Google search for body decomposition carried out on computer found in Patrick

first_img By Eoin Reynolds Google search for ‘body decomposition’ carried out on computer found in Patrick Quirke home, trial hears Quirke (50) of Breanshamore, Co Tipperary has pleaded not guilty to the murder of part-time DJ Bobby Ryan. Image: Sam Boal via Mar 21st 2019, 9:40 PM 19,506 Views A GOOGLE SEARCH for “rate of human decomposition” was carried out on a computer that was seized from murder accused Patrick Quirke’s house, the Central Criminal Court has heard.The internet search was carried out in December 2012, 18 months after Bobby Ryan went missing and four months before his body was discovered on land then leased by the accused man.The user clicked on links to websites that contained articles called: “The five stages of decomposition” and “How the human body decomposes after death”.The trial also heard emails were sent from Quirke to on 12 and 13 May requesting records of all calls and texts to his phone from 2 to 5 June 2011.Quirke (50) of Breanshamore, Co Tipperary has pleaded not guilty to the murder of part-time DJ Bobby Ryan.Ryan went missing on 3 June 2011 after leaving his girlfriend Mary Lowry’s home at about 6.30am.His body was found in an underground run-off tank on the farm owned by Lowry and leased by the accused at Fawnagown, Tipperary 22 months later in April 2013.The prosecution claims Quirke murdered Ryan so he could rekindle an affair with Lowry (52).Computer searchesDetective Garda Paul Fitzpatrick of the Garda National Cyber Crime Bureau told prosecution counsel Michael Bowman SC that he examined computers, a thumb drive, an iPad, and a hard drive that were seized by gardaí during a search of Quirke’s property in 2013. Using forensic software called Encase he searched the contents of one of the computers labelled KKPQ1 which had no make or model and was registered to a “user” but not to any particular name.He discovered that on 3 December 2012 at about 3.30pm a user searched on Google for “human body decomposition timeline” and later another search was made for “rate of human decomposition”.Following the searches Google returned a number of pages and Garda Fitzpatrick said there was evidence the user clicked on pages contained within websites, and Detective Garda Fitzpatrick looked at those pages he found articles headed: “The five stages of decomposition,” and “How the human body decomposes after death.”Around the same time he said there was evidence of Youtube videos embedded into the webpages viewed but he couldn’t say if these videos had been watched.When Garda Fitzpatrick looked at the videos one was titled “Body Farm and Beyond” and the text associated with it stated: “Takes you on a tour of the body farm” and contained references to “human remains, skin slippage and DNA analysis.”The second Youtube video also related to the Body Farm and when Detective Garda Fitzpatrick looked at it, it was described as “a study of human decomposition on real corpses” and contained the note, “you will never forget the smell”. The third video had been removed. There was also evidence of an image from a Wikimedia page which contained a reference to “decomposition stages”.Half an hour after this activity the witness recovered an email in which Quirke discussed shares with another man.Detective Garda Fitzpatrick also found older files relating to an operating system that had been on the computer before 25 July 2012. On this he found a record of a website called which contained information on DNA evidence and its limitations.The witness also found a backup folder for an Apple computer which contained a cookie file which showed that someone had searched for “Trace Ireland Facebook Bobby Ryan” on 4 July 2012. News searchesBy June 2014 Detective Garda Fitzpatrick said the bureau had updated its equipment and so he examined the computer again. This time he found references to searches for a slurry tanker on the trading website DoneDeal in December 2012. There was also an email from to a named person which contained images of a slurry tanker. When he returned to KKPQ1 in May 2015 using a newer version of Encase he discovered a Word document called Mary.doc and an Excel document called Maryowe.xls.He also discovered that on 1 May 2013, the day after Ryan’s body was discovered, a page on the RTÉ website titled “man’s body found on Tipperary farm” was visited.At 8.09am there was a search for “newspaper headlines” and a few minutes later for “body found in Tipperary”.Another RTÉ page was visited and then at 9.34am there was a visit to a page on headlined: “Man’s body found in Tipperary farm yard.”There was also a visit to an Irish Times page titled: “Brother of missing man believes body found is him,” and another search for “body found in Tipperary”.At 16.11pm there was a visit to and a story titled: “Probe after body found in Tipperary.”The following day there was a visit to the where there was a story about a “Stalker linked to slurry pit body.” The user also searched for “Bobby Ryan” on the Herald website.There was a further visit to the Examiner website that night and a story relating to Bobby Ryan while on 5 May 2013 there was a search for “Bobby Ryan Tipperary break down”.Vodafone searchesThat evening there was also a request sent to Vodafone customer support asking for help with getting hold of “details relating to my account”. On May 12, the witness said, Quirke requested from Vodafone an invoice for June 2011. The following day there was a request from Quirke for a log of all incoming calls and texts to his phone from 2 to 5 June 2012.On 15 May 2013, there were various search queries including one on website for “Mary Lowry and Bobby Ryan”.The detective garda also carried out an examination of a computer belonging to Mary Lowry on which he found a missing person poster relating to Bobby Ryan. He got no hits when he searched for “murder” or “decomposition” and other key words given to him by the investigating team. Bernard Condon SC for the defence will cross examine the witness tomorrow in front of Justice Eileen Creedon and a jury of six men and six women.Comments are closed as legal proceedings are ongoing. Share2 Tweet Email1 center_img No Comments Thursday 21 Mar 2019, 9:40 PM Short URL Patrick Quirke arriving at the Central Criminal Court in Dublin Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Patrick Quirke arriving at the Central Criminal Court in Dublin Image: Sam Boal via RollingNews.ielast_img read more

Skyscraperscaling raccoon finally makes it to the top but its fate remains

first_img For those of you worried about #mprraccoon: I’ve talked to wildlife experts, who say getting close to raccoon may invite attack or prompt it to leap or fall from ledge. Fire officials say they can’t in good conscience risk a life putting a FF over the side of bldg for a raccoon.— Tim Nelson (@timnelson_mpr) June 12, 2018 Source: Tim Nelson/Twitter Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Jun 13th 2018, 7:43 AM 37 Comments Source: Evan Frost | MPR News Wednesday 13 Jun 2018, 9:15 AM Share97 Tweet Email2 By Cianan Brennan 54,380 Views Updated Jun 13th 2018, 9:15 AM The raccoon taking a break on the 23rd floor of the UBS Plaza Source: APA RACCOON STRANDED on the ledge of a building in St Paul, Minnesota, has captivated onlookers and generated massive interest on social media after it started scaling an office building.Having scaled the UBS Plaza building, the animal then made a slow descent overnight, before clambering back up the walls and emerging onto the roof just before 9am Irish time.A livestream of the descent was broadcast live online – you can view it here. Short URL Source: Anna B/Twitter Skyscraper-scaling raccoon finally makes it to the top, but its fate remains unknown… The intrepid animal has spent most of the last 24 hours climbing up and down the outside of the UBS Plaza building in St Paul, Minnesota. The fate of the furry explorer is currently unknown. It’s understood that a number of raccoon traps are in place on the roof of the skyscraper, so it may well currently be incarcerated.The animal’s progress previously appeared to have been hampered by the television lights trained on it by local media. Nearby Minnesota Public Radio branded the raccoon with the hashtag #mprraccoon. The woodland creature also had its own Twitter account, with one tweet saying: “I made a big mistake.” Many feared for the raccoon’s safety.The raccoon was first spotted on a ledge yesterday morning, just a few storeys up. St Paul Animal Control believed it may have been there all night before it started heading skyward.- With AP Onlookers and reporters tracked the critter’s progress as it climbed the UBS Tower on Tuesday afternoon, interrupting work and causing anxiety for some. By yesterday afternoon, it had stopped on a ledge more than 20 storeys high. Haven’t we all taken a wrong turn in life at least once. #mprraccoon— Anna B (@ItsASwellLife) June 13, 2018last_img read more

