Sumner County Sheriff Weekly Jail bookings April 21-28, 2014

first_imgSedgwick Co18 Bookings Mulvane Ables, Robert E.50Mayfield, Ks.Shawnee County Jail SUSOProbation Violation4/25/14 Caldwell PD Monday 0600  to  Monday 0600  WEEKLY   BOOKINGS 4/21/2014 thru 4/28/2014  Smith, Joseph L.45Wellington, Ks.607 S. Jefferson, Wellington Ks.WPD2 Cowley County warrants for F.T.A.4/21/14 Hervey, Anthony32Wichita KsI35 MP 33 Mulvane KsKHPDriving while suspended, No liability insurance4/22/14 Bensler, William P.27Bedford, Tx.I-34, MP 16KHPDriving while suspended4/24/14 Cox, William W.45Argonia, Ks.1200 N. U.S. 81SUSODriving under the influence4/24/14 Bickel, Deric T.21Wellington, Ks.500 N.Washington, Wellington Ks.SUSOServe Sentence4/24/14 Smith, Zachary33Oxford Ks202 E Olive Oxford KsSUSOWarrant (Probation Violation)4/22/14 Zirkle, Wendy M.45South Haven, Ks500 N. Washington , Wellington Ks.SUSOJackson County Warrant4/23/14 Lee, Richard T.43Frontenac Ks.Crawford County JailSUSOFailure to Appear4/24/14 Pete, Valley45Wichita KsHarvey County JailSUSOFailure to appear warrant4/25/14 Vaquera, Juan D.32Wheeler, Tx.I-35, MP 27KHPDriving while suspended4/24/14 Delaney, Charles R. II33Rose Hill Ks.777 Kansas Star Drive, Mulvane Ks.SUSODriving while suspended4/23/14 McClure, Mark J.44Oxford, Ks.1110 S. “C” Street, Wellington Ks.WPDProbation Violation4/23/14 Christopher, Gary E.33Mulvane, Ks.610 E. Hillside, Wellington KS.SUSOServing Sentence 5 Days4/21/14 Thompson, Casey J.29Augusta, Ks.1300 N. K-15SUSOD.U.I., D.W.S., Poss. of Paraphernailia, Poss. of Drugs4/24/14 Bail Bondsman NameAgeHome TownLocation of ArrestAgencyChargesDate of Arrestcenter_img Coady, Jonanthan K.30Wichita Ks610 E. Hillside, Wellington KS.SUSOServing Sentence 48 Hours4/25/14 Wellington PD4 Hobby, Deborah44Wichita Ks1300 N. U.S. 81 Highway Peck KsSUSOShawnee County Warrant for Making False Information and Theft by Deception:two or more acts4/26/14 Lawrie, Robert23Wichita KsI35 MP 4 South Haven KsKHPCloud County Warrant Arrest (Failure to Appear)4/21/14 KHP5 Hughes, Rayshon T.27Wichita Ks610 E. Hillside, Wellington KS.SUSOServing Sentence 48 Hours4/25/14         Smith, Jesse R.27Milton, Ks.K-42 and Bluff Rd., Viola, KSKHPDriving under the influence, Driving while suspended, and No Proof of Insurance4/25/14 Sumner Co20 The weekly bookings at the Sumner County Detention Center is as follows for the week April 21-28, 2014: McPhail, Randall20Wellington, Ks.Circle and High Dr Wellington KsSUSODriving under the influence & Possession of Controlled Substance4/22/14 Hunter, Steven Ryan23Wellington, Ks.200 N. C St 100 Wellington, KSWPDContribute to child misconduct, Indecent Solicitation of a child, Electronic Solicitation, Interference with LEO4/27/14 Stewart, Melissa L.39Newton, Ks500 N. Washington , Wellington Ks.SUSOTheft4/23/14 Pettegrew, Tanya D.39Winfield, Ks..500 N. Washington, Wellington Ks.SUSOProbation Violation4/23/14 Osborne, Edwood18Wellington, Ks.400 N US 81 Wellington KsSUSOPossession of Hallucinogen, Distribute controlled substance4/25/14 Yrure, Gregorio52Hialeah, Florida610 E. Hillside, Wellington KS.SUSOFailure to Appear4/21/14 Mullins, Elroy R. Jr.28Wichita Ks500 N. Washington, Wellington Ks.SUSOFailure to Appear4/24/14 Martin, Randal J.22Mulvane, Ks.400 E. 16th, Wellington Ks.WPDReckless Driving, Fleeing and Eluding LEO4/24/14 Aiken, Colby31Derby, Ks500 N. Washington, Wellington Ks.SUSOServing Sentence 48 hours, then 48 hours for Sedgwick County4/22/14 Belle Plainelast_img read more

