Could Wowd Be the Skype of Real-Time Search? Private Beta Invites

first_imgTags:#start#startups Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Trying to explain Wowd, a Silicon Valley-based search venture, is a buzzword extravaganza.Using cloud architecture and crowdsourced data on web pages, this real-time discovery and recommendation engine ranks pages based on whether users actually visited them and returns results from all over the web, not just a handful of indexed pages. Read on for the details on Wowd’s technology, a video interview with their CEO, and yes, invitations to join the private beta.It’s a downloaded app, but it runs in a browser. Personal information isn’t stored on a centralized server, and no registration is required; yet browsing history is saved to recommend more personally relevant and interesting content.The cloud arichitecture – that is, the distribution of processing power and bandwidth needed to power real-time indexing across all user desktops – allows Wowd to acheive a monumental feat core to their value proposition: Real-time indexing of the entire web, not just a handful of sites and not just pages linked to from real-time social sites. Essentially, it’s the same kind of P2P network technology that makes Skype or [email protected] possible; all the nodes in the network share bandwidth-intensive tasks, such as indexing the entire Internet in real time.Here’s how the indexing and ranking work: Each time a user who has downloaded and installed Wowd visits a website, without his taking any further action, that page is “voted up” on Wowd. Conceptually, it’s a little bit like Digg or Hacker News in that the number of users rather than keywords, backlinks, or timeliness, determine ranking.At scale, this could mean that Wowd would be a more workable version of the human-powered search engine, which their team believes will always generate more interesting results than a machine-powered search engine.Wowd is funded by Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), KPG Ventures, and the Stanford University Engineering Venture Fund. Their team includes startup vets with a total of four successful exits and experience working on projects such as the Intel P6 processor and technology for surface operations on Mars.Check out this interview with Wowd CEO Mark Drummond, conducted by Tim Reha: In terms of data privacy, Wowd’s system doesn’t look at local files, Wowd searches, IP addresses, personal behavior, secure pages or pages that require a login, or any sites “blacklisted” in a user’s settings. And of course, Wowd’s default setting blocks their gathering data on any adult-content pages; that is to say, all your pr0n will still belong to you.The first 300 ReadWriteWeb readers to click here will also be able to join Wowd’s private beta and experience firsthand the magic of human-powered recommendations. Related Posts A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting jolie odell 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

IBC 2017 News: ARRI’s All-New SkyPanel S-360-C

first_imgARRI’s New SkyPanel S-360 is a large-scale LED light that outputs enormous amounts of light with new advancements in LED lighting.Cover image via ARRI.In just the last couple of years, we’ve seen drastic improvements in light quality and output with LED fixtures. The latest ARRI SkyPanel S-360 will be one of the most powerful and controllable LED fixtures on the market. Image via ARRI.OutputThe ARRI SkyPanel’s light output is enormous. SkyPanels already have a reputation for the great amount of light output they’re capable of — coupled with a soft light quality. The S-360 is a giant step forward in the advancement of LED technology. If you’ve worked with a SkyPanel before, you’ve seen how great a tool it can be. The SkyPanel 360 offers more output than four SkyPanel S-60s. Check out this statement from ARRI:At over 120,000 lumens, the S360-C is one of the brightest LED soft lights on the market. Compared to the S60-C, the S360-C is more than four times brighter and maintains excellent color quality and tunability. Consuming only 1500 watts, the S360-C is twice as bright as a 4,000-watt tungsten soft light and over three times as bright as a 12,000-watt tungsten space light. Achieving an energy efficacy of over 80 lumens per watt, the S360-C is also one of the most eco-friendly LED soft lights available while also being one of the brightest.Quality Soft lighting works on the idea that the larger the aperture, the softer quality of light. Inherently, the SkyPanel S-360 features a much larger aperture, thus providing a softer quality light to wrap more around faces and cast softer shadows. The light will also feature a much longer throw than its predecessors. According to ARRI,Soft lights are all about size, the larger the aperture the better. With the S360-C, size has not been compromised. The surface area of the S360-C is over 5.8 times larger than the S60 and produces beautiful soft light in a wide 105º beam angle. The light will wrap around large objects and throw much farther than the smaller SkyPanels.Image via ARRI.Tuneability The SkyPanel S-360 features all the same controllability and tuneability that we love from the original SkyPanel line: fully dimmable LEDs, color tunable lights, and the same range of diffusion panels from previous lines. Although this light weighs a hefty 90lbs, with its natural, soft source, it leaves a smaller footprint on set compared to a heavily diffused HMI source.SkyPanel is one of the only LED soft lights to allow for the changing of diffusion panels in front of the LEDs. This feature is also offered with the S360-C. The diffusion panels are exchangeable and come in Lite, Standard, Heavy, and Intensifier. The Intensifier increases S360’s brightness by 50%, allowing the light to be thrown even farther.Carbon Fiber YokeOne of the unique and exclusive features of the SkyPanel S-360 is the carbon fiber yoke. The carbon fiber yoke features a 50% reduction in weight of the previous stainless steel yoke and provides more strength to the lighting unit.The SkyPanel S-360-C is one of the most exciting lighting fixtures to come out in recent years. With its versatility, functionality, and output, it’s bound to become a staple on many sets.last_img read more

