2016 Summer Cheongpyeong Special Great Works Keyno

center_img see more photos True Father’s WordsBrothers and sisters, I want to share some of True Father’s words with you, and I invite you to take a moment to contemplate and feel True Father’s dream for each and every one of you:Cheongpyeong is the place where everything can reach a resolution and we can make a completely new beginning. The name itself symbolizes that. In Cheongpyeong, Cheong (淸) means “clear”and Pyeong (平) means “level.” In other words, Cheongpyeong means “that which is clear and level.” Since the ground already has been completely leveled, all we need to do is create a design and raise the pillars. We are ready to begin at any time. (CBG 5-1-6-7; 27 Aug 1972)True Father gave this encouragement and inspiration in 1972. We are now living in 2016. Are we ready to fulfill True Father’s dream? Yes!!!Are we going to raise the roof of the kingdom of heaven on earth here at Cheongpyeong? Yes!!!I believe you!!! I know we can do it!!! Thank you.I hope each one of you will experience a new beginning as a result of your participation in this program. I pray that it may breathe new life and clarity into your hearts and minds, filling you with renewed hope, faith, and vision.Let us work to level and balance ourselves—mind, body and soul— so that we become a solid and stable foundation for fulfilling all our dreams as true sons and daughters of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, fulfilling Vision 2020 and realizing Cheon Il Guk. Aju!I hope that during your time here you can repair, cleanse and purify all past losses, disappointments, failures, and doubts. I pray that the light, love and wisdom of Heavenly Parent and True Parents will heal, re-kindle, and nurture your own aspirations for the future.I have faith that here, in this sanctified holy place, you will discover your divine heart, soul, and inner light, so that you will lead a purposeful life on a path to victory.Your sincere and conscientious attendance here brings comfort to our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents, and all of your ancestors and family members.As you invest your heart and soul in the various parts of the program—-morning Hoondokhae, prayer times at the Jeongshim Won, preparation of your Wish Papers, Chanyang Yeoksa sessions, the Holy Ground Pilgrimage, Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, and Ancestor Blessing Ceremony—-you will surely move the heart of Heaven and Earth. You will open a clear and level way for the providence to advance, with your own light shining brightly, overcoming all darkness and doubt.I have absolute faith in all of you! May Heavenly Parent and True Parents bless you and guide you throughout this precious journey!Our True Parents have opened the gates of heaven, for each one of us and for our ancestors, and for our children, our grandchildren and extended family members. True Parents’ path of victory was not simple or easy.After all, the results of the Fall have been devastating. All direct dominion was taken from Heavenly Parent, leaving the world, all human beings, and all living things under the dominion of false principles and false powers.Therefore, in order for us to fully appreciate this day and the time in which we are living, we need to understand Heavenly Parent’s heart, as He searched and suffered throughout millennia to come to this day and this holy place, together with our beloved True Parents.True Mother’s Words Let us consider True Mother’s precious words:True Parents have concluded the 6,000 years of the providence of restoration through indemnity. True Parents have opened a new age. It is the age of Cheon Il Guk. Korea has been chosen by heaven. If you look at a map of Korea, Cheongpyeong is in the position of a woman’s womb. The womb is the place where new life begins. This means that Cheongpyeong is the place where fallen humankind can be reborn from wild olive trees into true olive trees. From this point of view, all the people in the world must flock to Cheongpyeong and receive new life. The place where True Parents are is our eternal hometown. (True Mother, 24 Oct 2015)Throughout history, Heavenly Parent has had one goal in mind: True Parents. On the foundation of True Parents, Heavenly Parent would begin a new history free from the tragic legacy of the Fall, free from suffering and indemnity.This new history leads to the nation of Cheon Il Guk, the original Garden of Eden, the unified harmony of heaven on earth. Cheon Il Guk is a world where peace, True Love, goodness and prosperity flourish, for the sake of all living beings and all creation.We are so very blessed to have been born at this time, at the time when True Parents have lived on this earth, and have fulfilled the will of heaven. We are so blessed to be called the beloved sons and daughters of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.We have been liberated from the chains of fallen history and we have been given the precious gifts—the Blessing and the Word—that we may transform ourselves and this world, creating a world of True Love, joy, and peace for all humankind and all the creation.There is a seed within each one of you that is seeking goodness. By coming here to Cheongpyeong, that seed will be nurtured and it will grow in the soil of this clear and level holy ground. That seed has within it the framework and design of the true olive tree you can become.May you grow majestically strong, that you may wear the Crown of Glory and be victoriously immortalized as a true saint and child of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.May you grow deep roots that burrow firmly into this holy soil so that they thrive eternally, drawing deeply from the nourishment of Heavenly Parent’s unconditional love.Let this special time and this sacred land, blessed by True Parents, heal and nourish you, so that you may thrive and gloriously branch out to reach all humankind, extending the fruit of the true olive tree to all of Heavenly Parent’s spiritually lost children, in order that they too can be reborn and restored.This place is your womb, a place where we live together with True Mother on the earth and in complete unity with True Father in heaven.We are living at the time of the completion stage of liberation from the Fall, a time for your rebirth. Each one of you is a precious child of Heavenly Parent and True Parents.May you never doubt your divine light!May that light shine for all others to see in the midst of darkness!May each of you, bring glory to Heavenly Parent, True Parents, and all humankind. Aju! True Mother’s Public MissionLet us now take a moment to reflect on a few passages from Cham Bumo Gyeong to understand this significant moment in history:Therefore, a true woman must emerge who can love them as their true mother. As the last days draw near, the time is approaching when such a woman will appear. This is why, to prepare the environment, women’s movements are springing up worldwide. We now have arrived at a time when many women can surpass men. The last days is the time when women can restore the fall, and the women who are emerging now are in the realm of benefit to represent the heavenly Eve. Today it is not just a matter of woman’s liberation; women can stand in such a position. Therefore, the True Mother must appear during this time. We must be able to attend this Mother on earth. Humankind has been trying to return to God, and as we enter the era when this can happen, the Bride must be established on earth. (CBG, p. 81,4)Many decades ago, True Father foretold of a time, during the last days, when a liberated world of womankind would emerge, centering on a true woman, God’s true bride, ushering in a great new era of unity and harmony when all fallen beings are restored back to God.Do we have such a woman with us today? Yes!Who is this amazing woman? Our True Mother of heaven earth and humankind! Let’s give a roaring applause for our True Mother. And please say with me, “Kamsahamnida, Salanghamnida Chamomonim!” Beautiful!During the past four years we have witnessed a glorious development. The shining light of True Mother’s hope, liberation, and victory shines on us all. Looking back to after True Father’s Seonghwa Ceremony in 2012, it almost seemed as if our world had come to an end. I myself was shaken and deeply concerned about the future of our movement.However, it was not long before I began to observe True Mother’s greatness. I came to know that, by having absolute faith, love, and obedience in attending our True Mother, the path to seungli, victory, was never in doubt.Our True Mother, despite the many challenges she faced and the obstacles in her path, has steadfastly moved forward, leading the providence with absolute love, absolute faith in Heavenly Parent, and absolute resolve.last_img read more