What’s the Matter with Us Is Us

first_imgIt was vice President Bene DeQuincy Warner who in the date 1970s first uttered this blunt and cogent remark: “What’s the matter with us is us.”What did he mean?He meant that all the ills afflicting our country can be attributed to ourselves.How? Too often we respond to the challenges and problems of governance and Nation building with a terrible sense of inadequacy. And what are the elements of this inadequacy?They are at least seven. First the lack of patriotism. We Liberians neither love our country nor one another.Second, we are selfish, we think too much of ourselves and almost always place our own selfish interests BEFORE the interest of Liberia.Third, just as one female Liberian thinker and writer once wrote, because we are selfish, we are also stupid. She actually wrote: “We are selfish because we are stupid, and stupid because we are selfish.”The fourth element of our inadequacy is what appears to be and indeed is our propensity to be corrupt. Just recently a major non-governmental organization (NGO) which made a huge contribution to our fight against Ebola testified before the UnitedStates Congress. That NGO told Congress that if ever they had any money to give Liberia, they should send their own people to spend it, because the Liberians are too corrupt to handle American or anybody else’s money. They will eat up every cent!The fifth element of Liberia’s inadequacy is our consistent and determined LACK of worth ETHIC. Give any Liberian – be he or she a civil servant, a technician in any field – a job to do and he or she will delay, delay, delay the work, or not do it at all. Worse, if he or she is paid in advance, you are in trouble, because not only will the job delay; often times he or she will elope. A young woman recently paid a cabinet maker on Benson Street, Crown Hill US$450 to make a bed. She was never able to find him again. And his co-workers who knew him always told her when she enquired, “the man was just here few minutes ago but we don’t know where he gone.” This is the constant habit of Liberians – covering up one another’s corruption.All too many Liberian civil servants in most if not all government agencies will demand a bribe before doing their work. Many customers complain that they have had to “buy lunch” or give a financial inducement even to pay their taxes at the Ministry of Finance.On arrival at the Robert International Airport, business people can get almost anything through customs only if they are prepared to “dash” the Customs Officers “something”, meaning little money. Imagine how much money government loses every day and night of the year!At the higher governmental level, look what has happened to the National Oil Company (NOCAL). And the people who are in charge told the world they are doing their “best” there. The sixth element of Liberians’ inadequacy is envy. Liberians normally hate to see their fellow Liberian prosper. Liberians behave like crabs in a bucket. Whenever one crab dares to escape and liberate itself, the other crabs gang up and pull it back into the bucket. We find it extremely difficult to help one another. Better help a foreigner than a fellow Liberian. Better patronize a foreigner business than a Liberian one.There are certain people in this administration who have anointed themselves as chief defenders, promoters and protectors of foreign business people. They are prepared to cry down or fight any Liberian business person in favor of a foreign businessperson, be he or she Lebanese, Indian, Chinese, Fula or any other nationality but Liberian.In the 1970s a Liberian young professional wrote a book on a critical national subject. The publishers of the book, a major United Nations organization, sent several boxes of the book to two relevant ministries of government –Education and Information, Culture and Tourism. When the author returned home to enquire about the books, neither ministry could give an account of them. Both ministries he was told had had the books discarded. Why? Because officials of these ministries, who had been over many years in the position to write the book but failed to take the initiative, become ENVIOUS. If they didn’t write it, who is he to write it?The question is can any country be built on envy?Yet we admire America, Europe and other countries forging ahead, without even bothering to know how these countries got to where they are.Too many young Liberians, after winning fellowship to travel abroad for further studies, returned to their rural villages to say “goodbye.” Many of them never returned to Monrovia to catch the plane. They were afflicted by witchcraft and dies – all because of envy.An aged woman in Cape Mount had two highly successful daughters who wanted to build a modern home for their mother. “Are you ready for me to die?” their mother asked them. “Why?” They asked. She replied, “The minute my neighbors see the work going up they will try to kill me because of envy.” The house was never built.The seventh element of Liberians’ inadequacy is our failure to learn what makes some people successful. We did not learn business acumen from the Syrians, we have not learned from the Lebanese or Indians, nor from the Fulas. Because of this failure, we have not developed the entrepreneurial capacity.This Newspaper has long complained of foreign domination of our economy. But who is to blame but ourselves? We have the ball in our own hands, but for all these reasons listed above, we have failed to play the game properly.The Daily Observer was also often complained that the government has done and is doing little or nothing to change this dangerous and dehumanizing status quo. But we wish to make it crystal clear that government alone cannot do it. Yes, the government, through its macroeconomic policies, must establish the enabling environment for Liberians to play a meaningful, effective and profitable role in the economy. The rest is left to the Liberians themselves to take the bull by the horns and go running with it. Liberians must be serious and diligent about their business. They must invest, turn over the investment, open their stores on time, be courteous and faithful to their customers and manage their money with efficiency and integrity.Unless we overcome these inadequacies, foreign business people will continue to be kings in Liberia, while we Liberians remain peons, paupers and slaves in our own country.But we can overcome! Remember that in history, the Phoenicians, great-grand fathers of Lebanese, boasted that when they were ruling the seas, the English were wearing skins. But who built the British Empire that for nearly a century ruled three quarters of the world, including the lands of the Phoenicians?The English.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

