Trafalgar to expand popular products

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: D.M Trafalgar Tours’ At Leisure programme is poised to become one of the company’s most innovative products to be released in recent years after topping their 2011 sales and resulting in a boost for a number of key non-performing itineraries. “At Leisure has shown triple digit growth on some of our best selling products and an overall 7 to 8 per cent growth on total products” Mr Tollman said, speaking exclusively to e-Travel Blackboard during Trafalgar’s ANZAC Acclaim gala event in Spain last week. Referring to the inaugural limited 15 At Leisure itineraries released in 2011 as “our biggest mistake”, Global CEO, Gavin Tollman told e-Travel Blackboard exclusively the upcoming 2012 brochure will feature a wider number of options and destinations for At Leisure, as well as an expansion to their Family Experiences range, regional itineraries and Be My Guest experiences. “They fit into a similar genre of the transformation of our product,” Mr Tollman said, adding that Be My Guest has become one of the “core pillars” for the Trafalgar brand. Speaking to the Top Performing and Acclaim agents in Spain, Mr Tollman said “89 per cent of all people who travelled on the At Leisure programme have never travelled with Trafalgar before.  We have gone out and reached in the market place enabling you to sell more”. Changing stereotypes of coach touring has been at the helm of Trafalgar’s major decisions, including the rationale behind the exclusive At Leisure concept, according to Mr Tollman, who admitted market research showed “the same stereotypes that existed in the mid 90’s were the same today”. “The old bus, older people perception was not the reality,” he said.“Speaking to repeat guests, we found they had an emotional attraction to travel with Trafalgar, not just rational elements which occur at the decision making process.  We wanted to get away of the guided holiday memo, and that was the change we tried to bring in.” Mr Tollman said the company focussed on the itineraries that could “exponentially enhance experiences” and produce At Leisure which he believed would “create moments which were authentic, environments that demonstrates we are the insider”. Mr Tollman said Trafalgar’s At Leisure Italian Concerto itinerary has been boosted to the second best overall for the company, moving up from eighth position.  All but one itinerary in the At Leisure range has not grown exponentially, with Trafalgar now looking at expansion for the range as well as “fine tuning them a lot more” for 2012. “We want to move to becoming an aspiration for people to travel with us,” Mr Tollman said. “Our focus is ensuring what we deliver is all about the experience.”last_img read more