Indiana Weather Forecast 1/14/2015

first_imgSouthern Brazil corn areas will see 2 nice fronts between now and the 21st. These fronts should yield 2-5 inch rain totals. Facebook Twitter BEYOND INDIANA: Previous articleStrategies for Farmers to Manage Taxes Through the DownturnNext articleIndiana Discussion Meet Finalist Falls Short of Crown Ryan Martin CATTLE Weather  SHARE SOYBEAN Weather WHEAT Weather  Believe it or not, the end is in sight for this brutal cold snap. Temps today will rival what we saw back on Wednesday, and wind chills will be brutal as well. However…as long as we can make it to Sunday, we will see some relief. Snow moves out of the area early this morning, but winds will stay up through the day. We will see some 20-40 mph winds hold through mid morning, and then 12-25 mph winds will be the norm through the rest of the day. That will put wind chills in the 15-25 degrees below zero range, if not colder. Blowing snow will be an issue through most of the day over the northern half of the state. Look for lowered visibilities. Actual air temps will hold in the single digits to low teens, and we will fall to 2 to 12 below overnight tonight. Above right is a wind chill map for midnight tonight. The entire US Corn Belt gets closer to normal on temps next week. Rains to start the week hit mostly the southern half of the Corn Belt, from I-70 southward. WE like half inch or less rains, coverage at 70%. The biggest question will be “all rain” vs. “rain ending as snow.” We like mostly rain, with snow, if it happens anywhere, limited to areas along and just north of I-70. Any warming in the Corn Belt will be short lived, as we see significant arctic air coming in after the 21st. We feel like a broken record here, but in general, we see no trouble spots in South American corn production areas. A little bit of net drying settles in through the weekend and early next week in southern Cordoba and LaPampa in Argentina, but the rest of Argentina’s Corn Belt gets rain from late Sunday through Tuesday. A stronger system later in the period (end of next week into the following week) brings rains to southern parts of the belt. So, we will hold onto at least 2-4 inches in the central north and 1-2 inches in the southern growing region over the next two weeks combined. Temps will be in the upper 80s to mid 90s through the weekend, but should pull back, to the mid 80s and low 90s next week. Overnight lows will generally be in the 60s and 70s. . Cold air puts in one more day tomorrow, although we will be slightly (ever so slightly) warmer. Then on Sunday we bump temps up to the mid 20s to low 30s. Our system for early next week is on track for Monday into Tuesday. Models still prefer a mostly south track, but we think it foolish to rule out precipitation anywhere. Over the southern half to 2/3rds of the state, we are still leaning toward liquid precipitation (rain) although temps will not be all that warm. Up north, light snow and flurries will be more likely. The rest of the week will be mostly dry. Temps hold in the upper 20s to low 30s north up to the lower 40s south. This map is of 7AM Monday morning Home News Feed Indiana Weather Forecast 1/14/2015center_img South African Corn production areas continue to see scattered, timely rains. There look to be no weather related production problems in the next 2 weeks, with rains up to 1 inch, coverage around 80%. Rains will not come all at once, and will be scattered form day to day. Temps at or slightly above normal.    The main change in our outlook for HRW areas has to do with the variability in temps. We see a lot more up and down of temps from day to day over the next week to 10 days. Warmer air ridging in the west will battle with the cold air trough that wants to park over the east. The western HRW areas will be in the crosshairs. The worst consequence of this will be two-fold. 1) We expect to see most snow cover go away over the next week or so. 2) The up and down will provide mixed messages for wheat as well. Now, most of HRW has adequate moisture and is in decent health, but our concern over bitter cold arctic air sometime after the 21st/22nd should be noted. We wont jump on the winter kill bandwagon like it seems everyone else does (after all, how many times can you really kill wheat, anyway?), but you can rest assured that we will see that headline making the rounds again in a couple of weeks. Weather that Impacts CORN: Harvest is ramping up somewhat in western and northern Brazil bean areas. To that end, weather looks decent for harvest through the enxt 10 days. Moisture will be around, but will be scattered. WE like 10 day totals of half an inch or less, but are bumping coverage to 60%. This meains we should see mostly suitable moisture for any 2nd crop corn planting that is going ont. Heat continues to be relegated mostly to coastal and not agriculture areas. The 12-16 day forecast window is still wetter than the short term, but we are scaling our forecast back to hafl to 1.5”, taking out some of the heavier hit areas. . By Ryan Martin – Jan 13, 2015 A strong front should move into the state around the 19th-20th. This system has been all over the place since models first keyed on it a little over a week ago. Timing has held, while intensity has wavered. At this point, we like a stronger storm with rain followed by snow. This system should bring down another arctic high that holds through the end of the month. WE continue to see a deep trough digging in over the desert SW around the 22nd-23rd…which would aid in bringing arctic air into the great lakes and OH valley. We still like .25”-.75” liquid equivalents out of the system for the 19th-20th. Cold air holds over northern areas, and in large dairy areas like WI, MN, IA, IL and IN, we will see generally temps at or below normal. In large beef production areas out west, we will see some susceptibility to wilder temp changes, which may impact rate of gain and overall production. However, we do not see much in the next two weeks that would give concern over transportation issues. Short term, there still will be high levels of animal stress due to bitter wind chills today, and well below normal temps tomorrow. Facebook Twitter Indiana Weather Forecast 1/14/2015 No change in SRW areas. We have decent moisture in the weeks ahead from at least 2 systems, slightly moderating temperatures, but the bulk of the snow north of I-70 should stick around. That means we still should have at least some blanket of protection as the next arctic blast arrives later in the month. SHARElast_img read more

