The NCAA is ridiculous, Vol. infinity: Tennessee violations included a Jeremy Pruitt tweet

first_imgJeremy Pruitt’s Twitter thumbs gave the University of Tennessee a headache because NCAA bylaws can be a real pain in the neck. UT self-reported a congratulatory tweet Pruitt sent last March to his high school alma mater after it won an Alabama state championship in boys basketball. Tennessee alerted Pruitt that the tweet was problematic and it was deleted 37 minutes after it was sent, the Knoxville News Sentinel reported Wednesday. Is it practical to think Pruitt’s hand-typed message would have convinced a prospect to commit to UT over another program, assuming UT was recruiting anyone from that high school? (It isn’t, the News Sentinel reported.) “Wow, coach shouted us out; think I’ll go play for him” is not something one should expect even a teen athlete to say. Kids make decisions for odd reasons, but thinking a tweet would have mattered feels like a big stretch.Tennessee reported the football program for two additional violation, the News Sentinel reported: for improperly transporting family members who were accompanying a recruit on an official visit; and for unauthorized staff members conducting offseason conditioning workouts.Pruitt and UT avoided sanctions because the NCAA deemed the violations minor, but the point remains that the association is needlessly scrupulous at times about minutiae regarding coach-athlete relations. The News Sentinel’s rundown of why the tweet constituted a violation showed that the NCAA is preoccupied with finding evil intent in coaches’ actions.Tennessee noted in its report that Pruitt violated NCAA bylaw It states that “an athletics department staff member shall not promote or endorse a prospective student-athlete’s team or coach, or an athletics facility that is primarily used by prospective student-athletes.” If Pruitt liked, marked as a favorite or republished something on social media to indicate approval, that would not violate NCAA bylaws. But constructing his own tweet did.Shorter: Likes, faves and RTs are OK but original content isn’t. You have to squint to see the logic in that.MORE: Ranking SEC coaches for 2019last_img read more

Super Bowl 2020 final score: Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid pull off comeback win over 49ers

first_imgAll season, the 49ers’ defense had prevented opposing offenses from clawing back into games. Its blend of sideline-to-sideline speed and pass rushing ability proved paralyzing even to some of the league’s best attacks.But the Chiefs broke through that barrier after falling behind 20-10 in the fourth quarter in Super Bowl 54. •  What is the Chiefs’ mascot? A history of KC Wolf’s pioneering place in the NFL•  Nick Bosa and Donald Trump: Revisiting the 49er’s social media controversy ahead of 2019 NFL Draft•  Way-too-early NFL power rankings for 2020 Quarterback Patrick Mahomes led consecutive downfield marches to take the lead, and running back Damien Williams finished off Kansas City’s 31-20 victory over San Francisco with a 38-yard touchdown run in the final two minutes.Mahomes, who earned Super Bowl MVP honors, finished with 286 passing yards, two passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdown. His late-game heroics washed away the memory of the two interceptions he threw earlier in the contest. Williams complemented Mahomes throughout the evening and totaled 133 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns.MORE SUPER BOWL 54:Anatomy of the Chiefs’ Super Bowl comebackHow Patrick Mahomes turned his worst nightmare into the Chiefs’ Super Bowl dreamFor Mahomes, in just his second season as an NFL starter, it was perhaps just the beginning of a long, incredibly successful career marked with historic accomplishments. On Sunday, at least, it felt like he could be headed that direction.For Chiefs coach Andy Reid, it was the culmination of 21 hard fought years in charge of Philadelphia and Kansas City in which he faced constant criticism for his big-game decision making. His already impressive time in the league now has a ring attached to it, an accomplishment that likely cements him as one of the best coaches