WhatsApp Just Added Encrypted Video Chat To Their Apps

first_img Mozilla Unveils Firefox Send, a Free Encrypted Filesharing Tool’Side-Channel’ Cyber Attacks Rare, But Chilling Stay on target WhatsApp was already one of the most popular messaging apps around, and it’s about to get a whole lot more popular. Their latest update adds support for video chats.Plenty of other messaging apps already let you make video calls, so what’s the big deal? Isn’t WhatsApp just playing catch-up? You could say that, but WhatsApp had other priorities… like protecting the privacy of its 500 million-plus users.In April of this year, WhatsApp switched on strong, end-to-end encryption. To make it happen, they collaborated with the team at Open Whisper Systems, who created the Signal protocol and app. Privacy advocates — including Edward Snowden — are bullish on pretty much everything Open Whisper does.Encrypted IMs were just the beginning. WhatsApp voice calls could also be encrypted, and so, too, can the video calls you can now place with the app.Switching on video chat support for a half-billion users requires a pretty robust back end. Fortunately, WhatsApp has plenty of computing power at their disposal thanks to that whole “being acquired by Facebook” thing.The acquisition did unsurprisingly raise some concerns with privacy-minded folks. They were worried that Facebook would want to get its hands on all that delicious WhatsApp usage data. In August, they got it. Some of it, anyway.Facebook knows who WhatsApp users are chatting with, and they can see phone numbers. What they can’t see is actual message content. They can’t read texts, peep at the photos and videos you share with your contacts, or eavesdrop on your audio and video calls thanks to the end-to-end encryption.last_img read more

Geek Artist Gift Guide

first_imgDrawing on a tablet is a great time, but you may find your hands are smudging your screen or messing up your image. These gloves just cover the bottom of your hands to avoid all that while leaving your thumb, index, and middle finger free to manipulate your pen! Comes in men’s and women’s sizes.Watercolor Paint Set by Crafts 4 All Motivational Pencilsdry eyesEvery artist has a bad day now and then. Maybe you lack motivation. Maybe you just don’t feel like you’re progressing as fast as you should be. How about you pick yourself up with these great pencils with motivational phrases? “Make It Happen,” you say, pencil? I think I will!CREATIVE ART MATERIALS Sketcher Non-Photo Blue Pencil In terms of coloring by hand, few options are more bright and vivid than watercolors. This set gives you dozens of colors to start and different brushes for different occasions.XL Watercolor Pad, 9″X12″ Fold Over Wacom is the gold standard of digital drawing tablets. Connects easily to Mac or PCs. There are a lot of different options varying in price from around $100 to closer to $2000 to fit a wide variety of needs so please look through and make sure you’re getting the tablet that closest matches what you’re looking for. Whether you just wanna have some fun or you’re a seasoned professional, there is a Wacom Tablet for you!American Gods Coloring Book Where there are geeks, there are Neil Gaiman fans. Many of you were probably familiar with American Gods back when it was a Hugo and Nebula award-winning novel nearly 15 years ago. Now with the success of the TV adaptation on Starz, even more, people are talking about it! Enjoy the rich, mythological world that Neil Gaiman created while you practice your coloring, or just relax and unwind with this beautiful coloring book!The DC Comics Guide to Pencilling Comics While watercolor is great, not all paper agrees! You need the right kind of paper to absorb the water properly to avoid excessive warping. This pad of paper has you covered! Practice your watercolors or if you’re a seasoned veteran, bang out some gorgeous works of art on this 9”x12” paper!3D Printing Pen There’s a lot of overlap with geeks culture and the arts. It can come in the form of comics, video games, nerd-core music, and more! This gift guide is for the geeky artist that likes to work with their hands. Whether it’s just for fun, or they’re a seasoned professional, you’ll find a gift just for them!Wacom Tablet 11 Geeky Splurges to Spend Your Tax Refund On’Doctor Who’ Gifts for the Ultimate Whovian Okay, this just sounds cool so I had to include it! It’s a pen that’s also a 3D printer. You read that right. The pen ejects quickly cooling hot plastic that you manipulate with the pen to help create fun little items. It might have a bit of a learning curve to do the really cool stuff with, but come on! This sounds amazing! Stay on target Practicing how to draw as they do at DC? Get the kind of paper the artists there draw on. These comic book art boards are a blown up 11”x17” just like what the pros use!Colossal Ship Drawing Tablet Glove A lot of art geeks out there dream of breaking into comics if they haven’t already. Some want to do more quirky, offbeat indie comics. Others are more interested in the mainstream monthly comics. This guide to penciling will show you how to draw things the DC way. It’s written by SVA professor and legendary comics artist Klaus Janson whose credits include inking the smash hit The Dark Knight Returns. If drawing the DC way is what you want, you should check this out!Comic Book Art Boards Pad, 11″X17″ Many artists that draw by hand and scan into their computers will use these non-photo blue pencils, so they don’t get picked up by the scanner and saves on clean up time. Maybe more appealing to people who are a little more advanced, but if you’re looking to be a pro whether it be with commissioned art pieces or making comics, you should check these out!Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our surveylast_img read more