India to soon offer full scholarships to young Guyanese

first_imgIndian High Commissioner to Guyana Dr KJ SrinivasaIndian High Commissioner to Guyana Dr K.J. Srinivasa on Wednesday paid a courtesy call to Georgetown Mayor, Ubraj Narine.During that visit, several areas of interest were discussed. Among these was the granting of scholarships to Guyanese. In an invited comment by the Department of Public Information (DPI), Dr Srinivasa said the aim is to build the skills of young people in Guyana.He explained that as part of the International Cooperation Programme, there is ITEC, the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation programme; through which short course fully-funded scholarships are given to young students and graduates in various fields. “I was just discussing with the mayor that we are ready to extend that cooperation and we are trying to increase the slots for Guyana,” the Indian High Commissioner stated.Scholarships will also be given for cultural aspects where interested persons will go to India to learn about their heritage and culture. Dr Srinivasa also indicated that the Commission will help the city of Georgetown beautify the area around the Mahatma Gandhi statue since this year will be the 150th year of his birth. Garbage disposal is another area of interest that will see support offered to the city, with plans to adopt a similar system to one of the cities in India.Additionally, the Indian High Commissioner said he intends to strengthen the bilateral ties between India and Guyana and to work with the CaricomSecretariat to strengthen the relationship with the Caribbean community and India. Also present was during the courtesy call was Deputy-Mayor Alfred Mentore.last_img read more