of his generation.”HOW ‘BOUT THOSE @CHIEFS ?!”Andy Reid is a Super Bowl Champion. #SBLIV #ChiefsKingdom— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 2020The 49ers built their entire campaign around the belief they could lock down late leads with their powerful defense. While much of the unit should return next year, what Mahomes and his offense did to them late Sunday night will leave a permanent scar.Sporting News tracked live scoring updates and highlights from  Super Bowl 54 between the 49ers and Chiefs. Here’s how Kansas City came from behind to win:MORE: Watch the entire Super Bowl 54 halftime showSuper Bowl 2020 final score 1Q2Q3Q4QF49ers3710020Chiefs7302131Highlights from Chiefs’ Super Bowl 54 victory10:11 p.m. — Final score: Chiefs 31, 49ers 20.10:07 p.m. — INTERCEPTION. Kendall Fuller seals the deal with a pick.10:02 p.m. — TOUCHDOWN, Chiefs. That’s the dagger. Williams beats the 49ers defense to the edge and accelerates to the end zone. 31-20, Chiefs.DAMIEN. WILLIAMS.38-YARD TOUCHDOWN. #ChiefsKingdom📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 202010 p.m. — San Francisco’s fourth-down play has no chance, with Garoppolo under immediate pressure. The Chiefs take over possession with 1:25 remaining.The @Chiefs sack Garoppolo on fourth and 10. #ChiefsKingdom📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 20209:59 p.m. — On third-and-10, Garoppolo misses Sanders, who was open, with a long downfield heave.9:56 p.m. — The 49ers advance past midfield with a pass from Jimmy G to Bourne.9:53 p.m. — Two-minute warning.9:52 p.m. — Mostert starts the 49ers drive with a 17-yard run.Mostert gains 17 on first down! #GoNiners📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 20209:46 p.m. — TOUCHDOWN, Chiefs. Williams makes a catch in the flat and barely extends the ball past the goal line before stepping out of bounds. The call stands after a replay review. 24-20, Chiefs.THE @CHIEFS TAKE THE LEAD!Back-to-back scores put Kansas City on top! #ChiefsKingdom📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 20209:45 p.m. — Mahomes to Sammy Watkins! Watkins beats Richard Sherman one-on-one and picks up 38 yards. Huge play.. @SammyWatkins down the sideline! #ChiefsKingdom📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 20209:43 p.m. — Kansas City is past midfield with less than four minutes remaining.9:41 p.m. — The Chiefs force a quick three-and-out and will get the ball back with about five minutes left to play.9:35 p.m. — TOUCHDOWN, Chiefs. Travis Kelce cuts into San Francisco’s lead with a wide-open catch in the end zone. 20-17, 49ers. Not out of this, baby!— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) February 3, 20209:32 p.m. — Right after Mahomes’ second-down pass to Hill is wiped away by a challenge, Mahomes connects even deeper to his trusted target for a 44-yard gain.THAT WAS COMPLETE— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) February 3, 20209:29 p.m. — Mahomes completes to Hill for 16 yards and a first down past midfield. The 49ers will challenge the catch, though. CALL IS OVERTURNED. NO CATCH.9:21 p.m. — San Francisco is forced to punt with nine minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.9:18 p.m. — This is the scenario in which the 49ers are most comfortable. Protecting a lead, they can pound the ball on the ground and run down the clock. They’ve averaged more than 6 yards per carry tonight.9:14 p.m. — INTERCEPTION. 49ers cornerback Tarvarius Moore secures a deflected third-down pass. That’s Mahomes’ second pick of the game.MOORE OF THAT!! @tarvarius2 with the pick 😎 #SBLIV x #BeLegendary— San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) February 3, 20209:10 p.m. — Mahomes is nearly picked off again on the first play of the fourth quarter, his pass ticking off the hands of linebacker Kwon Alexander.End of third quarter: 49ers 20, Chiefs 109:04 p.m. — Mahomes runs for a first down after barely avoiding a Bosa tackle behind the line.Oh my, Mahomes. 😳 #ChiefsKingdom📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 20209:03 p.m. — San Francisco’s pass rush is applying far more pressure in the second half than it did earlier in the game.8:58 p.m. — TOUCHDOWN, 49ers. San Francisco takes full advantage of its takeaway with a ruthless drive. Raheem Mostert finishes it off on a short-yardage carry. 