cities across the country, including in the COVID-19 epicenters of Surabaya in East Java and Jakarta, with rooms at universities and schools being used as test venues.The Institution of University Entrance Exams (LTMPT), formed in 2019 to oversee the exams, requires body temperature checks on site and has advised test-takers to wear masks, face shields and gloves. It also reduced the number of participants in each room and the number of sessions to just two from four a day.But some local administrations and universities are now requiring test-takers to also undergo a rapid antibody test before sitting the entrance exam.LTMPT issued a circular on July 5, the first day of the exams, stating that those would had recorded “reactive” rapid test results – indicating virus exposure – or those with a temperature above 37.5  degrees Celsius would be required to take the more conclusive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test on their own before proceeding with the entrance exam. If the PCR result comes back negative, they may reschedule their UTBK test to the second batch of exams, but if positive, they will not be allowed to take the test at all. Topics : Read also: Computer-based university entrance test to be held in two phases during pandemicLTMPT head Mohammad Nasih, who is also the rector of Airlangga University in Surabaya, said those with a fever or who tested positive for COVID-19 should “focus on their health first”. Only once they recovery could they reschedule their exams “if there is still time”.He pointed to the Surabaya administration and the University of Halu Oleo in Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi, as examples of entities that had made “nonreactive” rapid test results or negative PCR tests results a requirement to sit the exam.Other universities, such as Soedirman University and Sebelas Maret University (UNS) in Central Java, another province hit hard by the outbreak, have instituted a similar requirement, but only for test-takers traveling from other regions.One high school graduate from Ngawi, East Java, could not take the UNS admission tests on Sunday after failing to present evidence of a rapid test result, rector Jamal Wiwoho said, as reported by, Indonesia’s second-largest city that accounts for half of East Java’s COVID-19 cases and deaths, drew criticism for announcing the new requirement only three days before the first batch of exams started, prompting test-takers to swarm testing facilities in the city.A petition on urging Surabaya to conduct free rapid tests for UTBK test-takers made the rounds on social media, citing that “the prices for rapid and swab tests are very expensive” and that “the decision was issued so suddenly that test-takers scheduled for the UBTK’s first batch were confused”. At least 9,927 people had signed the petition as of Tuesday.”It is too sudden. I was hoping they’d provide free tests. I paid Rp 200,000 [US$13.9] for mine [rapid antibody test], which is already discounted from the normal price of Rp 400,000 for UTBK test-takers,” said 18-year-old test-taker Firmansyah Putra Pratama from Surabaya. “The prices vary, some places charge more than Rp 300,000.”The Surabaya administration said it would offer provide free rapid tests at community health centers for test-takers from low-income families, while some universities are providing the tests, with some test kits coming from the East Java administration.Indonesia, which has one of the lowest testing rates in the world, is currently prioritizing its free PCR tests for people with symptoms or who have been in contact with confirmed cases. But even now some have to wait a week or more for their test results as labs are not evenly distributed across the archipelago.Those seeking to undergo swabs tests on their own accord face prices that range into the millions of rupiah.Health Ministry director general for health services Bambang Wibowo told a hearing with lawmakers in June that PCR tests were indeed “quite pricey” and that government facilities might spend up to Rp 1.2 million per PCR test and that the prices charged by private facilities could be higher.The more commonly found rapid antibody tests are cheaper in comparison, and also give faster results, but experts have warned that such tests produce inconclusive results and, therefore, should not be used for diagnosis.Read also: Hundreds of thousands of rapid test kits imported from Netherlands made in China: ReportEpidemiologist Windhu Purnomo from Airlangga University said the test requirement was “confusing” and demonstrated a “misguided” understanding of the function of rapid tests. He said the tests could be used for COVID-19 surveillance and mass screening, but not to terminate transmission chains, let alone for making decisions on whether test-takers could sit the exams.”Rapid tests cannot be carried out just once,” he said. “It cannot be assumed that nonreactive results mean someone is free of the virus and cannot transmit the virus; they might have it but their antibodies have not yet formed. And those with reactive results may not actually have an active infection but still are required to go home, isolate and reschedule.”center_img After graduating from high school, an achievement she could only celebrate with her friends via TikTok, 18-year-old Daariin Ariij Nabiila Mumtaz had to sit the highly competitive annual state university entrance test (SBMPTN), wearing a mask and a face shield for protection.Prior to entering the test venue on Sunday, she had to undergo a body temperature check, wash her hands at least twice and clean her desk and computer with disinfectant wipes.As Indonesia scrambles to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, some 703,875 test-takers are trying to keep themselves together in order to earn a place in one of the country’s state universities, all while following strict health protocols that one expert has criticized as “misguided”.last_img read more