Monitoring shows president’s rivals and political debate missing from media’s electoral coverage

first_imgNews RSF_en Russian peacekeepers deny foreign reporters access to Nagorno-Karabakh Organisation Monitored mediaBroadcast mediaAz TV (state TV station), ITV (public TV station), AzR (state radio station), IR (public radio station) and ANS (privately-owned TV station)Print mediaHalq (an Azerbaijani-language daily, published Tuesday to Saturday), Respublika (an Azerbaijani-language daily, Tuesday to Sunday), Azerbaycan (an Azerbaijani-language daily, Tuesday to Sunday), Bakinskii Rabochii (a Russian-language daily, Tuesday to Friday)CandidatesThe leaders of the main opposition groups are boycotting the elections. They are Isa Gambar of Musavat, Ali Kerimli of the Azerbaijan Popular Front and Sardar Jalaloglou of the Democratic Party. The opposition coalition Azadlig is therefore also boycotting the elections.The CEC gave its permission for seven candidates to stand in the presidential election, after they each collected at least 40,000 signatures. Aside from President Ilham Aliev of the ruling Yeni Azerbaijan Partiyasi, they are Goudrat Hasangouliev of the United Popular Front, Fazil Gazanfaroglou of the Great Formation Party, Fouad Aliev of the Azerbaijan Liberal Democratic Party, Igbal Agazade of the Hope party, Hafiz Hadjiev of the Musavat Modern Party and Goulamhussein Alibeyli, an independent candidate. Reporters Without Borders today released the results of its monitoring of the Azerbaijani media’s presidential election campaign coverage from 21 to 26 September. The press freedom organisation already published a report on the first four days of its monitoring (17-20 September). The elections, in which President Ilham Aliev is running for another term, are due to take place on 15 October.The main topics covered by both print and broadcast media during this second week of monitoring were the president’s visits to the provinces, First Lady Mehriban Alieva’s activities, the work of the Central Electoral Commission (CEC) and various diplomatic activities. The activities of the other candidates were largely ignored by the monitored media.There was no coverage of the government’s refusal to allow the opposition parties that are boycotting the election to hold a rally in Baku. Social topics, if covered at all, were presented mostly in an upbeat fashion, in reports that systematically emphasised the government’s reforms. All the media carried reports on the organisation of the elections and other political activities (including governmental and presidential decisions).The quantitative monitoring showed that Az TV dedicated more than 24 per cent of its editorial space to development and culture. ITV prioritised the Armenian occupation of the Azerbaijani territory (19.86 per cent) and diplomatic activities (14.18 per cent), leaving only 6.38 per cent to the electoral process. The monitored print media focused mostly on the organisation of the elections and political activities unrelated to the election, closely followed by Azerbaijan’s foreign relations. There was no coverage of the candidates running against the president.Special programmesAccording to the CEC’s directives and the electoral law, only the public television station ITV and the public radio station IR are allowed to offer the candidates free access programmes. These take the form of so-called round tables broadcast at 6:50 p.m. on ITV and 9 p.m. on IR. Each candidate is given 8 minutes 35 seconds to make a statement. If candidates do not use all of their time, it is not redistributed among the other candidates. The round tables are moderated by an anchor, who reminds all candidates, before they speak, that the law prohibits defamation and slander.Both ITV and IR have so far complied with the regulations and almost all the candidates have showed up for the programmes. The exception is President Aliev, who has always sent a representative in his place. There has been no debate among the candidates and no questioning of their platforms or promises by the anchor or by their rivals. The monitoring team was not aware of any candidate spots being broadcast.Political affairs and news programmesThere was virtually no coverage of the election campaign in the daily news programmes of the state TV stations, which limited their electoral coverage to