20-10, 49ers.Mostert continues his hot streak!The @49ers lead 20-10! #GoNiners📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 20208:57 p.m. — Garoppolo finds Kendrick Bourne for a big play that moves San Francisco into the red zone.8:52 p.m. — INTERCEPTION. Mahomes throws a pass right to 49ers linebacker Fred Warner, who had dropped back into coverage.The @49ers get an interception of their own! @Fred_Warner comes up with the takeaway. #GoNiners📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 20208:50 p.m. — Bosa strips Mahomes, but the quarterback is able to fall on the loose football.¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @nbsmallerbear #BeLegendary— San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) February 3, 20208:40 p.m. —   FIELD GOAL, 49ers. Gould good from 42 yards out. It was a missed chance for San Francisco, though: On third-and-5 from the Chiefs 27-yard line, Garoppolo targetted Tevin Coleman short of the marker when Kittle appeared to be wide open downfield. 13-10, 49ers.. @RobbieGould09 ‘s 42-yard FG puts the @49ers on top! #GoNiners📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 20208:35 p.m. — The 49ers break out the play-action pass right away, and it catches the Chiefs off-guard. Sanders gains 15 yards on the catch-and-run.8:32 p.m. — San Francisco receives the second-half kick, and we’re into the final two quarters of football this season.8:10 p.m. — Thoughts on that first half: Overall, it’s been a very even game, and the only big mistake was the second-quarter pick Garoppolo threw under duress. As expected, Kansas City was the more aggressive team as it tried to capitalize on the brilliant arm of Mahomes. The 49ers will stick to their running game until they’re forced out of it — they averaged 7.3 yards per carry in the opening 30 minutes.8:05 p.m. — Mahomes went 12-for-18 through the air for 104 yards in the first half and rushed for a touchdown. Garoppolo was 9-for-11 passing for 89 yards with a touchdown and an interception.Halftime: 49ers 10, Chiefs 108 p.m. — San Francisco hits on a third-down pass over the middle. On the next play, Garoppolo connected with Kittle for a huge gain that would have taken the 49ers into field goal range, but the play is erased by offensive pass interference. That will take us to halftime.7:46 p.m. — San Francisco runs again on second down, and the Chiefs call timeout hoping to get the ball back before halftime.7:54 p.m. — The 49ers begin their drive on the ground, perhaps signalling a conservative approach.7:51 p.m. — Kansas City punts it through the end zone for a touchback. The 49ers have 59 seconds and three timeouts to work with.7:46 p.m. — Two-minute warning.7:39 p.m. — TOUCHDOWN, 49ers. Fullback Kyle Juszczyk catches a short pass and does the rest of the work with his legs. 10-10.FULLBACK TOUCHDOWN IN THE SUPER BOWL. @JuiceCheck44 stays on his feet for the TD reception! #GoNiners📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 20207:37 p.m. — After the Garoppolo interception, the 49ers are back to the rushing game. It’s working. They’re inside the opposing 30.7:30 p.m. — FIELD GOAL, Chiefs. Harrison Butker is good from   31 yards. San Francisco broke up a pass over the middle on third down to force the kick. 10-3, Chiefs.7:28 p.m. — For the second time in the first half, the Chiefs convert on fourth down. This one moves them into the red zone.7:23 p.m. — Kansas City is moving the ball after its takeaway. The Chiefs could make this a two-score game with a touchdown.. @SammyWatkins leaps on the throw from @PatrickMahomes ! #ChiefsKingdom📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 20207:20 p.m. — INTERCEPTION. Garoppolo takes a hit as he throws, and his wobbly pass is easily picked off by the Chiefs.INTERCEPTION.Breeland takes it back for the @Chiefs ! #ChiefsKingdom📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 2020End of first quarter: Chiefs 7, 49ers 37:10 p.m. — TOUCHDOWN, Chiefs. Mahomes runs the ball into the end zone after rolling outside of the pocket to the right. It appeared he had an option to pitch the ball but correctly decided to keep it himself. 