Govt still mum on clarity of Opposition list of nominees

first_imgGECOM Chair selectionOpposition Leader Bharrat JagdeoPresident David GrangerFormer Attorney GeneralAnil NandlallFormer Opposition Chief Whip Gail TeixeiraAt end of the third day of talks between the Government and Opposition representatives on nominees for the new Chair of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) still could not get clarity on whether its reduced list of five names are acceptable by President David Granger.PPP Executive Member and former Opposition Chief Whip, Gail Teixeira, who is leading the team on behalf of Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo had written her government counterpart, Joseph Harmon, the Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency, seeking clarity on a number of issues including what it meant by “shortlisting”, among other terms used.According to Teixeira, while the Opposition has accepted the rejection of six names from a pool of 11 nominees, they are still not sure whether those five “shortlisted” are acceptable to the president or not.Former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall stated that there was no decision made at that engagement, whereby 13 names were agreed upon for consideration by the President and the Leader of the Opposition.“We attended today’s (Thursday’s) meeting with the hope of securing this crucial clarification and we sought same at the very commencement of the meeting. Without giving us a clear and definitive assurance that the names “shortlisted” are “not unacceptable” to the President, the President’s delegation proceeded to add another name to those already “shortlisted”. Notwithstanding, we continue to clamour for that crucial clarification, but in vain. Instead, the President’s delegation begun to bizarrely demand that we begin to “hammer out” the eight (8) names suggested by the President”, Nandlall later explained.Nandlall further pointed out that the eight names having emanated from the President, must be taken to be “not unacceptable” to the President and that Article 161 (2), as interpreted by the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), requires the “hammering out” of names submitted by the Opposition Leader in order to identify those which find the “not acceptability” of the President, since the President is not permitted to appoint one of his own choosing.“It is at this stage that we were met with the shocking disclosure from the President’s delegation that those 8 names do not enjoy the confidence of the President!!! Expectedly, this disclosure revealed to us that continuing the engagement would not yield the desired result. Hence, we decided to abort it and revert to our respective Principals”, he added.As such, Nandlall highlighted that only five names were “shortlisted” in moving forward and they are none the wiser in relation to the reason for the “shortlisting”.Meanwhile, earlier on Thursday, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo at his weekly press conference had said that the engagement between the representatives is time-wasting.Apart from noting that some of the objections raised by the representatives from the government’s side on his 11 nominees are frivolous, Jagdeo added that it appears as though the members of government’s delegation seem to be exercising their own opinions on the Opposition’s nominees and then still have to go to the President for his.“If this is a time-wasting thing then let’s go back to the Leader of the Opposition meeting directly with the President on this matter. So if he says directly I find this name acceptable or unacceptable then we can discuss that or if he gives a reason (for rejection) then I can say that’s not an objective reason directly to his face rather than go through these representatives because right we don’t know on whose behalf they’re speaking,” the Opposition Leader posited, noting that his representatives is constantly in touch with him and seeking his input during the discussions.Moreover, Jagdeo went onto accuse the Coalition of putting up a front to mislead the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), which will be handing down consequential orders today on the way forward, as part of their tactic to delay the impending elections.“I had warned right when we came out of the meeting (with the President last week) that we have to watch out during this short period that they may seem like they’re full of cooperation and want to be helpful etc… But once we get pass the consequential order of the court, because the court would feel ‘Oh, there’s a process ongoing so let us not interfere in this’, that thereafter everything slows down consistent with their thrust to delay elections,” the Opposition Leader stated.last_img read more

The Premier League table that makes surprise reading for Arsenal

first_imgArsenal have had a mixed start to the season, but we’ve got a table that goes some way to explaining where the Gunners need to improve.We’ve discovered how long each team in the Premier League has been in the lead in their matches so far this season (correct up to 17 October 2014).As you’d expect, Chelsea are top having been in front for 380 minutes of their matches to date.But not all clubs’ total number of minutes leading corresponds as you might expect with their actual league position… Arsenal: clock watchers 2 2 Arsenal in particular stand out, because the Gunners are eighth in the Premier League table, despite only being in front for a total of 69 matches in the matches they have played.It seems they are leaving it late to put games to bed. If they can change that, perhaps a surge up the table will follow?Check out for more smart football stats and graphicslast_img read more

Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane involved in car accident

first_img1 Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neill and his assistant Roy Keanemartin o’n Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neill and his assistant Roy Keane were involved in a road traffic accident on Tuesday, though it was confirmed the pair were not seriously hurt.The Football Association of Ireland announced the incident in a post on its Twitter feed, and a team spokesperson confirmed all involved avoided serious injury and were able to return to the team hotel.The FAI stated on Twitter: “The ROI management team were involved in collision on M50 earlier.“Vehicle was rear ended in traffic. They have returned to the hotel and have been seen by the team doctor.”A spokesperson said O’Neill and Keane were accompanied by coaches Seamus McDonagh, Steve Guppy and Steve Walford at the time of the accident.The worst any of the five suffered were minor injuries, the FAI confirmed, with the team doctor able to look after their scrapes.The accident comes ahead of the Republic’s Euro 2016 qualifying match against Scotland at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.The M50 motorway in Ireland runs in a C shape around much of Dublin.last_img read more

‘There are bad decisions, there are sins, and then there is Raheem Sterling’s haircut’

first_imgMatch-winner Andy Carroll, who unveiled a Monica Geller from Friends inspired look in West Ham United’s victory over Southampton on Monday, has a little competition in the hairdo department.And it comes in the shape of his former Liverpool team-mate Raheem Sterling.As with Carroll, the Internet was quick to react to Sterling’s unavoidable new image.Take a look at the best reactions to the England international’s barnet… Manchester City winger Raheem Sterling 1last_img

Workin’ 9 to 5

first_imgAs Southern California’s economy draws strength, the labor market is maintaining a steady march with job seekers finding more success in the San Fernando Valley. Consumer confidence is stable, despite concerns about a cooling housing market. Businesses are hiring more people, even though the trade deficit and a weak dollar are drawing concern from local importers. And economists forecast that California’s labor market will gain more momentum, barring any significant changes to the housing market. “We’ve had nice job growth, with strength expected in professional business services,” said Dan Blake, professor of economics at California State University, Northridge. Blake forecasts job growth of 1.7 percent this year, in line with last year’s expectations. A year ago, labor analysts defined the lack of growth as a “jobless recovery.” Hindering progress: the lack of a resolution to the conflict in Iraq, the lack of more stringent cost controls for workers’ compensation insurance and the inability to keep down college tuition. But Royal Staffing Services in Westlake Village isn’t noticing any hindrance to the job market. Joe Cummings, president and chief executive officer of Royal Staffing, said a bevy of jobs have recently opened up in the customer service departments. “Everyone is paying closer attention to these jobs, which is a good thing for those in need of employment,” said Cummings, also noting that administrative jobs are a key growth area. “And if every company wants to strive and do better, that can only improve the job market.”160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORE‘Mame,’ ‘Hello, Dolly!’ composer Jerry Herman dies at 88 The job growth will be strongest at accounting firms and other professional services, which includes health care. Blake said temporary workers are in a good position as law firms and business consultants beef up their staffs. UCLA expects California to have anemic growth across the economy for the next two years and sidestep a recession. Meanwhile, home prices should plateau and the pace of new home construction moderate. The Anderson Forecast also expects California job growth to slip this year and 2007. But Jack Kyser, chief economist of the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp., said the overall employment picture is positive at the moment. “And if you are in the technology industry, biomedical or financial services, the outlook is good,” he said, “while those in the entertainment industry will probably be a little nervous about labor unrest and things like runaway production.” Outside the entertainment industry, said Abel Alcocer, labor analyst with the EDD, as long as the real estate market doesn’t implode, the job market should remain steady. “However, we are still in a period where we are not really growing. I’d say growth is marginal at best.”last_img read more