Yoga fever grips China ahead of UN International Yoga Day

first_img(Eds: Updating with fresh inputs)By K J M VarmaBeijing, Jun 18 (PTI) Yoga fever today gripped China ahead of the third International Day of Yoga as thousands of enthusiasts performed asanas in the Communist nation where scores of events have been lined up to organise the second biggest celebrations of the day in the world after India.Though yoga, which originated in India, has become immensely popular over the years in China vying with ancient indigenous physical fitness martial art form Tai Chi, it got an official sanction when Chinese Premier Li Keqiang joined Prime Minister Narendra Modi here in 2015 at a joint event during the latters visit.China also backed Indias move in the UN to make June 21 as International Yoga Day, giving a fillip to hundreds of yoga clubs and organisations.Beijings iconic Great Wall as well as numerous parks, lakes and resorts across China have become venues for the both official and unofficial yoga events being held with active support of the Chinese government.A first yoga college has come up outside India with joint collaboration of India and China in Yunnan Minzu (Nationalities) University in Kunming, which has also lined up several yoga events.”Since UN declared yoga day, June 21 has become a yoga festival day in all big and small cities in China,” Manmohan Singh Bhandari, an Indian yoga expert who along with his Chinese wife Yin Yan runs a yoga training school Yogi Yoga, told PTI here.Yoga now has become a trend with people practicing in parks. During this time of the year, yoga is being taught free all over China, said Bhandari who hails from Rishikesh.advertisementHis Yoga Yogi school has centres all over the country.The Indian Embassy here which has yoga specialist Umesh Babu besides Indian Consulates in Shanghai and Guangzhou will organise dozens of events. The main event would be held at the Great Wall on June 20.”In terms of the quality of participation of Yoga practitioners from India, the number of events at different locations in China and the expected outreach to Chinese Yoga lovers, the series of events planned for this year are poised to reach new heights,” the embassy said.For the first time ever, the Embassy, in collaboration with the Ministry of AYUSH and the Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga (MDNIY), has invited a group of 20 young Yoga ambassadors with expertise in performing advanced routines in Hatha Yoga.These young Yoga ambassadors – 10 girls and 10 boys between 22 and 30 years of age ? will capture the imagination of Chinese Yoga lovers with their dexterity and poise in demonstrating advance Yoga techniques. The yoga ambassadors will enable a direct connect with the younger population in China attracted to yoga, the embassy said in a statement.Meanwhile, Wenzhou today became the sixth city in Chinas eastern region to host the celebrations jointly organised by Consulate General of India, Shanghai along with Wenzhou Municipal Peoples Government.The celebrations were held at the scenic Dongtou Wanghai Pavilion and more than 1,000 yoga lovers from all over Wenzhou participated in the Yoga session.Yoga celebrations would be held across 12 cities in eastern China from June 17 to 25.In his inaugural address, Vice Mayor of Wenzhou Wang Chi, recalled the close association that Wenzhou city has had with India, including the recent establishment of the sister city relationship between Wenzhou and Lucknow on April 24.Given the natural sea side beauty of Dongtou county, he said that it would provide a natural platform to the long term and sustainable practice of Yoga.Consulate General of India, Shanghai arranged through Krishnamachari Yoga Mandiram a leading Indian Yoga teacher who conducted the Yoga session for over 1,000 Yoga practitioners, based on the Common Yoga Protocol sent by the Department of AYUSH.The event was extremely well received by the large number of Yoga follower community in Wenzhou, and was supported by the India China Economic Culture Center of Wenzhou.A delegation of Uttar Pradesh government officials who had participated in the India China (Wenzhou) Leather Dialogue Forum on June 17 also attended the celebrations.In the eastern China region of Shanghai, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, yoga celebrations are being organised by Consulate General of India, Shanghai from June 17 to 25, one day each across 12 cities with theme of “Ten cities, Ten Days, Bringing together 20,000 Yoga Lovers closer to India ? promoting healthy and harmonious lifestyles”.A special demonstration of yoga has also been held at the Opening Ceremony of BRICS Sports Meet in Guangzhou.Over a thousand people have taken part in the curtain raiser events in the Eastern China Region organised by the Indian Consulate in Shanghai.advertisementOfficials said that as compared to the last year, participation has doubled with youngsters showing more enthusiasm.The Indian Consulate in Guangzhou organised two big yoga festivals with Yoga Gurus from India. Other events included a five-day camp in Chengdu, India-China Yoga College, cities of Dongguan, Zhongshan and Foshan. PTI KJV UZM ZH AKJ CPSlast_img read more