7-3, Chiefs.QB1 gets us on the board!— Kansas City Chiefs (@Chiefs) February 3, 2020MAHOMES GOT EM 👀👀 @PatrickMahomes— The Checkdown (@thecheckdown) February 3, 20207:08 p.m. — After refs ruled Mahomes was just short of the marker on third down, the Chiefs go for it on fourth down and convert. First-and-goal coming up.7:07 p.m. — Ward is able to get up and jog off the field under his own power.7:05 p.m. — Mahomes scrambles close to a first down but gets absolutely popped by 49ers safety Jimmie Ward. Ward took the worst of the contact, though, needing medical attention after making the tackle.7:01 p.m. — Damien Williams gashes the 49ers’ defense up the middle, sprinting through a wide open hole created by his linemen.Damien Williams gains 15! #ChiefsKingdom📺: #SBLIV on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 3, 20206:57 p.m. — Kansas City picks up a quick first down, then gains another 8 yards on a swing pass to speedster Tyreek Hill.6:52 p.m. —   FIELD GOAL, 49ERS. The Chiefs do well to avoid giving up a touchdown, but San Francisco takes the lead with a 38-yard kick from Robbie Gould.  3-0, 49ers.6:46 p.m. — Now rookie wideout Deebo Samuel picks up a big chunk on sweep run. San Francisco is past the 50.He gone!! 🚲 @19problemz takes off for 32. #BeLegendary— San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) February 2, 20206:45 p.m. — George Kittle picks up a first down to move the chains for the first time in this game.6:43 p.m. — Kansas City goes three-and-out and will punt.6:38 p.m. — We’re underway. Mecole Hardman takes the opening kickoff out of the end zone and is brought down at about the 25.Pregame6:33 p.m. — The 49ers win the coin toss and choose to defer. The Chiefs will get the ball first.6:29 p.m. — Demi Lovato finishes the national anthem and we’re closing in on kickoff.6:26 p.m. — Bill Belichick trolls fans booing him by flashing his— New England Patriots (@Patriots) February 2, 20206:20 p.m. —  The Chiefs take the field.The AFC Champion @Chiefs take the field at #SBLIV !📺: #SBLIV | 6:30pm ET on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 2, 20206:05 p.m. — Another look at that moment of silence.Remembering #24 at SB LIV.The #49ers and Chiefs lined up at the 24-yard line for a moment of silence prior to tonight’s game 🙏— San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) February 2, 20205:54 p.m. — Here’s part of the pregame tribute.The teams are honoring Kobe by lining up on the 24-yard lines.— John Ourand (@Ourand_SBJ) February 2, 20205:38 p.m. — Mahomes fires up his squad.🔥🔥 @PatrickMahomes 🔥🔥📺: #SBLIV | 6:30pm ET on FOX📱: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app— NFL (@NFL) February 2, 20205:28 p.m. — There will be a pregame moment of silence.At the end of player warmups after 5:50 ET, the NFL will hold a moment of silence for Chris Doleman, Kobe Bryant and the other eight victims of last Sunday’s helicopter crash.— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) February 2, 20205:20 p.m. — No Patriots in the Super Bowl probably has a lot of people happy. Not Julian Edelman, though.My soul hurts on this day— Julian Edelman (@Edelman11) February 2, 20205:10 p.m. — Jerry Rice is on the field before a Super Bowl game, just like old times.🐐Jerry Rice pumping up the #49ers during #SuperBowl warmups— Omar Ruiz (@OmarDRuiz) February 2, 2020More Super Bowl 54 news by Sporting News• Full betting odds & prediction for 49ers vs. Chiefs•  The 25 best Super Bowl commercials of all time, ranked•  Super Bowl Roman numerals, explained: A guide to help decipher the NFL’s weird numbers game•  Superb Owl Sunday 2020: The story about owls and Super Bowl 54 you didn’t know you wanted until now•  Who is the fastest player in the NFL? Tyreek Hill has serious competition in Super Bowl 54•  Jimmy Garoppolo trade, revisited: How QB quickly turned 49ers’ big risk into Super Bowl reward•  Patrick Mahomes’ baseball career was filled with potential•  Why Joe Montana left the 49ers for the Chiefs•  How did 49ers’ Deebo Samuel get his nickname?last_img read more