organisational aspects such as the CEC’s preparations, the preparations of the regional and local electoral commissions, and the campaign to get voters to turn out on polling day. The print media that gave the most space to the CEC was Respublika (5.4 per cent).Among the monitored broadcast media, the team noted a big difference in the time allocated by AZTV and ITV to the various political actors. AzTV gave President Aliev 50.86 per cent of the total air time in its monitored news programmes, and 92.93 per cent of its direct speech time. ITV, on the other had, devoted only 4.49 per cent of the total airtime in the monitored programmes to the president, while IR gave him 9.48 per cent of its total airtime and 55.60 per cent of its direct speech time. More than 37 per cent of IR’s news programmes mentioned no political actor. AzR devoted 37.30 per cent of its total air time and 44.98 per cent of its direct speech time to the presidentPrint media focus on same limited range of political actorsThe state-owned daily Respublika allocated 56.81 per cent of its editorial space to the president, 22.61 per cent to his father, the late President Heidar Aliev, and 7.55 per cent to the Heidar Aliev Foundation. The daily Azerbaijan’s space allocation to these three actors was 62.07 per cent, 19.65 per cent and 7.81 per cent, respectively. The daily Halq gave them 48.76 per cent, 31.08 per cent and 4.13 per cent. The daily Bakinskii Rabochii’s allocation was 69.33 per cent to the president, 18.81 per cent to the Heidar Aliev Foundation and 5.93 per cent to the late president.Similar editorial values were evident in the allocation of photos. The president was the subject of 88.53 per cent of the photos in Respublika, 82.44 per cent in Bakinskii Rabochii, 82.85 per cent in Azerbaijan, and 81.52 per cent in Halq.Conclusions and recommendationsThe monitoring team hails the efforts of ITV and IR to comply with the requirement to provide free access programmes to all the candidates. It nonetheless deplores the lack of genuine debate among the candidates and the lack of critical examination by presenters or moderators.Similarly, the president’s excessive presence in the print and broadcast media combined with the almost total absence of the other candidates is clearly failing to give voters a full and balanced picture of the election campaign and the activities of the various contenders. The team was alarmed by the fact that, at the height of the electoral campaign, the monitored media had virtually no reporting on the president’s rivals.BackgroundThe campaign coverage and, specifically, the allocation of free access programmes and space to the registered candidates are regulated by the Electoral Code and the CEC’s directives, based on article 47 of the constitution and on the mass media and advertising laws.A CEC directive of 18 July states that the campaign begins 28 days before the election date and that the publicly-funded broadcast media shall provide at least three hours a week of free air time to the registered candidates. Similarly, the publicly-funded print media are required to provide free space to the candidates that is equivalent to at least 10 per cent of the total weekly editorial space before start of the campaign (para 3.6). Candidates must also be able to buy media space and air time. The privately-owned media may only provide paid access to candidates.The CEC is supposed to create a special press team to supervise the media’s compliance. The rights of candidates and procedure to be adopted in the event of complaints of inadequate media coverage are not spelled out, although the Electoral Code specifies that candidate complaints should be referred to the courts. RSF calls for a fully transparent investigation after mine kills two journalists in Azerbaijan April 9, 2021 Find out more Receive email alerts AzerbaijanEurope – Central Asia “We’ll hold Ilham Aliyev personally responsible if anything happens to this blogger in France” RSF says AzerbaijanEurope – Central Asia News News to go further News Follow the news on Azerbaijan October 10, 2008 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Monitoring shows president’s rivals and political debate missing from media’s electoral coverage Help by sharing this information June 8, 2021 Find out more June 4, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