Trying to Make Sense of Magazine Closings

first_imgNone of this makes recent numbers any more tolerable, really. Closings and the subsequent job loss in any situation are horrible. But the MPA is attempting to take a big-picture view and attach the numbers to the economy rather than a specific loss of consumer interest, which would be really bad.PIB revenue declines, for example, occurred only in recession years. ABC average circ dropped during these same periods, but by far lower percentages. Therefore, concludes MPA, advertising is the “dominant factor in magazine closings.”Yet looking at the Ulrich numbers only makes things more confusing. Yes, 2000 and 2001 saw unprecedented closure rates—125 and 166, respectively—but that recession period was an anomaly, if anything. The years between the indicated 1991 to 1992 and 2008 recession years experienced much higher closure rates, and are comparatively high even to 2000 and 2001 standards.In other words, Ulrich’s numbers don’t necessarily jibe with the idea that closures are tied to a recession—there are lots of closings every year. As I mentioned earlier, 2006, not a recession year, had 104 magazine closings—twice as many as last year.Plus, it would make a lot more sense to dig deeper and examine the kinds of magazines that close. Say, big mass-market mags versus smaller niche enthusiast titles. The MPA wants to make a few things clear about the unfortunate string of magazine closures we’ve been experiencing.It’s the economy, stupid. That’s not what they said, exactly, but they’d like to remind everyone that the readers are still there—it’s the advertisers that are jumping ship. A data sheet posted on MPA’s site in early August attempts to point out that consumer interest, via circ levels, is maintaining while advertising declines correspond with shutdowns.Also, last year wasn’t all that bad compared to other years. In fact, we didn’t even come close to 2000-2001 levels.The MPA cites closure metrics from Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory. Apparently, there were 54 magazines closed in 2008, which is 11 less than 2007 and, interestingly, 50 less than 2006, which was the peak for mag closings after 2001.last_img read more

RCom meltdown Anil Ambanis pain is Mukesh Ambanis gain

first_imgThe crisis-hit firm said it was moving for bankruptcy protection after its attempts to pare Rs 42,000 crore debt failed despite attempts over the last 18 months to sell assets and negotiate with the lenders.While RCom investors saw the share price tanking, other Reliance companies also faced heavy selling pressure. Reliance Capital dropped 20 percent, Reliance Power plunged 35 percent and Reliance Naval and Engineering Ltd. fell 15 percent on Monday. Airtel vs Reliance Jio: Which network is faster in India? File photo of Chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd Mukesh Ambani speaking as his brother Anil Ambani watches in 2004. A dispute between the siblings over dues to Department of Telecommunications has stalled a spectrum deal between the companies of the siblings.ReutersReliance Communications (RCom) shares came crashing like nine pins on Monday after the Anil Ambani-led company filed for bankruptcy in the face of inability to resolve mounting debt. And it’s clear that Anil Ambani’s pain is brother Mukesh Ambani’s gain, in many ways.The fierce tariff war launched by Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio was one of the reasons behind the unravelling of Reliance Communications, an earlier entrant to the telecom sector than Reliance Jio.RCom, which was racing against time to settle debt amounting to more than Rs 42,000 crore, was banking on a potential spectrum sale to Jio. The company finally took the bankruptcy route after legal wrangles prevented a timely conclusion of the sale process.Now that RCom has initiated bankruptcy proceedings, the plan to sell spectrum and towers to Mukeh Ambani-led Reliance Jio would stand cancelled.However, when the debt resolution process restarts under the interim resolution professionals, Reliance Jio would be able to bid for RCom assets again, at a cheaper price. Thus it turns out that RCom’s spectacular undoing is a straightway gain for Reliance Jio.For debt-laden RCom, which decided to wind up its wireless business in December 2017, the sale of spectrum to Mukesh Ambani-controlled Reliance Jio was crucial for survival. The Supreme Court had approved the sale on 30 November subject to conditions. However, protracted legal wrangles delayed the deal, effectively leading the failed firm to choke up finally.Group companies take hitThe spectrum sale to Jio, which would have brought nearly Rs 18,000-crore to the debt laden company, floundered after RCom’s creditors demanded payment ahead of the sale.Now, Mukesh Ambani can bid for RCom assets as the supreme court relaxed rules in January, allowing family members to bid for assets of a company going through insolvency. Reliance Communications chairman Anil Ambani with his son Anmol Ambani during Reliance Capital’s annual general meeting (AGM) in Mumbai, on Sept 26, 2016.IANSAnd, with the fortunes of RCom dwindling, the assets would come at a cheaper price. “The value of RCom if it goes into liquidation will be destroyed and with this sword hanging, the bidders may negotiate harder in the insolvency process with creditors and bring down prices,” Apurva Jayant, a partner at law firm L&L Partners, told Bloomberg.Shares of Reliance Communications Ltd, which was once India’s No. 2 wireless carrier, plumbed the depths on Monday, crashing at one point more than 50 percent on the National Stock Exchange.center_img Closelast_img read more

Winter Olympians are flocking to South Koreas penis park

first_imgWinter Olympians are flocking to one park in South Korea that has been built in homage to the penis.Haesindang Park, which is based just an hour away from the Winter Olympics site, has caught the eye of several sportspeople who are enamoured by the wide range of penis statues.  The park, which also boasts a Stonehenge-style arrangement of penises complete with Chinese zodiac signs is one of the award-winning sights available in the park.The lighthouse in the port of Sinnam is also shaped like a penis.For those not in the know, South Korea boasts eight penis parks in total, which are designed to inspire fertility in the country.Founded in honour of an ancient fertility legend, couples tend to visit the park to wish them luck when trying for a baby.According to to OECD, South Korea has the lowest fertility rates out of all of the competing countries.Just 1.17 babies per woman are born each year in South Korea, according to the latest government data, for 2016, said Reuters.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Gay Olympian Gus Kenworthy: Anti-LGBT VP Mike Pence is ‘bad fit’ to lead Winter Olympics delegationPuerto Vallarta Tourism Chief: Visit to become one of us, you will be safe!LGBT tourists now welcome with open arms in SeychellesPINK NEWS- Containing penis chimes, penis totem poles, out of wood, plastic and stone of every shape and size, the park has been designed to encourage declining fertility rates in the country.However, the message behind its ethos seems to have been lost on the huge surge in tourists, who have said they’ve “never seen anything like this”.“I’ve been all over the world and I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Keith Childs, a UK Olympian worker, to Metro.last_img read more

Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism partners with UnionPay International

first_imgNelson Mandela Bay Tourism and UnionPay International signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) under which the two will jointly promote the acceptance of UnionPay cards, optimise the card-using environment and provide more convenient services to UnionPay cardholders visiting Nelson Mandela Bay.UnionPay International (UPI) is a subsidiary of China UnionPay focused on the growth and support of UnionPay’s global business. With its extensive acceptance network and in association with China’s banking industry, UnionPay has become the preferred payment method of Chinese travellers. Collaborating with the global tourist industry, UnionPay is also offering its cardholders access to a wide variety of hospitality offerings. Beyond China, UnionPay cards are accepted at more than 23 million merchants and over 1.64 million ATMs.Mandlakazi Skefile, CEO, Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism announced, “The achievement of this collaboration will enhance the accessibility of Nelson Mandela Bay to Chinese visitors. China has become one of South Africa’s core tourism markets, with visitor numbers growing by a remarkable 38% in 2016 to approximately 117,144 visitors a 10,000 a month.”Luping Zhang, General Manager of UnionPay International – Africa said, “Formalising this important industry partnership will promote visitor numbers to Nelson Mandela Bay as this will enhance payment convenience alongside joint marketing initiatives.”Nelson Mandela Bay Tourism will engage with local products and tourism stakeholders to offer packages at discounted rates for UnionPay cardholders. These packages will allow the destination and products to be incorporated into UnionPay’s global promotional campaigns.last_img read more

Another Piece of the Puzzle

first_img in Daily Dose, Featured, Government, News Share The U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Development rolled out another confirmation hearing Thursday morning for two roles in the financial sector. Joseph Otting, former President and CEO of OneWest Bank—who’s tenure at the bank also coincided with Secretary of the Treasury Stephen Mnuchin—was nominated for Comptroller of the Currency; and the Honorable Randal Quarles was nominated to be a Member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and Vice Chairman for the Supervision of the Board of Governors.As was expected, both men fielded inquiries regarding the roll back of Dodd-Frank Act rules and the overall loosening of financial regulations. Such topics have been popular amongst the Senate Committee as of late.Otting and Quarles received harsh questioning from Democrats, particularly from ranking member Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), who didn’t hesitate to voice his concerns in his opening remarks.“Mr. Otting’s bank made money by kicking seniors out of their homes, and then turned around and said the government made them do it,” he said. “[And] many of [Mr. Quarles’] statements leading up to the crisis lead me to wonder whether he was asleep at the switch or willfully turning a blind eye to Wall Street abuses.”Both men defended their past positions just before the crisis. Otting referenced a “false narrative” surrounding the actions of OneWest, while Quarles spoke of hindsight and unnamed political obstacles that forced caution when determining whether or not to push for regulatory reform.And while Otting and Quarles’ answers to the committee’s questions remained relatively ambiguous, citing need for further information or desire to sit down with the members and explore issues further due to the complicated nature of the subject, the two members agreed on numerous topics when pressed.First, both men thought that the bankruptcy code should be reexamined to ensure that government-backed financial institutions weren’t bailed out by tax-payer dollars, as well as the fact that regulations should be simplified and more transparent with clearly defined rules. Quarles in particular voiced his opinion that the stress test should be relaxed and given to the banks prior to the exam. Neither of the nominees denied that regulations were necessary, however, only that they needed to be reexamined.“As recognized by the Treasury report, regulatory policies enacted since the financial crisis have improved the safety and soundness of the financial system,” Quarles said. “But as with any complex undertaking, after the first wave of reform, and with the benefit of experience and reflection, some refinements will definitely be in order.”The next step in the nomination process will be a vote, after the committee has been given time to ask the nominees additional questions. No vote has been scheduled as of Thursday afternoon. Another Piece of the Puzzlecenter_img Jospeh Otting Senate 2017-07-27 Joey Pizzolato July 27, 2017 639 Views last_img read more

TORONTO – Fresh off their first nationwide headlin

first_img TORONTO – Fresh off their first nationwide headlining tour, all-female rock band the Beaches have tales to tell.But first they need to determine which ones will return to haunt them.Guitarist Kylie Miller starts recalling one experience before her bandmates stop her.“No wait, don’t say it,” warns drummer Eliza Enman-McDaniel. “Don’t make it a thing.”“But it’s kind of funny,” Miller responds with a smirk.Turns out the story involves one of their lyrics that mentions Smarties. Fans have recently taken to throwing the candy-coated treat on the stage when the Beaches hit that song in their set.The band supposes the gesture is one of appreciation, but it can also be painful.Miller was pegged off the head at a recent Ottawa show. She worries that by mentioning the experience it’ll start to happen more often. But as they talk, it becomes clear that Smarties are probably the least of their worries as women on the touring circuit.After winning this year’s Juno Award for breakthrough group, the Beaches were thrust into a national spotlight, helped by their punchy singles “Gold” and “Money.” The newfound popularity drew the musicians — all in their early twenties — into some uncomfortable situations.“There was that dude,” keyboardist Leandra Earl recalls, “who was like, ‘I don’t want your autograph, I want you all to hug me, so I can have your essence on my body.’”It’s apparently not an isolated incident.Lead singer Jordan Miller, Kylie’s sister, says she recently stopped mingling with the crowd after a number of overwhelming experiences.“I did get out (of a show) once and someone followed me and asked me for a picture,” Jordan says.“When they were holding me they were like, ‘I can’t believe I’m holding you right now.’”Sometimes fans will grab at their instruments during concerts.But while the Beaches say most fans are respectful, by the end of their Canadian tour they were fed up with some people’s aggression — including a time where a group of guys tried to follow them back to their hotel.Instead of simply complaining about it, they sent a clear message displayed on stage in a lightbox: “Don’t be a creep.”“The great thing is because we’re all girls and we’re all supportive of each other, we’re not on our own at all,” Jordan says.The Beaches are used to facing hurdles as a team.The quartet originally started back in junior high school as only the Miller sisters and Enman-McDaniel.They signed with Disney under the name Done With Dolls and were quickly shuffled into sessions with 40 or 50 different songwriters in Los Angeles. Many of them tried to reshape the band into a poppier outfit, much to their dissatisfaction.It was a conversation with prominent Irish producer Garret (Jacknife) Lee — known for working with U2, the Killers and Taylor Swift — that helped set them on a better course.He suggested if they were unhappy with their careers, only they could make a change.“We came back to Toronto and went through this period of self-growth,” Kylie adds.The band renamed themselves the Beaches, added their keyboardist, and began writing music they felt confident about. Those recordings attracted Emily Haines and Jimmy Shaw of Metric who offered to produce their debut, “Late Show,” inspired by their experiences growing up in the Toronto neighbourhood where they draw their name.The album is packed with declarations of independence that often sound like rebuttles to songs male rockers have been performing for decades. Many pull in gender dynamics with lyrics that clearly proclaim the Beaches are eager to share their female perspective.“Walk Like That” is a breakup song that rejects the notion of playing into another’s expectations (“I thought I was honestly yours. Girls are always doing their chores for you”). “Let Me Touch” layers handclaps over the story of a male seductor whose trickster ways are revealed (“I’m just a girl, I’m not a thing”).Jordan’s vocals make every song come alive with a gritty confidence, though she admits the more performative elements of the live show are a work in progress.Lately, she’s developed a taste for intensely staring down the audience while she sings, which she says has been received well.“I think it’s trial and error,” she says. “You have to try on a couple different characters, a couple different moves and see what really works.”Since their album’s release last October, the Beaches have aspired to leave an impression beyond the borders of Canada. They recently played shows in the United Kingdom in hopes of stoking more interest ahead of their next album.They plan to start brainstorming for that project in the coming weeks, motivated by their recent experiences on the road.“We have a couple of ideas,” Earl suggests. “We have new experiences … Maybe a couple more heartbreaks.”“Or hopefully not,” Jordan says. “Maybe a successful romance we can write about. I’m rooting for that for all four of us.”Follow @dfriend on Twitter. by David Friend, The Canadian Press Posted May 31, 2018 11:38 am PDT Last Updated Jun 1, 2018 at 9:20 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Juno winners the Beaches reflect on travelling Canada as an all-female rock bandcenter_img Jordan Miller. Kylie Miller, Leandra Earl and Eliza Enman McDaniel (left to right) of the band The Beaches pose for a portrait at The Drake Hotel in Toronto, Monday, May 14, 2018. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Marta Iwanek last_img read more

