Preparing for America’s First Lady Michelle Obama

first_imgThis Editorial is directed at the people of Monrovia, Paynesville, the ELWA and Juarzon communities, Mount Barclay, Fendall, Careysburg, the Fifteen Gate Community, Number Seven, the Cooper and Morris Farm communities, the Booker Washington Institute campus and Kakata itself. You all will exactly a week from today receive one of the most important visitors in recent memory. How will you receive and welcome her?We believe that you will ensure that all the schools will turn out in their smart uniforms all their students to line the routes through which the American First Lady, her two daughters and mother will pass. That would be a great scene, which will be much appreciated, especially your beautiful singing.The officials of these communities will also come out to greet the U.S. First Lady and her entourage. That is all well and good. But the main point of this Editorial is to encourage all of the people in your communities, beginning with the City Mayors, Council Men and Women, Chiefs and Elders to MAKE SURE THAT YOUR COMMUNITIES ARE CLEAN!Let us start with Paynesville. We call on Mayor Cevette Gibson to make sure that her city is spick and span. All the dumpsites MUST be cleaned and removed. Take the watery dumpsite right in front of Matilda Parker’s homestead, in the rear of which is a health center. The whole area is lined right on the main road with probably two weeks heaps of garbage. Let Mayor Gibson ensure that the trash in that area is permanently removed, for it is one of the nastiest sore eyes in Paynesville. At 6 p.m. last night, that obnoxious garbage and a another huge pile in front of Paynesville Market were still there.Moving on to the Red Light Market, we commend Mayor Gibson for removing all the traffic congestion caused by marketers, which has now made passage in that area much easier and quicker. On both sides of the market, however, we hope that the Mayor will ensure that they are cleaned. All buildings on both sides of the street should be painted and made decent to receive our most distinguished guests.We appeal to Public Works Minister Gyude Moore to ensure that the passage through the Red Light to Coca Cola Factory is decently passable.We make the same appeal to all the other communities where our distinguished guests may pass. Please, please do not say that because you are not sure that the American First Lady and her entourage will pass through your communities, so you will do nothing to prepare for them. Nothing would be more irresponsible, more mean-spirited, more unpatriotic. Remember the ancient dictum, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.” Remember, too, that it was to the United States, to Mrs. Obama’s husband, President Barrack Obama, that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf sent the SOS message to help free us from the deadly Ebola virus that caused thousands of deaths in Liberia, the worst hit country in the sub region.Should she find our communities filthy, what will she tell her husband on her return? She will tell him, “Those people are not serious. The same things that cause the deadly diseases of malaria, dysentery and Ebola—unclean environments—are the same conditions we found in Liberia.”No! That cannot, must not be said of us! Let us welcome our eminent visitors with appreciation, honor and respect. Remember, too, that they are coming here and going to other places to promote girls’ education. Every campus they visit should be clean, well-organized and exude (display, radiate) a yearning for learning and high regard for all students, most especially our girl students.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more