Barça built the Sextete in the previous recession (2008)

first_imgThe coronavirus crisis threatens an economic tsunami in all sectors. Of course, also in the football industry and, therefore, in clubs. It is easy to suppose that a team like Barça, which has exceeded 1,000 million income, will also be seriously affected by the recession. It is convenient to look back and see what Barça’s behavior was in the last great world economic crisis, that of 2008.And it was timely. With the team undone in the last two years of the Ronaldinho era, Barça rebuilt itself with a restrained investment, typical of times of recession. For starters, and thanks to a bold decision by Laporta and his advisers, including Johan Cruyff, he hired a cheap coach, such as Guardiola at the time, who had just promoted to the subsidiary. That decision meant, among others, ruling out Mourinho, one of the most expensive coaches in the world at the time for his successes in Porto and Chelsea. Barça was rejuvenated. Sold to Ronaldinho ($ 24.15 million), Zambrotta ($ 10.50), Deco ($ 10.00), Giovani (6) and Oleguer (3). Guardiola was in love with Daniel Alves, whom Madrid wanted. Barça won. His signing cost 35.50 million, but few better partners has Messi had. Barça also signed Hleb (17), Martín Cáceres (16.5), Keita (14), Henrique (8) and a certain Gerard Piqué for six million euros. Pinto came free. Not counting the goalkeeper, who was already signing at the age of 32, Barça paid for players with an average of 23 years. Players like Alves and Piqué gave Barça a physical and competitive boost, that in that summer of 2008, when the economic recession was a fact and Lehman Brothers was about to fall (September), he was building a historic team.last_img read more