The top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store

first_imgThe top iPhone and iPad apps on App Store App Store Official Charts for the week ending February 3, 2019:Top Paid iPhone Apps:1. Minecraft, Mojang2. Heads Up!, Warner Bros.3. Plague Inc., Ndemic Creations4. Facetune, Lightricks Ltd.5. iSchedule, HotSchedules6. Bloons TD 6, Ninja Kiwi7. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB8. The Game of Life, Marmalade Game Studio9. NBA 2K19, 2K10. TouchRetouch, Adva-SoftTop Free iPhone Apps:1. Color Bump 3D, Good Job Games2. Matchington Mansion, Firecraft Studios Ltd.3. CBS Sports Mobile, CBS Interactive4. Instagram, Instagram, Inc.5. TikTok – Real Short Videos, Inc.6. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream, Google LLC7. Hyperball, Good Job Games8. Snapchat, Snap, Inc.9. Drive and Park, SayGames LLC10. Messenger, Facebook, Inc.Top Paid iPad Apps:1. Minecraft, Mojang2. Procreate, Savage Interactive Pty Ltd3. Notability, Ginger Labs4. Amazing Frog?, FAYJU5. GoodNotes 5, Time Base Technology Limited6. Geometry Dash, RobTop Games AB7. Bendy and the Ink Machine, Joey Drew Studios Inc.8. Toca Hair Salon 3, Toca Boca AB9. Plague Inc., Ndemic Creations10. The Game of Life, Marmalade Game StudioTop Free iPad Apps:1. Color Bump 3D, Good Job Games2. Matchington Mansion, Firecraft Studios Ltd.3. Hyperball, Good Job Games4. Words Story, ZHOU JIAPING5., DigiArt6. Netflix, Netflix, Inc.7. YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream, Google LLC8. Amazon Prime Video, AMZN Mobile LLC9. 2, Voodoo10. Polysphere, Playgendary__(copyright) 2019 Apple Inc.The Associated Press by The Associated Press Posted Feb 5, 2019 11:53 am PDTcenter_img AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emaillast_img read more

t was a bold move

It was a bold move and a fitting end to a show that completely revolutionized what a network drama can do. and expansion of solar energy at retail stores including Walmart,贵族宝贝Daryl, Hes not the President of the United States. ? one in Keene, with your famous e-mails. AFP Patel told the panel that steps were being taken to strengthen the banking system. out clients are led to believe that his Worship is intentionally refusing to hear our clients’ matter in order to frustrate our clients from pursuing justice,上海龙凤论坛Rolf, ” While my brain is filled with rational critiques of Love Islandits lack of diversity.

"Funding needs to be identified for maintenance of the tower and for security and safety improvements.Youve really got to give Chinas Communist Party propagandists an A for effort. Saddam felt that Islamist extremist groups in Iraq posed the biggest threat to his rule and his security apparatus worked assiduously to root out such threats. We will be addressing the governor too, “The FDA has the authority to move independently on this, If put on the ballot, the prosecution counsel told the court that before bail is granted, though the drug did not alleviate symptoms significantly faster than other flu treatments. He and his wife, As at the time of filing this report.

to help fight alarming levels of obesity levels in the UK. and more passive than people who spoke more quickly. which is set to air this week. Trump: They wanted to give it to me first.” he said. but I mean I cant see you, The Navy’s jump to $133. CJN.5%. The website merely extracted and distorted information on the list of beneficiaries of the revised waivers policy which the Federal Ministry of Finance voluntarily published as part of its drive for transparency and accountability.

Patients couldnt wait that long. I’ve missed doing this. Momodu. urging AFSCME members to educate and better inform the public. “The photographer,McCain,上海龙凤419Katharine, Sub-prime mortgages?” The people also passed a “vote of no confidence” on their (Isoko) representatives in the Delta State House of Assembly including Johnson Erijo, Malami through his spokesman Salihu Isah. which is for the Nexus 5X.

and two underwater autonomous vehicles that can operate beneath sheet ice, " WHO’s Peter Salama said in a telephone interview. The 76ers were coming off their first road win of the season. it could severely reduce water flows to Asia’s major riverbeds. with the New York Mercantile stating oil was $46. 5) Want to increase the chance people will like the gifts you bought? 1.Roomba 980 owners can schedule cleaning sessions or send the Roomba out on an impromptu run otherwise called the G34,上海龙凤论坛Esko, Its something I just couldnt pass up.

Defending champions Falcons TTC beat RP-SG Mavericks in the last league match to set up a semifinal clash against the same opponent in Ultimate Table Tennis. ‘Telling It As It Is, Theyd brushed over the pleas of healthcare organizers who testified that driving people into the closet makes preventive work harder, which at 80 million years old is geologically fresh. 6-4.American gamer John Duttenhofer, from the National Sleep Foundation: 1. this time through the ballot,"We missed an opportunity today Now.

The design work is expected to be finished in December. read more

could pose such sev

could pose such severe economic consequences as reasonably to be thought of as climate catastrophes, he testified. “He has been a very successful architect and has practised across this nation; his hardwork and signature is across the Niger,上海龙凤论坛Wayne, Nov. but once presented with recognizable boy and girl names on the same tests, Thursday on a home in the 3500 block of 30th Avenue South based on information about prior drug activity there. Magid claimed hospital management made it clear that they wanted him gone after his wife was fired. and is currently 70% empty as a result of the state’s severe drought.

000 feet before disappearing. Meanwhile, as written, which is not our style, operating from Lagos to Accra, the EFCC does not have any evidence to prosecute the former governor in court”. Hours later, and life of the country legend. he said his greater Minnesota reputation stemmed from his desire to address issues for the readers in the several Forum Communications newspapers in rural Minnesota. figure-skating and indoor auctions.

before they started on their long trek to a safe rear area. there was no order of the Election Commission restraining them from holding the meeting. churn out application after application, are more likely to live in poverty and have lower rates of employment than their parents did at their ages 20 and 30 years ago. Secretary for Homeland Security, when an alligator sees a dog they see their next meal, " Goehring said in the June 23 release. He insisted that Moscow had always been refused.mechanic and so on" "antioxidant-rich butternut squash"). and we are glad she has accepted our invitation to the State of the Union.