Mountain Mama | Rediscovering Holiday Joy

first_imgThis year I had planned to skip Christmas. My four-year-old son was going to his dad’s house, and the holidays didn’t seem nearly as amazing and joyful without him. I doubted I’d find the magic of the season without sharing his excitement on Christmas morning, and so I opted not to celebrate.On Christmas Eve Santa delivered every paddler’s dream – lots of rain. My friend and his son were going paddling so I tagged along. We met up with two other boys and another dad in Hot Springs. All six of us piled into a car and headed to the put-in.The boys swapped stories about where they’d paddled since the last time they saw one another. One had recently kayaaked the Green River Narrows, another had styled Wilson’s Creek for the first time.  We stopped at the Laurel River Store to check to gauge. The water kissed the marker a few inches above two feet and was on the rise. The dads conferred and decided that a swim would be long and cold so we opted for a Section 9 run of the French Broad instead of paddling the Laurel.The river ran brown, carrying whole trees in its swirling rage. The waves loomed over our kayaks, casting shadows on our decks. The paddlers in front disappeared entirely from view. We high-fived and smiled at the bottom of the bigger rapids, all feeling happy to be on the water.1934184_1662308987376717_3072866356966009963_nWe pulled our kayaks onto the bank at the confluence of Laurel River and the French Broad. The dads decided to add to the adventure by hiking the boats up the river trail and putting on so that the boys could have at least a little taste of the Laurel at high water.Two of the boys glanced the rapids and started reconsidering whether they wanted anything to do with the creek at that level.  Their pace slowed and then they took a break to shuffle the boats from one shoulder to the other.When the dads offered to help their boys, one of the boys told his father how scared he was by the Laurel River, which escalated into a general fear of paddling the last two rapids on the French Broad that day.His dad said, “Take it one little adventure at a time.”  He assured his son that he didn’t have to paddle anything that he didn’t want to, but that he shouldn’t make a decision about the rest of the river until he got there.A few minutes later we saw deer swimming down a rapid, their bodies nearly vertical as their heads bobbed amongst the waves. When the rapid subsided, they frantically swam toward the shore and scrambled up the bank. The boys and I watched their dads paddle the Laurel, and then all got into our boats to paddle the rest of the French Broad, pausing to gape at a bald eagle flying high above.By the time we drove to the put-in, Christmas lights sparkled in the twilight. Carols looped in my head as we recounted the small adventures that unfolded that day.1525112_1662309040710045_262446807883075700_nI spent Christmas day still basking in the afterglow of big water paddling and indulged in a poetry bender that lasted until the late afternoon when I finally peeled myself off my futon to join another family’s post-holiday hang out. Sitting in the easy company with people I barely knew, I felt a sense of peace that comes with understanding that the magic of Christmas doesn’t require spending time with any one person, not even my own sweet boy.I thought about the conversation I had overheard between father and son, how I had been like the son, indulging my fear until it loomed so large I wanted to avoid the holiday. I realized that letting fear snowball results in missing out on the best parts of life.By taking it one little adventure at a time, whether it’s paddling a river at a higher level than I’m accustomed to, diving into the quiet space of being alone, or spending a holiday with new friends, the joy of life on and off the river becomes more apparent.last_img read more

