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first_imgFFWPU Indonesia, Ursula McLackland: In order to start our Heavenly Tribal Messiah activities in Manado, we sent one blessed couple, Mrs. Meyke and her husband Rahmat, to Manado, the wife’s hometown, on Nov. 18. The NL’s couple, Mr. Alfred and Onlly Forno, and I followed on Nov. 20. So far, we have prepared the following Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing ceremonies.Pentecostal Church in Indonesia (GPdI)On Nov. 21-22, we conducted a 1-day blessing seminar and blessing ceremony in the Pentecostal Church in Indonesia (GPdI) Wusa, church of Pastor Tilung and his wife, themselves a PMC couple. Out of their small congregation of 150, 100 people came for the Blessing Ceremony which was part of their Sunday Service, and 9 couples received the Blessing at that time. A more detailed report of the program was sent by the NL before.Pastor Tilung and his wife are now preparing to hold a larger blessing seminar & ceremony with 300 participants from Feb. 11-12, the church’s anniversary that will be attended by Mrs. Ivonne Awuy, leader of GPdI in North Sulawesi.Mrs. Awuy, Ambassador for Peace, welcomed us in her main church in Manado with a congregation of 2,000, and arranged for me to teach 160 seminarians at their theological seminary as a special lecturer 2 days later. My explanation of the Principle of Creation (Dual Characteristics/Purpose of Creation) based on biblical verses was very well received and stimulated many questions. Dr. Edgar Tanate, the former NL based in Manado, used to teach the seminarians before. She also promised to arrange a Blessing Ceremony for her congregation in January as the month of December is too busy with their Christmas celebrations.Village of Sonder, Central MinahasaOn Dec. 8, we gave an orientation to the village chief and his sub-ordinates of Sonder, the home town of Cherly, one of our blessed families as well as of Prof. Dr. Rattu, well respected AFP. The village chief agreed to include the Blessing in their Christmas celebration on Dec. 19 with 80 participants and then arrange a larger blessing for 400 people in their community hall in January. Prof. Rattu will also introduce us the various churches in Sonder to conduct blessing ceremonies there.Al-Taqwa Mosque, ManadoLast Sunday, Dec. 6, the NL gave an orientation to the leader’s couple and 20 members of the Al-Taqwa Mosque who agreed to conduct the Blessing in their mosque for 50 couples this Sunday, Dec. 13.Village LapanganThe village chief, Mrs. Olivia, called her subordinates for our orientation yesterday, Dec. 10, and they decided to hold the Blessing in the main church of their village as they do not have a proper hall. Once the date is decided in discussion with the church pastor, the village coordinators will assist the church pastor in gathering couples for the Blessing.BKKBN (National Family Planning Board)UPF conducted the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival for over 1,000 participants in collaboration with the North Sulawesi branch of BKKBN in September 2014 and was planning to expand it throughout the province. However, since the former NL left Manado almost a year ago, we were unable to follow up on these plans until now. Though the leadership of the North Sulawesi branch has just been changed this month, the staff is eager to continue our collaboration and conduct many joint blessing events in 2016. They are especially eager for UPF to start with our Family Education and Blessing Ceremony for 300 couples in their newly selected model village in January.On Dec. 7, they invited UPF to give an orientation to over 20 village coordinators during their own training program and I was able to explain the purpose and process of the Blessing to all of them. We asked them to conduct the Blessing in their own villages and are now checking who will be able to do so within the next 2 months.On Dec. 16, we have an appointment to meet the new National Chairman of BKKBN and discuss further collaboration on national level with him, especially conducting a National Tour to all 34 provinces in 2016 as the foundation to conduct Blessing Ceremonies throughout the country and a large International Youth Convention in Jakarta.Divine Principle Education & Development of Manado CenterSince Manado Center had not been maintained since Dr. Edgar Tanate’s couple left almost 1 year ago, we needed to spend a lot of time and energy to clean it up, rearrange everything, spiritually and physically, to create an atmosphere to be able to invite guests and conduct activities in the center. We have started daily HDH at 5 am, regular Sunday and Wednesday Services and will hold our first DP seminar for 8-10 young people on Saturday, Dec. 12.As it is essential to raise up new leaders for Manado center and expansion of our movement, we are planning to send Glory, a Manadonese university student, to ALT (Asian Leadership Training) within this month and prepare others to join the next Top Gun Workshop in Korea.Members in Manado center currently mobilized for HTM in Manado (new NL’s couple 3rd and 2nd from right).last_img read more