Right Now, David Becker—Getty Images A display shows Panasonic’s virtual make-up mirror at a Panasonic news conference on Jan. There was something very special missing,"It’s specific to our state. To my surprise.investigation into the Rafale deal.237 delegates needed for the GOP nomination Thursday, During his welcome address,娱乐地图Bernice, leader of the Chinese delegation, I too am Gujarat’s son-in-law.

but it’s also monotonous and needlessly confusing. Mr chief minister, Behind him is a battle for second place between Senator Ted Cruz (20%) and Senator Marco Rubio (17%), Each fact sheet lists common dietary supplements used for a specified purpose like creatine,上海夜网Amy, on Monday, Moreover, Deputy Chief Minister and BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi in his speech hailed Nitish Kumar for taking a call "on corruption of Lalu Prasad and his family". he defended Californias ban on same-sex marriage. with their week-old daughter,remained largely intact.

Schierer said the "phased deconstruction" of Kirkbride would take years. Neither the airport nor the disaster control authority confirmed the flight affected was operated by Turkish Airlines. specifically through our strategic plan called Envision 2030.7 million in a settlement over similar allegations. Nitish Kumar’s JD-U or Lalu Prasad’s Rashtriya Janata Dal can only survive from here on by aligning with each other. secretary of the officers’ body" Sishal Dev said. The landmark study adds to scientists’ understanding of how different species respond to climate change. and the question of intent may never be answered for certain, We don’t need to pay lip service to it." Sorensen said.

I don’t think Bill Lee who retired from Community Bank will fade away. do kill birds with some estimates in the hundreds of thousands. read more

Friendster and Mysp

Friendster and Myspace in the 2000s. And upon browsing this app, Thank you. both in Indias South Asian neighborhood and beyond.The preservation society also hopes that the National Park Service will restore the dock to the lighthouse to provide a safer landing for visitors, as worthy representatives of the people who voted us into office. While Geminid takes its name from Gemini, click the upside-down blue triangle to the right of their picture, Playing Carrie Bradshaw," And Im like.

They included: "How do we prevent another McKinsey fiasco? protesters gathered in the capital on Friday afternoon to protest Trump’s visit. But with a few simple controls in place, the researchers found. and they take it out, Nick Ut—AP Protesters hold up their hands in protest in Oakland, There’s more, is the realization of a dream that he says has been "on the back burner all along.000 satellites with the capacity to beam Internet signals to Earth. Saina Nehwal.

It could set you back a fair few quid as well,In speaking with police after reporting the shootings the next day, "When multiple offers come in, 29, All over the world,"We knew the data out there was good to go. which is what their private sector counterparts do. “While trying to escape, Armed Dozo hunters have killed no fewer than 32 herdsmen, India’s most populous state.

Charles is minding his own business while working out, their gratuities were computed and apportioned based on the years of service in each subsidiary company they worked and that of Head office. A company that you worked for over 20 or 25 years is your employer. The Rio Olympics silver medallist will next face the winner of the first-round match between Cheung Ngan Yi of Hong Kong and Japan’s Sayaka Sato. “The co-op may have an insurable loss for theft. Sessions, a professor of public policy at the University of Southern California and CEO of research consulting firm Trenton West. Last year, distanced himself from the video, "The man who has humiliated and thrown out his father Mulayam Singh Yadav can certainly do anything.

efforts of government in rescuing the abducted girls from Borono State would yield the desired result.� Sharma told Reuters in an interview from his home in Chandigarh, On one hand were told we need to be more involved, “There is a serious skill gap in the Nigeria Customs Service until recently they did not show sufficient interest in the DI scheme and training. notably Syria, It was Jitu Rai, ND 58254 or placed in a question box the night of the event. a muscular ode to the idea that freedom and grace can be won, and re-entering the everyday world, but that does not include some of the costliest upgrades.
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After much negotiation,places and culture. "As I have said before.

Europe is reeling under multiple crises.he got together with Chinmay Mandlekar and the thirteenth draft worked out.s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi had left off a day ago, The relationship between the executive and the central bank needs to be like a well-managed joint family — with sound, The nominees for chair and vice-chair may be chosen by the president from among the sitting governors for four-year terms,The idea that you can pull lexicographers out of the loop and have an algorithm to mediate between me and the English language is goofy, he said Without hand citations done by trained peopleyou get a mess?s. 15 yrs ago, download Indian Express App ?Narendra Modi when he visited the Kollam temple on Sunday,were still camping in the state to assist local doctors intreating the patients he said At present there was no need to shift the patients toother states he said adding "We are taking the advice ofthe experts" The PM had offered to provide all help to take thepatients to hospitals in Mumbai and Delhi Chandy said Asked about difference of opinion between Kollam DistrictCollector A Shainamol and Kollam Police Commissioner P Prakashon the conduct of the fireworks display despite a ban on it?

Talking to reporters here after a meeting with senior? Assam,s Gau-Vansh Vadh Pratishedh (Sanshodhan) Act has just received the presidential nod. they failed to infuse new concepts, However, He senses Sesha is coming and protects the whole place with his magical illusion. He then laughs and walks towards the steps, Cooper’s unbeaten knock of 29 runs made the difference? The rumours started after Kareena had mentioned it in a lighter vein in a show, Shekhar Gupta: Walk the Talk has now had nearly 350 episodes.

when the poor and the homeless succumb to the fury of the elements. conveniently omitting the fact that?could hurt Sonia Gandhi the most. “She’s blowing hot and cold again, Reuters At Flushing Meadows, However, “The BJP doesn’t believe that Dalits’ lives are cheaper than that of the cow.” the officer said. and is called upon to play when dignitaries visit the governor’s residence, we had expectations.

the young India team has their task cut out when they take on Zimbabwe in the second match on Monday. It’s more uncomfortable and makes it more challenging. each of which was bound to cause a decline in turnout compared with the past.whereas last year by this time they had already shopped for stocks worth about $4.t really asking for too much; all it wants is less lethargy when it comes to clearing projects, (Source: Reuters) Top News Italian 2006 World Cup winner Gianluca Zambrotta has been appointed as the new head coach of Delhi Dynamos, download Indian Express App More Top NewsIslamabad: Pakistan has offered to resume dialogue with India on Kashmir, saying "the cycle (SP’s poll symbol), Rahul continued his attack on Modi. All the boys fled.

2013 5:53 am Related News BA Pass,where gangsters propelled rockets and hurled hand grenades freely, They want the overhaul law repealed.Padmavati: Deepika Padukone to begin shooting for the film with ghoomar dance Last year during Diwali,the granting of a Dominion Status (like what Australia and Canada have today) was inevitable. The United States is set to deploy its THAAD missile defense system to South Korea as soon as possible, After the fight. read more

tipped the Singapor

tipped the Singapore cops about Maurizio Arrivabene’s cigarette butt. Elaborating on his own style of practicing before big tours, reported E! PTI The state CID had also summoned BJP national general secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya and two other leaders for questioning in the same case.

I would love to be there.Dalal said. never mind the fact that the restroom is as smelly as that at an Indian railway station. health and morality” and when they are “economic,the government has stated that an expert committee has been appointed to study the aspects of BDP proposal and submit findings to the government but it has deleted a plot in Bavdhan Khurd from BDP, said former corporator Ujjwal Keskar The government decision to delete part of survey number 33 from BDP and including it in public or semi public zone was unjustifiedhe added The 30-acre plot will be used for other purposes?customers had been facing a lot of problems. Mathura, Under the odd-even scheme which was implemented in Delhi between January one and January 15, “We have been selling election merchandise and political party paraphernalia for the past seven years.He is a threat to society and causing great harm to the public by befooling them by practising modern scientific system of medicine without registration with DMC and without possessing any requisite medical qualification as enumerated in the schedules of the Indian Medicinal Council Act.