Adultery could kill you: study

first_imgNZ Herald 23 May 2012It is news likely to bring an ironic smile to the lips of many a scorned spouse – adultery is bad for the heart. Studies show men who cheat on their wives risk not only their marriage but also their cardiac health. Liaisons away from home and with younger women are particularly dangerous. The warnings come from Italian researchers who reviewed previous studies on the causes of infidelity and its effects. These showed “sudden coital death” was much more common when a man was meeting his mistress than when he was with his wife. The researchers can’t be sure why, but put forward a variety of reasons, including a guilty conscience. The review’s authors, from the University of Florence, began by scouring medical literature for research papers including the words “unfaithfulness”, “extramarital affairs”, “infidelity” and “men”.German studies show that most men who died during sex were having an affair and meeting away from the family home.The stress of wining, dining and satisfying a woman who is likely to be younger than the man’s wife may also be to blame, as can the strain of keeping an affair secret. Researcher Dr Alessandra Fisher said extra-martial sex could be more stressful because the lover is often younger than the wife and the sex tends to follow more excessive drinking and/or eating. read more

Comolli questions Reds transfers

first_imgLiverpool’s former director of football Damien Comolli claims the club are risking a second successive season of disappointment with their summer transfer policy. He said: “When you gamble as much money as they did last summer, you have got to give players a chance, and changing everything again sends the message to the players brought in last summer that they will not get a chance. “By the time everyone settles into the team, and the players coming from abroad get used to the Premier League, they might be well behind fourth place. “It is a huge risk. If you look at the stability of City, Chelsea, Arsenal throughout the years – the proof is in the pudding.” Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet, meanwhile, has welcomed the arrival of his Belgium international team-mate Benteke. Striker Benteke, 24, was the Reds’ top target and has a good reputation in England after scoring 49 goals in 101 appearances for Aston Villa. Mignolet told the club’s website, “I’m very pleased that he’s signed. “I’m sure there’ll be a lot of Belgian fans coming to Anfield next season. I’m looking forward to that. “We had some good duels against each other with Aston Villa. I won’t be challenging him any more, like I did last season, so that’s nice!” Comolli has questioned the wisdom of bringing in so many new players when such an approach failed to bring the desired results last year. Liverpool’s £32.5million signing of Christian Benteke this week took their number of new players for the summer to seven after deals for James Milner, Danny Ings, Adam Bogdan, Nathaniel Clyne, Roberto Firmino and Joe Gomez. Some of the spending has been facilitated by the £49million sale of Raheem Sterling but Comolli fears the mistakes made after the club received £75million for Luis Suarez in 2014 could be repeated. Adam Lallana, Dejan Lovren, Mario Balotelli, Rickie Lambert and Lazar Markovic were among last year’s disappointments. Comolli told talkSPORT: “Without talking about individual players, it is always a big risk to make so many changes during one transfer window. “I thought it was a huge risk last year after selling Suarez and bringing in, I think, nine. Now they have decided to change a lot again and totally rebuild. That is always a massive, massive risk. “They have bought in players who have got talent, but they are going to compete against some very settled teams. “Arsenal, (Manchester) United, (Manchester) City and Chelsea are making some very subtle adjustments to their squad and Liverpool are changing everything every year. I’m not convinced it is the right approach. It is too much in two off-seasons.” Comolli was brought in by Liverpool’s owners Fenway Sports Group after their takeover of the club in 2010 but left 18 months later after mixed results in the transfer market. Suarez was the headline success story during his tenure but other players such as Andy Carroll, Charlie Adam, Stewart Downing and Sebastian Coates made little or no impact at Anfield. Jordan Henderson, signed for £16million in 2011, was also considered a disappointment at the time but has since blossomed to become one of the team’s integral players and was appointed captain this summer. Press Associationlast_img read more

