You tell us The best tech gifts of 2011

first_imgRegardless of what you celebrate, you probably gave and received a few gifts this holiday season. Among those gifts, we’re betting that (since you’re reading and all) some of them were pretty geeky. So fill us in: What was the best tech gift that you gave or received this year?It doesn’t matter if it’s something that you made, someone we’ve never heard of, or something that everyone has, it’s all about the thoughtfulness of the gift and the impact it will have. Was it a copy of Skyrim? How about an awesome LED bulb? This is your chance to geek out, to brag about that perfect gift you gave to the geek in your life, and even to show off a little.Personally, I think the best tech gift I gave this year was an Amazon Kindle Touch. My dad is an avid reader but had yet to jump on the ebook reader bandwagon. What can I say — I tried to convince him, but he goes to the library all the time, buys used books when they are available, and couldn’t believe that ebooks bought from Amazon weren’t transferable to other readers.Then why get him a Kindle, you ask? First off, he’s doing some traveling soon, so good luck taking that stack of books on a plane. Next, my mom informed me that with those “free” library books he’s been getting killed with late fees. Third, I was going to buy him a $26 book that ended up being free through Amazon’s Free Book Collection (it’s an out of copyright work). This shaved a third of the price off the Kindle from the start. Finally, my parent’s are Amazon Prime subscribers, so that have full access to the Kindle Lending library, which is over 60,000 works at this point — with no late fees or driving to the library. (So yes, I gave this a lot of thought.) I’m fairly sure that he loves it (the text-to-speech was a major hit) and it’s going to have a positive impact on his reading.I typically ask people not to get me tech stuff as gifts — for the obvious reasons — the best tech gift that I received this year was an awesome La Crosse battery charger. It works with NiCd and NiMH, different battery brands, and various battery sizes. And I think everyone knows that you can never have too many AAs lying around.So… what about you?last_img read more