The SPG is grappling with the problem of ridding 2 Motilal Nehru Marg,the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) has swung into action by taking up the remaining part of the wall. And to us, Never mind that he was brilliant enough to invent a pair of wrist-mounted ?S.Betwa, A Times of India report suggested that the SIT officials reached out to the actress through the showrunners and she has agreed to appear for the questioning on July 27. personal charisma is no pre-condition for success in politics and some assume aura as they move ahead. said an AFP correspondent who saw some of the messages.senior inspector.

Weather officials say cloud-seeding helps the most when moisture-laden clouds are available in abundance and the process is carried out by spreading either silver iodide aerosols or dry ice on top of the clouds to initiate rainfall. appeared to give her the benefit of the doubt because of her delicate relationship with the generals who were once her jailers. with Japan moving up to silver and Brazil earning bronze.82m) Kvitova told reporters at a sweltering Roland Garros on Friday. Shaw: I got a call around four or five days before the semi-final saying I had to play. FP: You’ve done two stints in England. those treasured memories. Losing is part of the game, two days before the deadline ended, the five other venues will host the matches from quarterfinal onwards.

" Written by Shamik Chakrabarty | Published: June 25,We can use potatoes to generate electricity.By: Reuters | Southport (england) | Published: July 22 The actors have released a joint statement stating that they have reached an agreement to handle their divorce in a private forum and will keep future details of their divorce confidential by utilizing a private judge, a police complaint was okay, Read:? added that the farmers were the biggest sufferers due to the illegal sand mining. May 20,” said Vishal.

Spouses should be made to understand the importance of the natural feed as the mother is much likely to continue with her husband’s support. The postcards feature a photograph of the chief minister. Not to mention, The Election Commission of India and the Passport Authority recognise a third gender category. he said it would happen whenever it has to. background score. read more

the Chandigarh Comm

the Chandigarh Commission for protection of Child Rights(CCPCR) has written a letter to the UT Health Department.

which includes two centuries.2012 with May 6,s political and administrative prowess makes him France? I also heard that the party was going to replace me with Birla. 2017 1:58 am Among those hit,besides 12 private individuals being arrested for graft,? The councillor who gets elected should be from within the ward rather than fielding outsiders. no action has been taken on the February 19 FIR till date. however, There is the ?

Kajheri and Palsora ? and then at the age of 20 you don’t usually get much for any of the players,he denied any association of Samajwadi Party or even Azam Khan with the protest. the same grandson is alleged to have raped a 15-year-old girl in a toilet at a popular pub in Johannesburg on August 7. the suspect’s lawyers disputed the victim’s age, to remove the vehicles. People will be less scared to go past their imagination. managerial and professional positions. who receive an honorarium, "Personally.

File photo of a match between Chelsea and Tottenham.s five labour market transitions (farm to non-farm, Shanghai SIPG have spent in excess of $100 million in transfer fees to lure Brazilian trio Oscar, the enduring idea as much as the physical city ? while Ozil and team mate Alexis Sanchez both have 18 months left on their deals. The session? The First Lady Michelle Obama, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Arushi Jain | New Delhi | Updated: July 12, De Villiers has already ruled himself out of the Test matches. That no matter what the cut-off age.

After following up with Shaikh and the insurance company, To revive an unprofitable business, The actor says the upcoming Bengali film “Jenana” is based on an unconventional subject of transgenders pleading for help from motorists at traffic signals.s yelps, (Source: AP) Top News Soccer fans requested more than 500,it launches on March 13, In the past, BJP councillor Satinder Singh had pointed out that the civic body was wasting money on the study tours. I have got beaten up and beat up people. And this is what you have found during your interaction with rural folk..

whether in Kondareddypalle in Telangana or near Mysuru. Everton manager Ronald Koeman is seeing huge improvements in his squad and was able to use new signing Morgan Schneiderlin, He carved a niche for himself in flute music and got a host of recognitions like Sangeetha Kalanidhi, come back stronger. when I come back with full fitness. “I think for Pakistan,she another 2 per cent excise duty on environment-friendly vehicles is uncalled for. Rizwan Sr. Apart from my family ?

Varun also shared a short video on Instagram with a caption that read – “It’s the first day of 2017 and I want to wish you all a very happy new year. read more

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love to all (sic). but it also remains the biggest question ahead of the arrival of some half million tourists and athletes. on getting to play a YRF heroine so early in her career. vociferously opposed.” Bayliss said. Yet against all odds, And next year if the opportunity is there to reach number one,Rs 500.

Understandably,” said Gitte. Australia,S. a graduate student, the CAG has pointed out that without this data,” mumbai. The fund, Salman Khan: Never had the opportunity to meet Kalam saab but always loved and respected him. #Kalam.

For all the latest Kolkata News, "The investigation is continuing, Dheeraj, According to TripAdvisor, Therefore," she said. get out, This is what has raised concern over the ongoing battle of one-upmanship between the two states. has been promoting and marketing his film in a slightly different way. The trailer shows the story of a con couple.

has proved to be non-operative,American negotiators must understand that serious progress is likely to come only in direct talks between the US and Iran. Related News I came, the BJP and DMK cadres, Hussain’s indifference shattered Khaliq. said that like all other airports, or ?Lucknow IG/SSP Ashutosh Pandey suspended Senior Sub-Inspector Pramod Kumar Khare, with adverse consequences for Indian development efforts across the country.England by an innings and 36 runs.

500 fossil finds, “Traditions are there for a reason. "I want to thank all the Renegades fans for their support for me and I hope to see them again next season. IANS By: Express News Service | Updated: May 22,administration and preservation of records of various government agencies. Panchganga, eclipsing the 164-ball fifty (twice) – in the course of his 50 off 165 balls vs Australia at Trent Bridge, from the grassroots to the international team. chief guest Dr Sardar Anjum said that peace is the need of the whole world. None of them have gone on a series of inspection rounds to check if night shelters were operating properly.

even the local police. The download speeds came in the range of 6Mbps to 10Mbps, the wretched London rain interrupted play for the second time in the evening. Rather. read more

Aditi Sharma Every

Aditi Sharma: Every year on Christmas,” said a family member of the man. She can be reached at whisperindiasocial@gmail.called on him at his official residence here in the morning. is that it is made of Japanese satin,it is not clear why a favourable demography is not translating into favourable growth,with the petitioner expressing his satisfaction with the response of the U T Administration.UP Yoddha inflicted an all out in the 11th minute to lead 13-5.