Indian Premier League Alzarri Joseph ruled out of IPL-12 with shoulder injury

first_imgBut his joy was shortlived as he conceded 53 runs in three overs against Rajasthan before getting injured badly by landing on his shoulder close to the boundary line.He was then forced to leave the field.Mumbai Indians have the option to ask for a replacement for the remainder of their engagements but they are unlikely to enforce that choice, it is learnt. Alzarri Joseph ruled out of the ongoing IPL. Alzarri registered best bowling figures in IPL on debut. Lasith Malinga replaced him against Royal Challengers Bangalore.  For all the Latest Sports News News, Indian Premier League News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps. highlights New Delhi: Mumbai Indians on Monday suffered a blow with West Indies fast bowler Alzarri Joseph being ruled out of the ongoing IPL with a shoulder injury. The Antiguan youngster took a bad tumble while trying to prevent the ball from reaching the boundary in an IPL game for Mumbai Indians against Rajasthan Royals on April 13.”He has dislocated his shoulder and is out of this IPL season,” sources told PTI on Monday.Joseph, a late replacement for the injured New Zealand pacer Adam Milne, had a sensational debut in the T20 league against hosts Sunrisers Hyderabad on April 6 when he grabbed a League-best 6-12.last_img read more

ICC World Cup Brian Lara predicts World Cup 2019 winner, says will not be surprised if THIS team wins

first_img New Delhi: As the mega event ICC Cricket World Cup is nearing, the fever is getting stronger. On one hand, when all teams are working regressively with the full fortitude to keep no box unturned, the cricket pundits, on the other, are busy analysing the teams. One such is West Indies legend Brian Lara, who has predicted his favourite team to get their hand on the coveted title.India will better Lara’s Windies to become the second-most successful team in the World Cup if they win the trophy. Currently, both India and the West Indies have two WC crowns each. The 50-year-old who led the Windies team in two World Cups – 1999 and 2007 – but could never make the semi-finals also considers hosts England as one of the title contenders not only because of the home advantage but also the form they are in. England are currently ranked No.1 side in the ODIs and recently thrashed Pakistan 4-0 in an ODI series at home. “Nobody will be surprised if India becomes the champions. They have been doing well in different conditions. India have a very balanced team. It will not be an upset if they win the Cup. No doubt India are very strong,” Lara was quoted as saying by Cricbuzz.Talking about the England team, he said, “I don’t know whether they are favourites or not but they are definitely one of the contenders. Any host nation will try to become champion in any sport. Naturally, England will also try to give their best shot and take away the Cup. We have to remember that although the tournament started in 1975, they have never won a World Cup title. They will try this time like never before and to be honest, they have got a very good side.” highlights Brian Lara has led West Indies two times in ICC World Cup.Windies will play their first league game against Pakistan. Chris Gayle will quit International cricket after World Cup 2019. For all the Latest Sports News News, ICC World Cup News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

ICC World Cup Shikhar Dhawan hits the gym, aims to be ready for ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 clash