Celebrations as Paul and Karen complete mission to Malin

first_imgA brave couple who walked a 1,000km Wild Atlantic Relay from Mizen to Malin Head have successfully completed their journey. Paul and Karen McGovern reached Ireland’s most northerly point yesterday, Thursday, after an intensive two months of walking up the Wild Atlantic Way.Image: Centra IrelandPaul and Karen led the walk to raise funds and awareness of Multiple Sclerosis in Ireland. Paul, aged 37, has secondary progressive MS, which made this all the more challenging. They set off from Mizen Head in Cork on June 4th with a huge goal of covering an average of 20 miles a day to make up 990km (615 miles).Paul and his wife Karen had a tough week doing a succession of long walks in Donegal as they took on 28 mile stretches before reaching Malin. In four days, with rest days in between, they trekked 120miles to their end goal.They have planned a well-earned day off today to celebrate the remarkable achievement which has inspired many communities to donate and hold fundraisers for MS Ireland. Sadly, it is believed that this may be Paul’s last adventure.Paul is from Dunleer County Louth and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of MS eight years ago. He and Karen walked from Ireland’s west to east coast in 10 days two years ago. As Paul’s condition progresses his physical health will become more limited.Centra Donegal TownPaul and Karen’s walk is supported by Centra and they made many pit stops at Centra stores all along the Wild Atlantic Way. They have been warmly welcomed by communities across the west coast who have been hosting fundraising days for MS Ireland.The team have collected approx €30,000 in donations along the way. They had originally set a €100,000 target, but have changed their goal to €50,000 in the hope of gathering more funding for MS services nationwide.Donations can be left into local participating Centra shops and donations can also be made on-line here: Paul and Karen on Celebrations as Paul and Karen complete mission to Malin was last modified: July 21st, 2017 by Rachel McLaughlinShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Centrakaren mcgovernMalin HeadMS IrelandPaul McGovernWALKlast_img read more


first_imgDONEGAL Action Against Austerity says it’s refusing to give up on its campaign against the home tax – despite the powers of the Revenue to collect it.”People in Donegal understand too well what more austerity and taxes will mean for them ,it will mean no improvement in employment in the county and even more emigration from Donegal,” said Joe Murphy today.“Five years of austerity have hammered ordinary people. No more. The Government must be stopped in their tracks on this one. These robbers are planning to deduct the tax straight from wages,social welfare, pensions or farm payments if you refuse to sign up for it. “It is a new income tax and a new social welfare cut all rolled into one! And for what?” he asked.He insisted “the fight can be won” and called on people to refuse to register for the tax.“Ignore the Revenue correspondence. Ignore the registration deadlines in May. Even if they threaten to double your property tax for refusing to register people should still boycott,” said Murphy.“Last year they threatened court cases and 2500 euro fines for the 662,000 households who boycotted the household charge. But they couldn’t implement the penalties because the opposition was so large. “A massive boycott of the property tax forms will put the Government under real pressure. However, a boycott on its own is not enough because the Government have given the Revenue the power to deduct the tax from wages and social welfare on July 1st.This means that the Government must be forced back – either on the property tax or on the threat to deduct. How can this be done? Only by a massive protest movement.“This means huge numbers on the street,it means political pressure, it means civil disobedience, it means industrial action. In this way a blow can be struck against the property tax,against the plan to introduce a water tax and against the entire austerity agenda.Such a movement will have to be built in communities and workplaces across the country. Thousands of volunteers are needed. Join the Campaign Against Household and Water Taxes today and join Donegal Action Against Austerity.” CAMPAIGNERS REFUSING TO GIVE UP ON HOUSEHOLD TAX BOYCOTT was last modified: March 23rd, 2013 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:CAMPAIGNERS REFUSING TO GIVE UP ON HOUSEHOLD TAX BOYCOTTDAAADonegal Action Against Austeritylast_img read more