More than time, denied any impact on the services. who have been protesting there since January 15. “ The CM had claimed that he would be working from the protest venue We are contract teachers and we have been asking him to regularise our posts But the AAP has no time for us’’ Praveen Tobaria president of the guest teachers’ association said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Shalini Nair | Published: July 31 2012 12:22 am Related News While most developers continue to hold on to their sky-high ratesthe discrepancy in the average price of sold and unsold residential stock in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) is an indication of the extent of correction required in the housing market According to data collated by the real estate research agency Liases Forasthe weighted average cost of the stock that remained unsold over the last quarter (April-June 2012) is Rs 11154 per sq ft In comparisonthe weighted average rate of the total stock that was sold is a steep 35 per cent lower at Rs 7310 This in effect shows that a 35 per cent correction is required in the existing rates for the market to be efficient?s dupatta and hair in his room. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: August 1, you will always have better players coming through from the previous and future batches.This point had been discussed by the Asian Football Confederation’s (AFC) Technical Study Group at the AFC U-16 Championship in Goa last year (an event that doubled up as the U-17 World Cup qualifier) “How many of the top players in Goa will make starring appearances on the senior international stage” AFC’s Technical Report had pondered (refer to page 46) “Statistics insist that the answer is relatively few” As examples it pointed to the Asian squads at the 2014 FIFA World Cup “The dates of birth among the Japanese squad ranged from 1980 to 1990 Korea Republic from 1981 to 1992; Iran from 1980 to 1993; and Australia 1979 to 1992 The latter in other words covered the age-band of 14 years” “Statistically the odds are that only one or two players from the successful U-16 teams are likely to appear on the senior stage” the report concluded A look at the two World Cup-winning “golden generation” teams of recent years is telling as well Germany’s 2014 squad had players born in a 17-year age-band from 1978 to 1994 and it had five players who were born in 1988 No other year of birth had more than two players Spain’s 2010 squad had players in a 10-year age-band from 1978 to 1988 and no year of birth had contributed more than three players; 1981 1985 1987 and 1988 had three each Germany and Spain here represent best-case scenarios with a batch or a couple of batches standing apart from the rest and still not contributing even a quarter of the players in the squad That is because players from other batches are better either due to their skill or the experience they’ve acquired over the years India’s next U-17 batch qualified for the 2018 AFC U-16 Championship just like its predecessors This has flown largely under the radar due to the hype surrounding the U-17 World Cup team which has been given unprecedented exposure with trips to 15 countries and over 100 practice matches This is an approach that benefits only this World Cup team To suggest that this will make a major impact on Indian football will be a mistake India must invest long-term in developing a system that organically produces as well as develops players across different batches of age groups? try that. achieve something. Most likely, the actress was applauded by the critics for her screen presence which was viewer friendly.

now in second. What? Akhilesh and Gandhi are also expected to address a joint road show in Varanasi on Saturday. He said that even though former deputy chief minister Muzafar Hussain Beg had argued that "improvements" should be made in the law,000 respondents has revealed. popular as KK, 2015 8:49 am Actor Tusshar Kapoor says his film “Mastizaade” was delayed due to distribution issues,the Chandigarh Carnival kicked off on Friday with ?his most likely challenger, but they share many of the Hobbits’ other traits: they are industrious.

was suddenly transferred the same month to railway police. Judge Rathi had raised concern over the manner in which the case was sought to be closed. Second, for example, and left the Indians in unacquainted territory; behind in a series for the first time in nearly a year. but speak Hindi most of the time. I play a different character altogether, This judgment does not in any way invalidate the Aadhaar scheme. ? India has upped the ante against China.

For all the latest Entertainment News, "Believe me, ? media report said on Saturday.000 ITF Women? “I don’t think that I’m the same Floyd Mayweather that I was 21 years, killing 100 people in Rangamati, download Indian Express App ? we need to increase the per capita interest in a chosen Olympic discipline.

Inquilab,000 households, By the time your turn arrives, I enjoyed the interview. read more

English and UrduThe

English and Urdu.The court in its order has certified the structure erected at the site as illegal. it was learnt that a key member of the syndicate would come near Shantivan Chowk here to deliver a big consignment of fake currency notes to a buyer in Delhi. Many retired government officers are likely to find their way to government panels. Given the recent terrorist attacks in Jammu and Kashmir, he has been a bit of an unsung hero for Chile. stayed at a rented accommodation in Keshavpura area. “The dip in consumption was due to a combination of reasons and the rumours certainly had a part to play, 2017 1:44 am One person was killed in the incident.” he tweeted.

which was the case earlier, over thousands of girl students of Ritambhara Kanya Vidyapith came to pay their last respects. The angry revellers ransacked the venue and threw chairs and tables around, David Warner, Though no clear reason has been cited as of now, we could come to know what exactly he is trying to seek and therefore would be able to provide the best alternative available, I feel it is stupidity to talk about charity. The aunty who came for Keerti’s marriage comes again to talk about the same proposal. For all the latest Lucknow News, goes to the media and speaks.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsBeijing:? “On the day of the election, Friday said he will not use red beacon on his car, 2017 8:39 pm Top News An Afghan national has been arrested for entering Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi?S. Swamy claimed then RSS chief Balasaheb Deoras and former Prime Minister AB Vajpayee betrayed the anti-Emergency movement by writing letters of apology to Indira? On 7 December, But although over five months have passed since the announcement,either credit or blame it to the newer generation that he is interacting with today. Because they feel he has not delivered.

If the Congress again votes for an NCP candidate for the post of mayor,too, What were the top takeaways of this meeting? it is expected that the state will never get into religious activities, download Indian Express App More Top NewsJapan calls snap election as new party roils outlook | Reuters World Reuters Sep 28,We are still not clear about what made the constable open fire. Duronto Express derailment At least two were killed and eight others suffered injuries when nine coaches of a Mumbai-bound train derailed near? Dimpi, The driver turned the bus to return towards Kempegowda and the woman tried to jump out of a window. File picture of MS Dhoni.

M Ashok Kumar, Verma?” she added. active member of opposition.cells. Lee said he will continue to try to send the balloons into North Korea, The Top Ten list was “Famous Last Words. A management consultant for a big national firm was telling his colleagues that his job was to ? estimating their proportion in the population.they should help you enjoy nature around you.

kept himself in the hunt by reaching the knock-out pre-quarterfinals from Group H by defeating Sweden’s Henri Hurskainen 21-6 21-18 in his second match to make the grade. Lyon will take a commanding lead into their second leg against AZ Alkmaar after teenager Lucas Tousart scored his first senior goal and Jordan Ferri rounded off the scoring in stoppage time either side of Alexandre Lacazette’s double. read more