first_img New Delhi: Shikhar Dhawan’s injury has posed a challenge to the Indian cricket team in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 ahead of their clash against Pakistan in Manchester. With the game against New Zealand in Trent Bridge being abandoned due to rain, the focus now shifts to the India vs Pakistan clash in Manchester on June 16. KL Rahul is expected to open the batting while Vijay Shankar or Dinesh Karthik might occupy the No.4 spot. However, Dhawan is ensuring that he leaves no stone unturned in his quest to regain full fitness as the ICC Cricket World Cup reaches the business end.With a heavily bandaged left hand, Dhawan was seen doing lower body exercises in a short video posted by him on his Twitter page. “You can make these situations your nightmare or use it an opportunity to bounce back. Thank you for all the recovery messages from everyone,” was the accompanying message from Dhawan. Dhawan, the hero of India’s win over Australia in the World Cup, played through the pain after being hit on the thumb by a rising delivery from pacer Par Cummins. The left-hander continued to bat and went on to score 117 off 109 balls but did not come to the field due to the injury and Ravindra Jadeja fielded in his place for the entire 50 overs.After the match, Dhawan had to undergo precautionary tests, including an x-ray, which confirmed the fracture. Following the result, Physio Patrick Farhart took the call. This is a big blow to team India ahead of their next game against New Zealand at Trent Bridge on Thursday.The three week recovery time has ruled Dhawan out of the clash against Pakistan and Afghanistan and he might be fit in time for the game either against the West Indies or against England. KL Rahul will open in the game against Pakistan after the game against New Zealand was abandoned without a ball bowled. Rishabh Pant has been flown in as cover for Dhawan. Pant will be allowed into the dressing room only if the team management decides to declare Dhawan unfit for the remainder of the tournament. An assessment of his injury will be done next week. highlights Shikhar Dhawan was hit by a bouncer from Pat Cummins.India won after eight years in a World Cup against Australia.Dhawan will miss the games against Pakistan and Afghanistan. For all the Latest Sports News News, ICC World Cup News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

I want to lead by example, says Dr Norton re Sport Ministry addition

first_imgLEADING by example is what the newly appointed Minister with responsibility for Culture, Youth and Sport, Dr George Norton, hopes will highlight his tenure in government.Dr Norton, whose current ministry, Social Cohesion, will be joined with Culture, Youth and Sport, is excited at this new venture as he related to reporters yesterday.His first order of business is to get the requisite paper-work to ensure that all things are correct before making any more disclosures.“Work or no work, I like being there (at sport events). I get excited about sports. I want to lead by example and I want to encourage my fellow Guyanese to come out and support our young sportsmen and women.”The former Athletics Association of Guyana administrator continued, “What I want to do first is to get my terms of reference and to work along with what is there; to look and see what there is for youth, what there is for culture and what there is for sport. There might be some adjustments and we can do that easily.”“I can tell you that it (Culture, Youth and Sport) fits neatly into Social Cohesion. Many of my presentations before in sensitisation exercises and training, I had to emphasise the function and the role of youths in our society for development,” he continued.Dr Norton will now take up office at the Department of Culture, Youth and Sport on Main Street according to a Ministry of the Presidency release. His tenure will begin on September 1.last_img read more

Australian Polosak to become firstwoman to umpire men’s ODIs

first_imgMUMBAI (Reuters) – Australia’s Claire Polosak will become the first woman to officiate in a men’s one-day international when Namibia play Oman in the final of the World Cricket League Division 2 in Windhoek later on Saturday.The 31-year-old never played cricket but blazed a trail in 2017 when she became the first woman to stand in a men’s top-level match when New South Wales played a Cricket Australia XI in a one-day match in Sydney.“I am thrilled to be the first woman to stand in a men’s ODI and how far I have come as an umpire,” Polosak told the International Cricket Council (ICC) ahead of Saturday’s match.“It really is important to promote women umpires and there’s no reason why females can’t umpire in cricket. It’s about breaking down barriers, creating awareness so more females can come into the role.”Polosak has officiated in 15 women’s ODIs, the first one in November 2016 between Australia and South Africa, and has also taken field in the semi-final of the ICC Women’s T20 World Cup 2018 between England and India and four matches at the ICC Women’s World Cup 2017.Namibia and Oman both secured ODI status after finishing in the top two positions of the table in the ICC World Cricket League Division 2.“Congratulations to Claire for this fantastic achievement of becoming the first woman umpire to stand in a men’s one-day international,” said Adrian Griffith, ICC senior manager – umpires and referees.“It is one thoroughly deserved and a result of her hard work and perseverance. She is a role model for women who want to get into officiating and proves how successful they can be once they are on the right path and get the opportunities.”last_img read more