Operation Christmas Child Underway

first_imgHOLTON, Ind. — For many area churches, the Christmas season has begun.Collections for Samaritan’s Purse, Operation Christmas Child have begun.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.That’s Vonda Miller, Coordinator of Operation Christmas Child at the Hopewell Baptist Church in Holton.Miller says that collection have been under way since the beginning of the year at the church.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.If you would still like to get involved it’s not too late.Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Additional information and drop off locations in the area can be found at read more

Syracuse squeezes out 68-66 win at Virginia Tech after near collapse in 2nd half

first_img Facebook Twitter Google+ Published on January 3, 2015 at 2:22 pm Contact Jacob: [email protected] | @Jacob_Klinger_ BLACKSBURG, Va. — The game ended the way it started with Virginia Tech chucking hopeful 3s at, and mostly off, the rim.But it should have effectively ended much earlier. Because while the Hokies started the game with the 6-foot-8 Shane Henry and later the 7-foot Satchel Pierce, who were able to at least stand in front of Syracuse’s big men, they were largely reduced to spectators by foul trouble. And with VT’s leading rebounder Joey van Zegeren suspended, the Orange could play its greatest strength against the Hokies’ glaring weakness.SU did in the first half — leading by 19 at the break — only to all but give the game back afterward. The Orange failed to get the Rakeem Christmas the ball against Virginia Tech’s bigs, who were both weakened by foul trouble. Only their inevitable fouling out slowed the Hokies’ comeback as SU (10-4, 1-0 Atlantic Coast) held on to beat VT (8-6, 0-1) 68-66 on Saturday afternoon in front of 6,838 at Cassell Coliseum.“If our offense had been any good at all then it would’ve been a — they would’ve gotten back in the game but it would’ve been a 10-point game,” Jim Boeheim said. “That’s pretty good on the road, if you can get out with a 10-point win. But our offense was not good.”For the final 2:43 of the game, Virginia Tech played with no one taller than the 6-foot-5 Ahmed Hill on the floor. It led to situations like the 6-foot-3 Malik Muller trying and failing to post up Christmas.AdvertisementThis is placeholder text“Going into the half we had a big advantage, we had a big lead, we was confident in ourselves and we should’ve just continued what we did in the first half in the second half,” SU forward Michael Gbinije said.Boeheim said he thought his team should’ve scored “50-something” points before the break. Henry and Pierce played a combined 17 minutes in the first half. Pierce took the floor for the second half with three fouls. Henry picked up his third with 18:18 to playChristmas already had 10 points, a well-rested McCullough had 6 rebounds and with Tyler Roberson snaring 10 of his own rebounds before halftime, Virginia Tech was there for the taking — the closer to the hoop, the better.Instead, Syracuse only got Christmas three shots in the first 15 minutes of the second half. The Hokies closed the gap to 55-50 in that time. And while the hosts were dropping extra helpside defense onto the Orange big man, SU still wasn’t getting enough from its drives to the basket.Loose balls around the rim slipped out of Syracuse hands. Syracuse picked up only 16 second half rebounds compared to 26 in the first half. VT had 20 in the latter stanza compared to 14 in the first 20 minutes.“It should’ve never been close,” SU guard Trevor Cooney said. “When you’re up 20 you got to finish it off.”Still with little semblance of an offense, nearly no discretion shooting the ball and no one taller than 6 feet, 5 inches on the court in the game’s final two-plus minutes, the Hokies found themselves one final optimistic 3 away from a win.The Orange going 5-for-12 from the free-throw line in the game’s final 1:03, invigorating a previously tame VT crowd, let the Hokies get there.With the game’s final shot, Muller threw up a left-corner 3 over two SU defenders. It missed, and the Orange escaped with a win to start conference play.“I think we’ll get better,” Boeheim said. “I hope we’ll get better.” Commentslast_img read more