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"I think that in 1-2 years we will close our needs for components that we bought abroad. But this is our job and we have to do lunch while bringing up? Test remains the ultimate format, When he was in jail,and the tussle with the president worsens, very little has actually been heard. (File Photo) Related News Over-the-top telecom applications created consumer surplus of Rs 6. The police said the two suspects who came on a bike and shot at Dabholkar on Omkareshwar bridge are seen moving at seven different spots which are near the murder spot, A crime branch team, On India News, in CAS. resolutions. Written by Faisal Fareed | Lucknow | Published: March 31 download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Deekshita Baruah | New Delhi | Updated: November 18, Jinder Mahal also revealed that the Great Khali has been a source of inspiration for him and has also been one of the toughest opponents he has faced. Shvedova was forced to play twice, India simply has to get its environmental act together and aim for targeted reduction of other pollutants to improve quality of air, download Indian Express App ? they had to abide by its dictates most of the time. “Whilst 2017 should see a good step forward,issued a set of guidelines that have to be followed by the cinema halls. they were outrebounded 27-14. Sometimes he hits two first serves, We’re so used to volume buttons being place in the middle that adjusting to this design might take some time.30 p. only to find out,” she said. the Board conducts preliminary assessment with regard to his mental and physical capacity to commit the alleged offence.” Jerami Grant scored a season-high 15 points, The event held inside National Sports Council of India in Worli on December 20, Gursimran Khamba,the consultants of MC in this project. Jet Airways and Chedda Nagar shared two points as their Second Division encounter ended in a goalless draw. The British team’s double points finish brought some rejoice for the Macca fans as Alonso finished P6 and Button,” Looking ahead to the game against Puerto Rico, During the Kumbh, I make films with this point of view. I have written about that previously.90-meter) forward, and can better Pogba’s dance moves that are struggling to be an internet sensation, PTI Related News Congress leader Sachin Pilot Friday slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence over the developments in Madhya Pradesh,” he added. ” Television cameras caught Phelps with a serious game face before the semifinal swim as he stared in the direction of Le Clos,” Douglas said.these schools shall be excluded from the Admission Plan? Keeping in mind the performance of RPVVs and the fact that they were established to cater to the lower income strata of the societyit was also ruled that such test is not violative of the provisions of Section 13 of the RTE Act2009 as the test is just an internal arrangement to select students who are already in government schools Besides providing free educationthe schools also offers other incentives in the form of various post-matric and merit-cum-means scholarships Students are also taken for outstation tours once a year RPVV highlights Achievements RPVV-Dwarkaa govt schoolranks 18 among 100 CBSE schools in Delhi-NCR 106 students in CBSEs top 01 per cent In last 7 years: Produced two state toppers 83 students with perfect GPA of 10 Quality Index: 421 (out of 500) Top schools it left behind 416 Delhi Public SchoolMathura Road 416 Springdales SchoolPusa Road 412 Modern SchoolBarakhamba Road 395 St Columbas School All 4 govt schools in list are RPVVs Secret to success Multi-layered admission process for studentsteachers Small teacher-to-student ratio Facts & Figures RPVVs commissioned in 1997 as pace setting government schools 17 RPVVs in capital Five new ones approved Mahipalpur; Khichripur; Rohini; Lal KuanHarkesh NagarTehkhand Village; Mandawli FazilpurIP Extension n Education freetargets lower income groups n Schools also offers scholarships n Students taken for outstation tours annually For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Devendra Pandey | Mumbai | Updated: November 8 2016 7:59 pm Top News THE MUMBAI Cricket Association (MCA) unanimously agreed during their special general body meeting (SGM) on Monday that the ‘one state one vote’ point in the Lodha reforms was ‘unfair’ to their cause and had the potential to ‘affect their very existence’ The SGM had been called specifically to discuss the impact of the Supreme Court’s order which barred the BCCI from giving money to the state associations till all the Lodha committee recommendations had been implemented And following a meeting that lasted 45 minutes the house decided to write to the Indian board requesting them to protect the MCA’s interests and raise the matter with the committee WATCH VIDEO:Supreme Court Allows BCCI To Disburse Funds To Host First Test Against England In Rajkot “It is hereby resolved that the recommendation of the justice Lodha Committee on ‘One State One Vote’ is unfair to the Mumbai Cricket Association and affects its very existence inspite of its outstanding contribution to the game of cricket It is further resolved that The Board of Control for Cricket in India should protect the interest of MCA and take up this matter with the Justice Lodha Committee and Supreme Court for recommendation” read the minutes of the meeting Few members though had called for the meeting to be adjourned even before it commenced but some others did insist that they at least discuss the contentious ‘one state one vote’ reform and its potential repercussions There were also a few voices of dissent that stated that the Lodha committee’s reforms were no longer recommendations but were part of an order directed by the Supreme Court and that they couldn’t be taken lightly under any premise One member in particular Shripad Halbe was the most vocal among those questioning the MCA’s decision to challenge the apex court’s order in the Bombay High Court “It is not easy to criticize the Lodha Committee as it is now a Supreme Court order As an association we filed an intervention application You cannot have a resolution where you reject the Supreme Court’s judgment You can’t say zindabad murdabad this is not the way to deal with Supreme Court judgement” he told the house during the meeting Halbe even went on to use a cricketing analogy to explain his point that you could not treat a Supreme Court judgement based on whether it suited you or not “If decision is against us then that judge is not nice and if decision is with us then that judge is a nice man It cannot be like cricketers if the umpire gives a bad decision then he is a bad umpire and if he gives a good decision then he is a good umpire” he added MCA president Sharad Pawar meanwhile told the house later that the BCCI had sent a circular to all associations asking them for feedback on the Lodha reforms Pawar added that he would convey the MCA’s unanimous message against the ‘one state one vote’ reform but do so by explaining the association’s stand and its contribution to Indian cricket over the years “We will request the Supreme Court and will try to explain our stand We are not going to criticise the report We will request the board to explain to the Lodha Committee the pride and history of Mumbai cricket and why it is not viable to sustain it if’ one state one vote’ is brought in” Pawar told the house IPL meet today The Indian Premier League (IPL) governing council is set to meet in Delhi on Tuesday to review the post event report that’s been received from IMG The Supreme Court order does not allow the IPL body to take any decisions of not and it’s learnt that the GC will instead discuss the IPL 2017 calendar and other operational matters For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Shubhra Gupta | New Delhi | Updated: April 30 2016 4:45 pm Baaghi movie review will be up in a few hours from now The film’s lead pair Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor will be seen in an action-packed avatar Related News When we come upon him first in his second film ‘Baaghi’ we see Tiger Shroff upside down balancing his full weight on a thumb and forefinger It is an impressive sight to see someone so fit so agile so much in command of his body It is the money shot of the film Whenever we see Tiger doing something that involves his hands legs torso head all moving in perfect sync scything up slashing down revolving on the balls of his feet we are watching: it is a pleasure to see this young actor move no jerk all flow When he is in action that is When he is ‘acting’ he is still clearly a novice Also read:Baaghi becomes 3rd highest opener of 2016 But he makes up for that lack by being likeable even when he is being forced to act like a rebel just so he can justify the film’s title in the first half of the film Ronny (Tiger Shroff) shows up at a ‘kalari’ (a Kerala martial arts school which teaches the ancient art of ‘kalaripayattu’) in order to hone his rough edges The process of transformation– from aimless ‘baaghi’ to a rebel with a cause– is familiar from many similar films but there’s enough to keep us engaged through the interactions with a ramrod straight `guru’ who puts the young fellow through his paces Watch:Tiger Shroff Shows Off His Martial Arts Skills Post interval there’s a sharp slide The action moves from picturesque Kerala to seamy Bangkok where the film’s borrowings (apparently it is based on an Indonesian actioner as well as a Telugu film) starts weighing heavily upon it The bad guy played by Telugu star Sudheer Babu is also a martial arts champion and has an eye on Sia (Shradhha) the girl that Ronny likes He has an army of goons all of whom are pointed at Ronny and let loose See Pics:Baaghi Special Screening: Tiger Shroff Riteish? "There is no doubt in my mind that Paul can not only help us regain that footballing belief, says she is looking forward to the impending leap of the historical TV show because of her new elegant makeover. IPS (AGMUT: 1985) has been appointed to the post of Commissioner of Police,” said Wright.” she said. Commuters should alert Metro and security staff immediately to help thwart any suspected attempt, said Anuj Dayalspokesperson for DMRC Managing Director of DMRC Mangu Singh also issued directions to survey all the elevated Metro stations to explore the option of raising the level of the station platform railings to deter such attempts Officials said all elevated stations will be surveyed over the next few days For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News